C-actor Hu Ge Drops Stunning Announcement that He is Married and Just Welcomed a Baby Daughter

Stealth mode seems to be all the rage and good for celebs to live a personal life mostly under wraps until the time to do a self reveal. C-actor Hu Ge added to the shocking news week in Asian entertainment with the personally issued announcement that he was a dad. He wrote that mother and daughter are healthy and well, and because his wife is not a celebrity he wants to ensure the safe arrival of their daughter before sharing the news. He thanked his fans for accompanying him for what is his 20th year in the industry and is sharing this surprise in the new year, then wishing everyone a happy and healthy year of the rabbit. Congrats to this incredible actor who I watched go from idol young’un into what can be the Tony Leung of his generation.

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Supporting Actor Son Deok Ho Dropped From Drama After Reveal that He was One Who Paid for Fake Epilepsy Diagnosis to Avoid Military Service in the Currently Large Scale Investigation

Well that’s a promising acting career likely tanked permanently. Two weeks ago K-ent was sent into a tizzy with news that the SK government was investigating a large scale military service exemption fraud involving fake medical diagnoses of epilepsy. Word … Continue reading

Weekends Has Two Cable Dramas Breaking 10% as tvN’s Crash Course in Romance Hits 10.978% and jTBC Drama Agency Reaches 11.959%

I’ve been watching tvN weekend drama Crash Course in Romance since it premiered three weeks ago hence I’ve been keeping up with its increasing ratings and online buzz. But an earlier by one week premiered jTBC weekend drama Agency has … Continue reading

Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon Deliver the First Hit of 2023 as tvN Rom-com Crash Course in Romance Hits 9.145% Ratings in Episode 5

Holy wow am I surprised upon surprised, and in a great way. After the red hot December 2022 in K-drama land with first Reborn Rich and then The Glory, it’s fantastic to see the momentum carry into the new year … Continue reading