First Fan Snapped Pictures of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won Filming K-drama The Queen of Tears

Filming is underway in Seoul for the K-drama The Queen of Tears, the big budget production with A-list leads Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won and written by hitmaking screenwriter Park Ji Eun of Crash Landing on You and You From Another Star. The two leads play a married couple so that’s cool to start off already married and see what happens after the rich girl marries the smart ambitious guy. Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won were spotted filming in Seoul and also a picture of the two’s wedding in the drama was also seen on set and K-netizens are getting excited even on these snippets alone.

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Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s Romance Thriller Drama The Queen of Tears Scheduled for December 2023 Premiere on tvN Weekend Slot

tvN has put the big budget big production K-drama The Queen of Tears on its 2023 schedule formally, squeezing it in at the end of the year in December 2023. The drama was already anticipated coming from screenwriter Park Ji … Continue reading

K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie

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jTBC Weekend Drama My Liberation Notes Ends with Rapturous Audience Reception and 6.728% Ratings More than Doubling its Premiere

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jTBC Sat-Sun Drama My Liberation Diary Ratings are in the Mid 2% Range But Gains Traction as a Quality Offering with a Cult Following

Ratings are important for recouping production investment and ensuring more K-dramas are made, but sometimes there are gems that don’t get the broader reception but linger as an asset to the genre. Such is the trajectory of jTBC Sat-Sun drama … Continue reading

jTBC Finalizes Casting for My Ahjusshi Screenwriter’s Next Drama My Liberation Diary with Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Seok Gu

I love seeing an award winning screenwriter take the time before churning out another work. Deep and meaningful writing is hard to produce commercially and I like that My Ahjusshi and Another Oh Hae Young screenwriter Park Hae Young has … Continue reading