First Look at 1950’s Era School Age Park Bo Gum and IU in Netflix Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines

It’s unfortunate that K-drama When Life Gives You Tangerines starring Park Bo Gum and IU is airing on Netflix because if it aired domestically on either television or cable there would be ratings to gauge how popular this drama is, and from what I can see this story is straight up catnip for South Korean tastes. The first look at the two leads in character as high school students in Jeju Island in the 1950’s is out and both look soooooo cute and charming in that old fashioned way. It’s evoking Answer Me 1988 vibes for me with Bo Gum and IU rocks the bowl cut hairdo in an unreal way.

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IU and Park Bo Gum’s New Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines Release Script Reading and Confirms Broadcast in 2024 on Netfix

I love the orangy colored backdrop for this announcement, feels so apropos and cheeky. Netflix announced that it will be airing the Jeju Island set K-drama When Life Gives You Tangerines (Korean title Thank You for Your Hard Work) this … Continue reading

First Look at Mark Chao and Zhang Zi Feng Filming the C-drama Adaptation of K-drama My Ahjusshi

When it was announced early last year that C-ent was remaking the critically acclaimed K-drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) I was one of the many who asked “why?” since the OG was still relatively recent and also pretty much perfect. … Continue reading

IU Tops the 2023 Japan Poll of Favorite K-actresses Followed by Park Min Young and Song Hye Kyo

Getting popular in another country usually takes one mega hit project and for K-actresses it’s being in a K-drama that happens to be super popular in that country for whatever reason, sometimes even more popular that domestically. But staying on … Continue reading

Oh Jung Se Reunites with When the Camellia Blooms Screenwriter for Prestige Period Drama Thank You for Your Hard Work with Leads IU and Park Bo Gum

It’s like this drama is being assembled with precision crafting for maximum awards season accolades and nothing wrong with that. Filming has begun for period heartwarming and life lessons K-drama Thank You for Your Hard Work (You Have Done Well) … Continue reading

IU and Lim Ji Yeon are Best Dress Contrasting Ladies at Gucci 2024 Cruise Collection Show Held at Gyeongbokgung Palace

I always find Gucci clothes one of the most wearable of the couture brands, in that there are pieces that can be sexy, cool, unique, etc. but also worn in real life. This week the brand chose South Korea’s famed … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Takes Home the 2023 Baeksang Awards Drama Category Daesang While Song Hye Kyo Wins Best Actress and Lee Sung Min Crowned Best Actor

This Friday’s Baeksang Awards in Seoul was probably a night of little to no surprises (just one big one) and a lot of satisfied winner picks. The Park Eun Bin and Song Hye Kyo race for Best Actress ended with … Continue reading

Young Gen K-stars Descend on VIP Movie Premiere of Dream to Support IU and Park Seo Joon

I’m sure everyone is wondering why the equally famous real life boyfriend wasn’t there but it’s likely to not distract lol. IU and Park Seo Joon attended the VIP movie premiere for this long awaited soccer movie Dream and in … Continue reading