In no particular order whatsoever.


Jang Hyuk     Lee Bum Soo     Cha Seung Won

Yoo Seung Ho     Gong Yoo     Jung Woo Sung

Chun Jung Myung     Hyun Bin     Lee Jun Ki

Kang Ji Hwan     Kim Myung Min     Song Joong Ki

Yoon Si Yoon     Lee Seung Gi


Ha Ji Won     Yoon Eun Hye     Kim Sun Ah

Moon Geun Young     Son Ye Jin     Park Shin Hye

Gong Hyo Jin     Nam Sang Mi     Seo Ji Hye

I Like Them Cuz They Are So Purty:

Namgong Min     Jo Hyun Jae      Eric

Song Seung Heon     No Min Woo     Kim Jae Wook

TW-actors and C-actors

Vic Zhou     Roy Qiu    Joe Cheng

Ethan Ruan    Mike He     Li Yi Feng

Joseph Chang     Yuan Hong     Bolin Chen

Nicky Wu     Lego Lee     Chris Wu

TW-actresses and C-actresses

Alice Ke     Ariel Lin     Nikki Hsieh

Liu Shi Shi     Jiang Xin     Gao Yuan Yuan

Rainie Yang     Ivy Chen

J-Actors and J-Actresses

Yamashita Tomohisa     Horikita Maki     Ayase Haruka

Nagasawa Masami     Daito Shunshuke    Kawaguchi Haruna

Aragaki Yui     Nishikido Ryo    Fujiki Naohito

Kimura Takuya    Karasawa Toshiaki    Shinohara Ryoko

Kitagawa Keiko    Takenouchi Yutaka    Mukai Osamu


Favorites — 120 Comments

    • Omo! I thought the exact same thing while I was reading the list. Jang Hyuk is the epitamy of talent! He had the chops, looks, connection and incredible talent!

  1. ill go for moon young. i really like her. she makes me smile everytime i see her cute actions. :)).. she’s very cute! I wish i would meet her in the near future. hahaha. IMBA! asaness!

  2. huh? y isn`t there park shin hye?? i love her with geun suk more than geun young ^ _ ^
    she`s adorable and good at acting. for man i`ll suggest lee seung gi HE`S CUTE and have nice manner, hilarious bla bla bla lol

    • I totally agree with you. N might I add something for PSH that she’s also an amazing dancer if you check out some of her youtube vids. And even JGS mum’s likes PSH for her son! They are very comfortable and natural around each other, some ppl might argue that they are just friends but I believe there is a chemistry between them ‘on’ n ‘off’ camera.
      And don’t even me get me started on LSG, lol!!! He may not be one of those actors, whom you think is extremely good-looking at one glance. But the more you see him, the more good-looking he becomes. I loved his dramas(esp MGIG), his songs, his variety shows and his MC-skills. In addition, he seems very approachable and genuine! To sum up in one word, he’s ‘PERFECT’! Totally my ideal type <3 :p.

      • I fell for Lee Seung Gi hard…
        Nowadays any other males just can’t get any of my attention…
        The worst he is just getting more and more handsome each day!!??

  3. Ever since I started watching Kim Jae Wook in Mary Stayed Out All Night (and I even watched Bad Guy just for him), I fell in love with him and his acting ^_______^
    definitely a great actor and has lots of potential… and VERY HOT! lol

    • @YesungBiased, did you watch ‘coffee prince’ ? he is in it as well. and I liked his character. he is in the movie ‘antique bakery’ too. I liked him in these better than in MSOAN. haven’t watched ‘Bad Guy’ yet.

  4. omo, will you be adding kim soo hyun after his awesome performance in dream high? 😀
    he’s my new favourite actor….that face….that voice…that body… *drools on keyboard*

      • The only problem with watching dream high was that I ended up in a sort of trance whenever kim soo hyun was in screen… >.<

  5. i love Kim Soo Hyun! he’s performance on Dream High was really touching.
    Kim Jae Wook is awesome too. He’s such an amazing actor and singer.

    P.S: Why no Kim Hyun Joong 🙁 I loved Playful Kiss

  6. i’m so glad you added this. i have been wondering about your favorites especially Twdramas. I have seen about 4 all the way through now and they were alot fun.

    Thanks again.

