I tend to abbreviate. A lot. It’s not intended to be exclusionary, i.e. if you aren’t part of my “inner circle” you won’t get my references. It’s a combination of habit and comfort.

I didn’t coin most of these phrases or abbreviations, but have instead cribbed its use from Dramabeans OT, my gang of drama-watcher friends on Twitter, and the general use of the phrase in pop culture.

Again, these aren’t mine, and never shall be. Feel free to use any or all, but use judiciously so as to not overuse them. I would hate to retire of any these from usage because it’s suddenly everywhere all at once.Β  πŸ˜€

Glossary of Terms at the Playground:

OTP – one true pair.

FTW – for the win.

Ship – to support one pairing, think of it as worship part of the ship.

PIE – refers to Chung Jung Myung, because he is a cutie pie. We’ve also discussed dividing him up into pieces like a pie so we can all share equally in the cute hotness that is PIE.

Team Park Kyu! – refers to folks who love the character of Park Kyu from Tamra the Island, played by Im Joo Hwan.

Binnie – Hyun Bin.

LMHMG Lee-Min-Ho-My-God.

Bora Must Die – supporters of ending the tyranny of whiny, entitled rich princesses who wreak havoc on long suffering heroes in drama.

Bora Must Live –Β the sole supporter of the notion that seriously adorable princesses deserve happiness just as much as cliched dutiful poor girls.
OPW – oppa, pout, wiggle – the act of whining and using feminine wiles to cajole an older man to do your bidding.

ICOMYM – inappropriate crushes on much younger men – a club for women with said affliction.

Poor Bidam! – people who feel so sorry for Kim Nam Gil‘s Bidam character in Queen Seon Deok, who gets screwed by the plot and by history six-ways to Sunday – it’s often used anytime KNG is mentioned, regardless of the context.

AFS – annoying face syndrome – when someone’s face, whether all natural or partially artificial, annoys the viewer for whatever reason; can be exacerbated by bad acting.

My I Lub You – used to denote that K-actor you would give your life for – for me it’s Jung Woo Sung.

My RobotSong Seung Heon.

Roman GodJoo Jin Mo.

Fist-in-mouthJo In Sung‘s man-crying to end all man-crying sessions in What Happened in Bali.

M&M – referring to everyone’s favorite ahjusshi Kim Gab Soo.

The VoiceLee Seon Kyung.

Team Rat Bastard – Those who against our better judgment support Kim Seung Soo‘s cheating, dastardly, asshole ex-husband character in I Am Legend. We ride a bus.

Pool Boy/Ninja BodyguardYoo Ah In.

The Moony Faction – Those who love Moon Jae Shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Together with The Yummy Faction (supporters of Yong Ha), can form the Yummy-Moony Coalition. These two groups exist in bromantic harmony and peace.

Boat or Boating – the word boat sounds very similar to the word bed in Chinese, so a boat scene is an euphemism for a bed scene in a drama or movie. Boating is the performance ofΒ said scene.

Holiday Couple – Mu Gyul (Jang Geun Seok) and Mae Ri (Moon Geun Young) from Mary Stayed Out All Night. He calls her Merry Christmas, and she returns with the greeting Happy New Year! They are so adorable it’s like falling into a ten-feet deep pile of cashmere bedding and never wanting to get up from the feeling of sheer bliss.

M3Marry Me, Mary! otherwise also known as Mary Stayed Out All Night.

GeunGeun Couple – the real life dream coupling of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young. It’s a holy grail, people, so keep the faith all GG shippers.

HwanHyeΒ Couple – the real life dream coupling of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, who singlehandedly made a random drama like Lie to Me into what seems like their personal love story.

Baby Jailbait – Yoo Seung Ho.

Surgery Jesus – Park Hoon in Dr. Stranger as played by Lee Jong Seok.

* I’ll try to update anytime you have a query, or a new term gets coined.


Glossary — 59 Comments

  1. LOL@Fist-in-mouth.
    Someone was asking me to name my favorite Korean actor a few weeks ago and kept naming off really mainstream/popular actors like Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun etc. When they said Jo In-sung, I was like ‘not the over-the-top crying guy!’

  2. :raises hand: I vote “lip-latch” a move which Kim HyunJoong/Baek SeungJo uses on his costar Jung SoMin/Oh HaNi in PK, in this lexicon. Or “monkey editor” whenever bad editing/production is seen and/or felt.

  3. Thanks for this. Love it very much. How are you going to refer the Cha ‘ Spice” Seung Won from City Hall ?

    Also, what is NG means? (I am so stupid not to know this ^^)

    • Rockz… can we just call him His Hotness? I’m in a quandary as to whom I like more.. His Hotness Cha Sueng Won or the totally sexy Lee Jung Jae. Decisions decisions.. I’ll sleep on it at least a few more nights before I decide.. roflmao..!

      • either one of those choices would fit the His Hotness moniker. But I am a serious diehard Cha Sueng (His Hotness) Won fan. Lee Jung Jae (JJ is how I refer to him) is a very hot close second..

  4. Hahah, why have I never seen this post before? It’s epic!

    Oooh I didn’t know about Team Rat Bastard! LOL I’m still watching I am legend cos I’m waiting for the last 2 subs. ^^’

  5. HAHA!!! i was reading your recaps for the steamy lie to me and you kept referring to ‘boating’ so i came here and finally realised what it means and so YES I WANT A BOAST SCENE FOR LIE TO ME TOO!!!!!! haha i absolutely LOVE kdramas but sometimes i wish there was a little bit more ‘skin ship’ as they say, coming from the western part of the world and all hehehe!!
    THANKS KOALA!!! you’re awesome as always!!!! πŸ˜€ ^_^

  6. Lol I laughed so hard after reading the meanings. And we do use alot of skin ship in our western shows but you know the saying: less is more wears better. Sometimes in our shows they go straight to boating and then developing the story/ attraction which sometimes seems unrealistic/slutty. So personally I like the way the other side of the hemisphere develops the story/attraction between the characters.
    Thanks so much AKP for the glossary and all the recaps. #Fighting!!!!

