jTBC Officially Crowned Most Successful Network in 2022 Thanks All to Reborn Rich

It’s a tad late now in March to reflect back on last year 2022 but for the South Korean cable and major channels still trying to survive and succeed it’s crucial to note who did well, or not, and why. So after 2022 was all said and done, the biggest winner is jTBC thanks solely late comer Reborn Rich, which premiered in November and ended just a month later in December due to primarily airing 3 episodes a week. The drama was a ratings and buzz juggernaut coming in second in all time highest cable ratings right behind The World of the Married but for the Seoul ratings it did surpass 30% in the final episode for that demographic. It’s just so unfortunate that the ending didn’t work for most people and has now sucked the wind out of its longevity sails.

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K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free

I thought Sungkyunkwan Scandal was basically un-re-watchable after the Park Yoochun toilet scandal, and even more so with his drug arrest and myriad additional subsequent scandals after. But now K-netizens are saying its unfathomable levels of un-re-watchable with only one … Continue reading

Shin Hyun Bin Crowned the Ignominious Title of Most Hated Female Lead in a Mega Hit Drama Due to the Unfortunately Forced Love Line

K-actress Shin Hyun Bin is facing the opposite audience feedback of second female lead Park Ji Hyun in Reborn Rich which has increased as the drama ratings have gone up and heading into the finale. This may feel like been … Continue reading