Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin Make an Adorable Secondary Couple in Upcoming tvN Drama The Queen of Tears

So hit screenwriter Park Ji Eun isn’t just known for making entertaining and highly rated K-dramas that provide a swoony romance for the main leads, she’s also known for a string of well-written and sometimes even scene-stealing secondary leads and/or couples which has led to many a breakout opportunities. In You From Another Star it benefitted Yoo In Na and Park Hae Jin, in Legend of the Blue Sea it helped Shin Hae Sun and Shin Won Ho, and the biggest breakout was in Crash Landing on You for Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye. I saw all this because I am beyond thrilled to see underrated Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin playing the second leads and a couple in the upcoming The Queen of Tears. I hope their own story line is sweet and they get their moment to deservingly shine.

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Big Name Cameos in 2024 K-dramas with Song Joong Ki in The Queen of Tears and Song Hye Kyo in Everything Will Come True

Omomomo, what big names are coming in for a surprise visit soon on the small screen. I’m sorry not sorry I posted these two stars together but both cameos came out in the news on the same day so it’s … Continue reading

Fantasy War C-drama Eternal Brotherhood with Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En Comes Off Dusty Shelf for Imminent Premiere on iQiyi and Tencent

So this is an oldie but hopefully a goodie as well. The fantasy realm war C-drama Eternal Brotherhood (紫川 Zi Chuan which means Purple River) is on deck to air next week at the end of February on both iQiyi … Continue reading

Marry My Husband Ends with a Happy Ending and Rating High of 11.951% But a Bit of Wind Lost From Sails After the Crazier Plot Lines of Final Few Episodes

It’s finale week for tvN Mon-Tues drama Marry My Husband and hit series went into the final week weaker due to recent plot shenanigans but managed to end up a satisfying note. Two baddies got the transferred death fates and … Continue reading

C-drama The Prisoner of Beauty with Liu Yu Ning and Song Zu Er Changes Chinese Title with Rumors of Early March 2024 Release

Okay, I know I’m like Charlie Brown with Lucy’s football on this one but I really really want to watch this drama and this latest news is different enough to merit a post. C-drama The Prisoner of Beauty with Liu … Continue reading

Tyrant with Cha Seung Won, Kim Sun Ho, and Kim Kang Woo Goes From Movie Release to 4-episode Drama on Disney+

I don’t think there is anything bad about this and does bode well for the nimbleness of the production in changing up the format. Originally slated as a thriller K-movie, Tyrant which is done filming and through post-production has instead … Continue reading

Xianxia C-drama Fangs of Fortune with Hou Min Hao and Chen Du Ling Release First Batch of Official Character Posters

So this drama got on my radar not because of the cast but because it was filming at the time another drama I was super into was filming, and it’s from the same director Guo Jing Ming. It was initially … Continue reading