  7. OMG i am enlightened here:D i came to this page cuz Koala refers this page to someone asking OTP^^ actually i had known OTP and some other but:D the rest is epic:D you are good at making terms:D and i think this is more entertaining both from your point and from our point:D Thanks so much:D

    I am killed with these especially:
    OPW (if this is done by the second female lead i got an instant AFS)
    ICOMYM – i think as years passed and there are more younger guys in the industry i am becoming more and more of one of these ladies
    AFS (i am currently having this for Yoon Joo in LTM)
    M&M – LOL didnt know there is an ahjusshi like that, surprised to see he is the king in SKKS
    Team Rat Bastard- OMG this is hilarious, i am curious if i would join it or not? should i watch I am legend:D

    and for GeunGeun couple, i dont have any specific feelings for them but I just want them to be a couple just for you Koala unnie:D (Btw i am 23 now, am i ok with calling unnie?)


    • LOL, yes, I am definitely your unni. I think I am half my readers unni, half my reader’s dongsaeng. Glad you had fun reading!

      • WOW honored with Koala Unnie’s reply:) thanks^^
        hope i can be like you unnie:D married and watching kdramas and appreciating male leads^^ LOL (actually recently i am thinking if i ever get married, most probably the next morning my husband will find me with my computer downloading the latest episode of a drama i am watching :P)

        btw the look of the blog is changed today:D

        and one more thing:D today i was reading about some historical dramas from thundie’s blog, including your entrys of course:), can you do a special topic about sageuk dramas:D i am new to this genre and and never watched before (shame on me) so want to be introduced to this genre actually:D so can you give us a lecture as Sageuk 101 πŸ˜€

        Thanks so much again^^

  8. Hi Mz OCKoala,

    Found your blog just 2 weeks ago and am loving it, been reading daily but just checked out this section today and unfortunately in my office:) All my colleagues were wondring if I had gone nuts when I burst out laughing from reading your “glossary”
    So agree with Roman God – Joo Jin Mo.
    My favourite sexy guy for all time!!

    ICOMYM – inappropriate crushes on much younger men – a club for women with said affliction. – would love to be categorized here:)
    A big K Drama fan since 2007, yes I’m a late starter lol, am so into Korean Drama and all things Korean:)

    Thanks again for my daily fix of KDrama news:)

  9. hahaha again i am here:D the other time i commented here i forgot one term:DDD

    the voice -LSK :DDDD OMG it is so so so true:D i love him:D
    he is our ahjusshi from coffee prince:D and after getting the glimpse of that ‘the voice’ ahjusshi aka LSK term here, i found myself as watching PASTA:D and love him more:D i didnt know that in PASTA he has a character like that:D and regret the time that i waste till now by not watching it πŸ˜€ LOL

  10. Gah, I cant lie….As much as I loved the The main lead in I Am Legend…..
    *sigh* I was also on Team Rat Bastard -.- I know I know, but I wouldnt’ve mind it if they had gotten back together.

  11. wow..what a glossary.. so fun reading the terms… I love so much your HwanHye Couple meaning…it’s soooo true,,,,,,,,” LTM seems like their personal love story”.

  12. – Roman God – Joo Jin Mo

    Wow…..Joo Jin Mo is my favorite actor. I have watched all his dramas.
    I like Punch (2003) and Queen of the Game (2006)

  13. What is a CF? I hear it mentioned in dramas and I am assuming it is similar to a commercial for promoting a person/group, but I do not know for sure.

  14. indeed JOO JIN MO is the Roman GOD! so damn sexy and charismatic, not to mention that intense aura he possess, one of my fav baby.

  15. What does it mean when a guy is said to have “choco abs”? Usually mentioned after a requisite shirtless (or shower) scene…

  16. Your site is pretty cool to me and your subject matter is very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of blog owners are doing these five mistakes”. You will be suprised how easy they are to fix.

  17. OMG!!! Can’t believe I found the right place to hang on….. I totally agree with this list of glossary of yours. I love these one…..

    Pool Boy/Ninja Bodyguard and The Moony Faction together with The Yummy Faction
    = Really can’t get enough of them. I love them! They really deserve the Best Couple Award.

    Holiday Couple –
    M3 –
    GeunGeun Couple –
    HwanHye Couple –
    Fist-in-mouth – I missed Jo In Sung. How I wished that he accepted the lead role of King 2 Hearts. I love Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung couple
    Poor Bidam! –

    BTW, may I ask you what is your opinion regarding Se Ryong and Kin Seung Yo of The Princess’ Man? Do you like them? If yes, then how we would address them?

    Thanks much… Your opinion matters to me…

  18. First time posting here.
    I am fascinated just seeing now your glossary. GeunGeun couple! LOL
    Does anyone here knows JGS’s mom likes MGY so much for his son? There was an interview of JGS if who her mom likes among all his love interests and his mom said, MGY. If I’m not mistaken I am pretty sure it was MGY.

  19. OMG! I’ve been rocking my mind for the meaning of this OTP wahhhh golly One True Pair ha ha ha thanks Koala playground ur the best…

  20. I’m now not certain the place you are getting your information, but good topic.
    I must spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
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