Suzy Slays with Fresh Retro Look in New Guess Spring 2023 CF Campaign

It was a good 2022 for Suzy with a well received drama Anna on Coupang Play but in 2023 she’s going back to her more youthful roots playing an idol turned college student in Lee Doona for Netflix. I saw her first still and she’s rocking that top star but also girl next door combined vibe, which is what I’m getting here for her Spring 2023 pictorial and CF campaign for Guess. She’s been the face of the brand in South Korea for a few years and it’s nice to see she continues to deliver the right image for them though it’s wild to think that she’s almost 30 years old in real life (28 right now) which goes to show the light speed passage of time because she debuted in 2010 at the age of 16 and was considered one of the most well known breakouts of her idol gen.

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K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie

So the order of the GIFs and pictures are in the ranking of how frequently K-netizens discuss wanting these two to work together. I can’t disagree with most dream pairings especially when the perfectly curated GIF delivers all the feels … Continue reading

Anna PD Lee Joo Young Publicly Airs Grievance Over Coupang Play Unilaterally Editing Her Drama and Broadcasting it Over Her Objection

This is a frequent occurrence in the world of entertainment but its still so frustrating and demoralizing. I’ve heard of scripts getting re-written, dialogues getting changed, character trajectories getting changed midway through, and of course a final product getting re-edited. … Continue reading

Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards

The annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this Friday night in Seoul and the 2022 edition totally dropped some surprises and some expected wins. In a first, the winner of the Popularity Awards Junho and Kim Tae Ri also won … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day

Usually fashion events in K-ent have a handful of stars attending, if I see six or more then it’s a solid event but this weekend’s Christian Dior soiree in Seoul had easily a dozen probably more big name and popular … Continue reading

K-drama The Girl Downstairs Adapted From Webtoon Lee Doona Confirms Casting of Suzy, Yang Se Jong, and Lee Yoo Bi

The casting flood continues in K-ent this week and another drama has finalized the main lead roles. Suzy was already confirmed for The Girl Downstairs, the K-drama adaptation of webtoon Lee Doona, and now her male lead is the just … Continue reading

K-ent Discusses Who is the Next Top Classic Korean Actress of the Decade After Kim Tae Hee in 00’s, Kim Hee Sun in 90’s, and Hwang Shin Hye in 80’s

I think most long time drama watchers know that K-actress Kim Tae Hee has been the unmoving consensus among K-ent and K-netizens for her Top Beauty. This week there is an article discussing the successor to the Top Beauty Per … Continue reading