Squid Game Grandpa O Yeong Su Charged by Seoul Prosecutors for Sexual Misconduct Stemming From Inappropriate Touching

Welp, grandpa better be ready to retire from acting because age and circumstances for a return are not on his side. K-actor O Yeong Su, best known as the grandpa/player 001 in Squid Game and recently won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, has been charged by the Seoul authorities for sexual misconduct. It stems from a woman claiming he inappropriately touched her in mid-2017. She went to the police in December 2021, it was investigated but did not move towards charging him. In April 2022 she went back to re-open the case and another investigation happened and from there O Yeong Su was referred to prosecution to be charged. He denies it, saying he held her hand to guide her around the lake during a walk, nothing inappropriate happened. Regardless he’s since lost his CF endorsements and it’s unclear if he’s got a future left in K-ent especially since he”s already 78-years old.

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Top Actress Kim Hye Soo Slays in Gown Fitting for 2022 Blue Dragon Awards and Currently Topping the Drama Ratings with tvN Series Uner the Queen’s Umbrella

So I’m following Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) on jTBC weekends but it would be remiss not to mention that another cable drama the tvN weekend sageuk Under the Queen’s Umbrella rocketed up the ratings meter earlier and is … Continue reading

Decision to Leave Wins Major Prizes at the 2022 Blue Dragon Awards with Lots of Star Power in Attendance

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K-netizens Divided Over Reporter Criticism of the Excessive Use of Filters on Song Joong Ki Playing a College Student in Reborn Rich

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Song Joong Ki and Other Stars Attend 2022 International Emmy’s as The King Affection Wins Best Telenovela in a First for a K-drama

The Korean drama expansion continues into the end of the year as the K-ent contingent made their presence known at this week’s 2022 International Emmy Awards. Not to be confused with the Primetime Emmy’s which are more prestigious covering top … Continue reading