Yu Zheng’s New C-drama The Double with Wu Jin Yan and Wang Xing Yue Releases First Character Posters

After a few year’s hiatus, C-actress Wu Jin Yan is back with C-drama The Double that is also produced by Yu Zheng so she really is tied at the hip with him after he made her super popular with Story of Yanxi Palace but couldn’t really sustain that in follow up projects. The male lead is Wang Xing Yue and looking at the cast it feels like Yu Zheng is trying to make up and coming stars happen again. I cannot stand any of his dramas but he has an eye for crafting hits but I always found his visuals weird and here the character posters do nothing to convey what this drama is about or what the characters are supposed to be/feel other than just there.

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C-viewers of Sunshine by My Side with Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He Overwhelmingly Upset with the Added Screen Time for the Ice Hockey Young Supporting OTP

So modern workplace and romance C-drama Sunshine by My Side ended recently and I feel like it’s the same with so many of Xiao Zhan‘s recent dramas – praise and positivity for his performance with no impact on his popularity … Continue reading

Fall 2023 K-dramas Drops Lots of Posters Running Gamut of Stunning to Standard

Summer 2023 K-dramas have been just okay except for the breakout hit Moving on Disney+ but it’s time for the spate of fall 2023 K-dramas to arrive. A bunch of posters have been released in the recent week so it’s … Continue reading

My Journey to You Likely to NOT Have a Second Season with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Mad at Director Guo Jingming After Script and Directing Makes the Second Leads More Popular

Ooooh, melon and behind the scenes cattiness, I love it! C-drama My Journey to You can be summed up as a mixed bag, it got viewership and buzz but was split down the middle in terms of likes and dislikes. … Continue reading

Seoul Prosecutors Re-submit Arrest Warrant to Court for Yoo Ah In Claiming Additional Investigation Unearthed Coercing Accomplice Testimony and Assistance with Fleeing Jurisdiction

I feel like the big hammer has come down on K-actor Yoo Ah In after his drug arrest and investigation earlier this year but he hasn’t yet really felt the brunt of his criminal ways. At most he was summoned … Continue reading

The Emperor’s Love Almost Got Close to Airing After Cutting Episode Down and Reducing Female Lead Yuan Bing Yan to 6-episodes Only Focusing on the Male Lead and Second Female Lead Story

Dang, I’ve heard this in a few places (see here for one) and it goes to show that there is always a lot of attempt to salvage projects to air and recoup some money even when shit hits the fan. … Continue reading