Bazaar China Rounds Up 4 of the Top Actors Gong Jun, Xu Kai, Tan Jian Xi, and Luo Yun Xi from the Summer 2023 Drama Season for an Otherworldly Pictorial

One appeal of xianxia dramas is the ethereal and fantasy dreamy visuals complete with gods, goddesses, and sprawling skies, vistas, and dreamscapes. Bazaar China is doing a modern crossed with xianxia-esque visuals with four of the top C-drama leads in this summer’s big batch of released television shows that is so gorgeous. Gong Jun, Tan Jian Ci, Xu Kai, and Luo Yun Xi are each taking on a theme in the pictorial titled Ru Meng Ji (Entering Dream Anthology). It’s got poetry and chess and painting and battles and lots of dude posing of the top order. Love this soooooo much!

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