Space Romance K-drama Ask the Stars with Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin Release First Official Stills

Will the first K-drama romance set in outer space be any good? No clue? Will leads Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho generate astronomical levels of chemistry? Prolly not but all I need for them to do is try. Will I watch Ask the Stars? OH HELLS YEAH! This kind of budget busting tentpole K-dramas is what I crave K-ent to put out at least one a year, it’s shoot for the stars (pun intended) and perhaps crash and burn but at least there was an attempt to go bigger. The first stills are out and it shows the two leads in what looks like a space station interior and also in a full space suit but still indoors. He’s an OB/GYN doctor and she’s an astronaut and love on earth may not have sparked but in space one has few options and the two hottest young people will clearly gravitate towards each other. Okay, that’s way too many space jokes and I’m out.

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Gong Hyo Jin Wins the Barbie Award at the Valentino Fashion Event in Seoul While Lee Jong Seok Makes a Valiant Effort to Wear Hot Pink and Not Let it Wear Him

All the hot pink in the world converged at the Valentino event in Seoul this week, likely migrated across the ocean from the set of the highly anticipated upcoming live-action Barbie movie (Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling!!). There were that … Continue reading

Actress Gong Hyo Jin and Singer Kevin Oh Announce Wedding in October 2022 Four Months After Going Public with Relationship

Daaaaaang, talk about a total surprise, and I probably shouldn’t be so taken aback since adults dating often lead to this haha. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin and her boyfriend singer Kevin Oh have announced their upcoming nuptials, a wedding to … Continue reading