  7. You added Mike He? I thought you said you wouldn’t be fan girly over him lol

    I don’t know a few of your favorite actors or just cant match the name with the face hahaha.. I expected to see Song Seung Hun there in the first category (may be u don’t like him as an actor?)

    I end up not paying much attention to actresses except Kim Sun Ah (after watching Sam Soon) and Son Yeh Jin (good actress plus so pretty!). Shin Min Ah is someone I like as well.. and also Yoon Eun Hye.

  8. My eternal favorite would be yoon eun hye ♥ and I love it that she’s on your list! ^^ thank you soooo much for providing us info about Lie To Me, you’re simply the best. thank you for your hard work. 🙂

    • agree! Yoon Eun Hye forever!! 🙂 i like other Korean actors and actresses and idols but i’ve never supported anyone like how i supported YEH.

  9. Its surprising that u dont have Kim hyun Joong in yr fav list but yet u have his banner …me happy LOL… wonder did u juss catch up with his running man?

  10. i love the COFFEE COUPLE ( kang ji hwan and Yoon eun hye) The most talked about couple these days. amazing chemistry!

    • love them but also love gong yoo and yoon eun hye. they’re the first drama couple i ever watched “coffee prince”.

      • They both were so young when they did that drama, I don’t know if the chemistry would still be there. Gong Yoo, who I believe is a good actor, hasn’t found his nitch since Coffee Prince. I hope YEH doesn’t do another drama with him….let him find another hit without her. I didn’t watch Big, only because I saw the ad for it, and couldn’t watch that suave good looking man making those silly faces, which do not come natural to him. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why he chooses those role.

    • They are my most favourite actresses too. I love Yoon Eun Hye’s smile, Ha Ji Won’s dedication and Park Shin Hye’s innocent face. I will love Go Eun Chan, Gil Ra Im and Go Mi Nam 4ever.

  11. unnie..n0w u have to add another k-actor in the list..he is our adorable hero in ME TOO FLOWER, seo jae hee aka YOON SHI YOON..

  12. Yoon si yoon, in my opinion is not the cutest K-actor but boy he sure can act! I love him!! I can’t wait to follow him into his next project and fully support him!

  13. what about ji sung???? he is an awesome actor…just watch protect the boss….wow….gr8 acting by ji sung…..cant wait for his next drama, oppa waiting for ur next k-drama….act soon…aja aja fighting……

  14. I like Ha Ji Won,Moon Geun Young and Yoon Eun Hye too~ how about Park Min Young,Lee Minho and Lee So Kyung? Also Nakama Yukie?

  15. excuse me but where are lee minho (Korea) and vanness wu (Taiwan)??

    just saying…

    but i agree with the rest of the list. 🙂

    • also gong yoo? hehe
      but he’s more of a k-movie actor than a k-drama actor, although i am LOVING him in “coffee prince” right now.

  16. Wow! I like Ha Ji-Won, Yoon Eun-Hye, Kim Sun-Ah and Moon Geun-Young too! What a coincidence! 😀 Thanks a lot for your help. You’re the best at what you do! 😀

  17. Lee Sung Gyun.., you love his voice but not listed as your fav K-Actor 😀 😀
    For me :
    Kang Ji Hwan – Yoon Eun Hye – Hyun Bin – Ha Ji Won – Lee Sung Gyun 😉

    • I mean The Voice Lee Sun Gyun , not Lee Sung Gyun 😛

      Kang Ji Hwan – Yoon Eeu Hye – Hyun Bin – Ha Ji Won – Lee Sun Gyun and another one, Song Hye Kyo 🙂

  18. I’ve changed my mind….:D 😀 😀
    Now, For me, my #1 is IM JU HWAN,…(I got a crush on Park Kyu)
    later than Lee Sun Gyun, Yoon Eun Hye, Kang Ji Hwan

    • I confess!!! I’m in LOVE with Kang Ji Hwang!!!
      Love the lady he was with in Lie to me….GREAT chemistry there!!!Don’t they have another drama or movie together? I would love to seeit ifit is there!!!!

  19. Keke I remember you from lie to me days^^ man I miss those days^^ and here I am again *xuan yuan sword brought me here again and I didn’t knew you recap BBJX too, omg that recap was T_T I really love Liu shi shi^^

  20. Yeepeeeey for HA JI WON Being the first in the list of k actress!! She’s like THE COMPLETE PACKAGE-kind of an actress. She’s been my favorite since the phenomenal drama, Damo.

