Lee Seung Gi Shares Proposal Story with Kang Ho Dong and Also Wipes His Official Instagram Account

I feel like anytime Lee Seung Gi mentions his now wife Lee Da In in any way it’s just bound to get commentary or blowback. They are still newlyweds but have been dating publicly for two years and likely longer, so perhaps it’s that his fans just thought they would break up but since they didn’t all that pent up frustration keeps bubbling over. This week Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong kicked off their new variety show Brother Ramen and he shared when asked how he proposed that it was not fancy and so simple, he just asked her. He added that he married his good friend, they share the same interests and value, and he believes they will do a lot as a married couple and enjoy life together. That’s simple and sweet but of course detractors are not happy again with how much he seems to care about her. On top of this, Lee Seung Gi wiped his large following Instagram account but did it prior to the episode airing and the speculation is that he’s starting afresh after leaving his long time agency last year.

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Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Prepare to Get Married Tomorrow on Friday April 7th in Seoul with Famous Friends Doing MC Hosting and Performance

I feel like all of K-netizens grievances have been laid out about how they are sooooo disappointed in singer-actor-host Lee Seung Gi marrying actress Lee Da In, so I hope on their wedding day tomorrow April 7th the online commentary … Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi Files to End Contract with Hook Entertainment After Expose that His CEO Gaslit Him, Withheld All His Music Earnings, and Used His Money to Spend Lavishly

The investigation into Hook Entertainment has uncovered a litany of awful and illegal stuff but the biggest victim appears to be the agency’s top earner singer-actor-MC Lee Seung Gi. He’s been with the agency since his debut 18 years ago … Continue reading

Lee Seung Gi Demands Full Accounting From Agency Hook Entertainment Following Reports that the Major Crimes Unit Raided the Office on Embezzlement Allegations

The news around agency Hook Entertainment has gone from uh-oh to bad to worse. The agency was raided last week by the Major Crimes Unit of the Seoul police, reportedly collecting evidence for allegations of embezzlement and perhaps other financial … Continue reading