Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Confirmed to Reunite for Kim Eun Sook Penned Fantasy Romance Drama All Your Wishes Will Come True

Kyaaaaaa, my wish totally just came true! Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are confirmed for the next hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook penned K-drama. It’s a fantasy romance titled All Your Wishes Will Come True (Wishes Granted by Genie) and will air in 2024. It’s a fantasy story with an emotional genie in a bottle runs across a stoic woman who can let him out. The two get tangled up in three wishes and their opposite personalities and predicaments. I cannot wait for this as I am still traumatized by their last outing Uncontrollably Fond which was lackluster for the majority of the run and had the most amazing final two episodes that made me dehydrated from crying so I needed an IV drip.

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Top Stars Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung and Many More Attend VIP Premiere for Big Budget Fantasy Movie Alienoid

So things are not exactly off to a glowing start for high profile K-movie Alienoid (Alien+Human Part 1), which held a media premiere last week on July 13th and got back mixed reviews. There were a lot of critics grumbling … Continue reading

The A-list Cast of Fantasy Time-travel K-movie Alienoid Having a Blast at the Press Conference is the Best Thing This Week

Okay, this is either the funniest movie ever made or I want what these guys are having to be this happy doing the dog and pony show that is a movie press conference. Summer 2022 fantasy/sci-fi/time-travel movie Alienoid (Alien+Human: Part … Continue reading

First Preview for K-movie Alien with Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, and Yeom Jung Ah Brings the Batshit Crazy Joseon Era Crossed with Modern Day Aliens

A new movie is headed to the theaters that has been in production for over two years and will come as a two part big name and big bucket action flick. Alien (part 1 and part 2) will be released … Continue reading

First Teaser for Star-studded Ensemble Drama Our Blues Showcases the Down to Earth Rural Charms of Jeju Island

I feel like K-actress Shin Mina just went from one beach to another, but I don’t think her second beach sojourn she’ll be sporting that many Hermes bags lol. The teaser is out for tvN ensemble drama Our Blues which … Continue reading