Yang Zi the Youngest Best Actress in a Leading Role Nominee at the 2024 Magnolia Awards for Her Performance in Lost You Forever

Well this is surprising and a very good outcome for C-actress Yang Zi. She’s mostly an idol actress with some roles in mainstream serious dramas but as a grown up child actress with over 20 years in the industry she is very well known in and out of it. This year at the upcoming 2024 Magnolia Awards, Yang Zi was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Lost You Forever part 1. She’s the youngest among the other nominees Ren Su Xi, Tang Yan, Yan Ni, and Zhou Xun, and also the only one nominated from an idol drama. I actually went back and the last time an actress was nominated for the Magnolias in an idol drama was Zhao Li Ying for Journey of Flower in 2016, and even earlier than that it was Liu Shi Shi in 2012 for Bu Bu Jing Xin. Neither won and pundits don’t expect Yang Zi to win as Magnolias are aimed at serious and mainstream dramas so Yang Zi getting this nod is validation enough of her excellent performance in LYF. And knowing what I know about the second half of the story in LYF, she’s going to put everything through an even bigger wringer of tears.

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Moving Takes Home Drama Daesang, The Worst of Evil Wins Best Director, Namgoong Min Gets Long Awaited Best Actor, and Honey Lee Upsets for Best Actress in Fun Night at the 2024 Baeksang Arts Awards

The 2024 Baeksang Arts Awards took place this Tuesday May 7th in Seoul and it was also the 60th year of the event so a milestone for sure. There is a lot to digest so let’s get to it! Moving … Continue reading

Namgoong Min Takes Home the Daesang at the 2023 MBC Year End Drama Awards and Sageuk My Dearest Wins Big in All Categories

It was the night for prestige sageuk drama My Dearest over at the MBC Year End Drama Awards. Male lead Namgoong Min won the Daesang for his performance in the drama, Best Couple with Ahn Eun Jin, which also took … Continue reading

Popular C-stars Deliver on Glamour Yet Again at the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards

This week Tencent held its own 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards to celebrate the actors and actresses who did a Tencent project this year. It’s like the network drama years in South Korea so all attendees are there basically … Continue reading

2023 Blue Dragon Awards Fetes K-movies with Smugglers Taking Best Picture and Lee Byun Hun and Jung Yu Mi Winning the Best Acting Prizes

I didn’t follow the K-movies this year so I don’t even know if any of the winners were the right ones lol but I still love awards ceremonies for the glitz and glamor. It was the usual level of awards … Continue reading

Blue Dragon Series Award Judge Reveal Voting Results with Song Hye Kyo Edging out The Glory for Daesang and Suzy and Park Ji Hoon Winning Their Awards by Near Unanimous Vote

I really appreciate the South Korean awards being willing to share the voting thought process and tabulations after the ceremony, it lends more legitimacy to the winners even if there is always bound to be behind-the-scenes elbowing at play. The … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo Takes Home the Daesang at the 2nd Annual Blue Dragon Series Awards with Suzy Winning Best Actress and Ha Jung Woo Getting Best Actor

Last year in 2022 was the first ever Blue Dragon Series Awards as the awards body until then was exclusively a movie awards ceremony. So this year in 2023 its only the 2nd annual Blue Dragon Series Awards and last … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Takes Home the 2023 Baeksang Awards Drama Category Daesang While Song Hye Kyo Wins Best Actress and Lee Sung Min Crowned Best Actor

This Friday’s Baeksang Awards in Seoul was probably a night of little to no surprises (just one big one) and a lot of satisfied winner picks. The Park Eun Bin and Song Hye Kyo race for Best Actress ended with … Continue reading