Joy of Life 2 with Zhang Ruo Yun and Li Qin Premieres to Hottest Heat Index Record in Tencent History

Well the behemoth that is Joy of Life 2 is here and the reception is as hot as expected. The drama dropped on May 16th and within one day hit 32,906 on the heat index on streaming platform Tencent, the fastest to break 30K in any drama aired on Tencent. Reportedly the drama is good, early reviews from viewers of the first season are positive like a continuation of what made JOL a hit the first time around. I love seeing blockbusters arrive and deliver, makes drama watching fun rather than a parade of mediocre and mid dramas with lots of nitpicking.

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Youku Releases First Poster and Preview for Tang Dynasty Period C-drama The Story of Pearl Girl with Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning

Ahhhhhhhhh I’m so happy to see a sudden drop of the first promo poster and preview for recently wrapped filming period C-drama The Story of Pearl Girl. Starring Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning, it’s a female lead centric … Continue reading

Filming Kicks Off with Official Character Stills for Period Wuxia C-drama Calming Waves with Wang Xing Yue and Xiang Han Zhi

I’m not terribly picky with my drama posters especially the early stage ones that much effort hasn’t been made on it yet. But these for the kick off filming of period wuxia C-drama Calming Waves is just sooooo bad it’s … Continue reading