  21. I’ve read in your initial posts that you were a huge fan of Ming Dao. I assume ur not anymore since he’s no longer in your favorites? Just curious lol.

    • well, I have been searching the comment for a one that has her name .she’s raelly a great actress she’s in the top of my list, really love her

  22. From Ms.Koala list i only like Gong yoo, Lee jun ki, Vic zhou and Takuya Kimura. Sad no one actresses in your list that are my favorite.

  23. Ha Ji Won! My favoritest(if there is such a word…lol)actress ever! I’m so glad she’s on your list. I also like Joongki, Lee Seung Gi, Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah, Jang Hyuk, Gong Hyo Gin, & Jang Jeung Suk.

  24. i was anxiously looking for my fave actors and actresses on your list. And it seems that your list of fave artist was a lot similar on my very own fave. but what made me so happy, was the fact. That Park bo young was included in your list. Needless to say that i’m a huge PBY fan. I so love her. I find her beautiful with a touch of innocence & she is such an amazing actress.

  25. Jang Hyuk, Lee Bum Soo (after i’ve seen PMAI) and Lee Sung Gi they all have these undefineable charisma and oozing with sex appeal especially Jang Hyuk… and I like Moonie of course she’s so cute… and a very good actress too i always shed bucket of tears while watching her dramas…

  26. Hi,I just started watching Korean TV series…have to say I was never too into kpop nor Korean tv/movies. So when I started watching Empress Ki, I was captivated by Ha JiWon’s acting style.Then I spent a few weeks updating her past performances(including The Secret Garden,to which I’ll have to say it is one of the best tv dramas I have ever seen!!!)So, Ha JiWon would have to be no.1 Korean actresses on my list. Btw, if by any chance any film co would make a movie of the skater Kim Yuna, Ha JiWon can definitely protray her character–they share alot of similarities. Thanks for reading.

  27. I actually like the list of your favorites. 🙂 But mine would be pretty much the same with you but I will also put Moon Chae Won in my favorite K-actresses.. 🙂

  28. It’s so tiring and fed up of seeing all media written about “You who came from the star”.

    It’s been a enjoyable drama, but now is a nightmare to us.

    Hope my opinions didn’t offense anyone who love to watch ‘YWCFTS’.

    • @mssegacrazy Ahahaha… I’ve been stalking your posts on soompi so much I knew it was you! And yes the dudes are… I notice who they are! *fans myself* Sawry, big fangirling moment here!

  29. Just found out you must be a huge fan of Jang Hyuk. This hot guy has captured my heart recently with his superb charismatic acting in all his dramas. Even I’m not so crazy about the Korean remake of Fated to Love You. I have to admit I like JH better than the Taiwanese male lead. And I love him in Shine or Go Crazy. Now I’ll go back to watch his old dramas.

  30. Mine is Lee Seung Gi! Just LSG! hehe thanks ms koala for recognise him as a good actor and make him in your favourite list.

  31. Now that I know we fall for the same man, I will visit this site more often .. I love everything about Kang Ji Hwan and I would like thank you Ms. O . C. Koala for posting here updates about him and doin recaps of his dramas.. I miss him so much as hes been away from kdrama for more than a year..

  32. The Kings: Yoo Seung-ho (OPPA!), Jang Hyuk (The Man Of Glory!), Kim Myung Min (Biggest Ajussi Crush Evaa), Lee Seung-gi (flash me those cute dimples of yours!), Yeo Jin-goo (Puberty!)

    The Queens: Ha Ji Won (Need I Say More??), Yoon Eun-hye (Nae Chan!), Son Ye-jin (She’s got da beauty!), Kim Yoo-jung.

    First Crush: Ha Ji Won
    Ultimate Bias: Ha Ji Won
    Ideal Type?: Yeo Jin-goo

  33. When an actress is multi-talented, which YEH is one such, they really make S. Korea look good.

    I really liked, “Lie To Me.” They had a good cast of very professional actors.

    Thank you for this site.

  34. My one & only fave is Lee Seung Gi. Lol can’t watch any other actors after discovering him. Thank God he’s everywhere -in cfs,variety show hosting, singing, emcedeing,acting…so much content. He”s so hardworking. And he”s supercute with the adorable dimple peeking out almost every time he smiles.

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