Written and Video Preview for Episode 8 of Pinocchio

The writer of Pinocchio really knows how to end episodes on humdinger real tension moments. I still remember, fondly now because it’s absurd but with much aggravation when it was airing, each episode ender of Heirs was a stare down moment between the leads and later grew to include three way staring contests including the second male lead. It’s like the writer wanted to show how many ways she could end an each episode basically the same but with slight variations.

Episode 7 was the most tense one thus far and it’s because we know that Jae Myung has crossed the line and what’s coming is basically downhill from there. I didn’t think that perhaps Dal Po also had a fleeting connection that the factory team leader called Jae Myung before he disappeared and therefore something too scary to contemplate might be out there. Turns out his whip smart mind still rules the roost so now all we can hope for is Dal Po has the strength to add yet another worrying situation to his full plate. Continue reading