Ratings Stay at 14.88% for Reborn Rich Episode 6 as the Action Ratchets Up Another Notch with a Doozy of an Episode Ender

Those of you who haven’t started jTBC weekend drama Reborn Rich you have to START NOW! Like, don’t miss this one in a blue moon epic, a dram with sky rocketing ratings and phenomenal acting with a solidly written story. This Sunday’s episode 6 rose a teeny bit in ratings to 14.880% but the story for me went back on track with so much development I was like what tha what?!?! That Hyun Woo as Do Joon knows broad historical events but not the nuances makes the game less rigged for him, especially when we see that his real mom still dies but this time not of a heart attack but of suicide from the IMF crisis and stock manipulation orchestrated by Soonyang family patriarch Yang Cheol Grandpa as part of his normal every day rich get richer money making. That it’s doubly personal for Do Joon makes the game even more fun, and better yet is that Grandpa is an equal adversary with smarts to match but saddled with a family each out for their own interests so it’s easy for Do Joon to use/leverage/manipulate in his own orchestration. This will be the drama to beat for Best Drama of the year awards come awards season and Daesang will have to go to Lee Sung Min even if Song Joong Ki is the male lead. That man is giving a virtuoso performance as a 70-plus year old chaebol king that makes you shiver to the core from his radiating intensity from head to toe.

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K-netizens Divided Over Reporter Criticism of the Excessive Use of Filters on Song Joong Ki Playing a College Student in Reborn Rich

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Song Joong Ki and Other Stars Attend 2022 International Emmy’s as The King Affection Wins Best Telenovela in a First for a K-drama

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Reborn Rich Jumps to 8.845% Ratings in Episode 2 and 10.826% in Episode 3 as jTBC Has Another Hit on its Hands Maximizing Momentum with Airing 3 Episodes Each Week

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Song Joong Ki Channels His Inner Old Man Along with Leads Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun Bin at Press Conference for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

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Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Enter into Fraught Father and Fake Son Out for Revenge Plot in New Poster for jTBC Drama Reborn Rich

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jTBC Unveils First Poster and Teaser for Revenge Drama Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Bin

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