Dr. Who Fans Complain that Netflix K-drama The Silent Sea is a Ripoff of the 2009 Episode The Waters of Mars

The recently premiered Netflix sci-fi drama The Silent Sea was did not get as much positive reception from the critics as the prior few Netflix premiered dramas did and the viewership also is not as high. But the viewers who did watch appear to like it as the general audience commentary has been positive, with the general view that the first two episodes could have been better but the drama swings into gear after. Now it’s being called out by fans of cult BBC series Dr. Who for the story ripping off a 2009 episode of Dr. Who called The Waters of Mars. It also deals with an alien virus that causes the infected humans to vomit tons of water. It is a unique story element much like if I ever see a sci-fi movie set in space where extraterrestrial creatures pop out of a host human’s stomach I’ll immediately call foul that it’s ripping off Alien. With that said, having the same one element but then handled differently with the overarching story is overall not a full no-no but more like a slap on the wrist don’t do that again.


Dr. Who Fans Complain that Netflix K-drama The Silent Sea is a Ripoff of the 2009 Episode The Waters of Mars — 13 Comments

  1. Well, it’s not surprising. Squid Game was a clear obvious rip-off Japanese movie amd manga. Korean get credits despite not originating it which is truly shameless. I am glad they got called out by Dr.Who’s fans this time.

    • Agree. Koreans rip off ALL the time and get praised and even defended for it. Imagine if it was China doing the ripoff, they’d never hear the end of it. ?

    • This! I fast-forwarded the whole Squid game and I never found anything about the story original. So, I was surprised to see how people were praising it because hey for me it was a Mashup of many Japanese Mangas esp that glass game reminded me of Kaiji. I call Squid game a total rip off.

    • Agree with all above! There are many uninformed people out there who are either young, uneducated or ignorant, who don’t bother to research the facts.

  2. fans called it out and it’s true . I ‘am a fan Of Dr Who ( one of the best drama of sci fi, if not the best ) . My fav until now is David Tennant and i just love Catherine Tate as Donna . Creation is not an easy thing so sometimes a scriptwriter may be influenced unconsciously by memories of the fictions he has seen before . The same goes for novelists , song writers , … With that said, BBC ‘s dramas are a label of quality for me .

  3. I though gong yoo was super picky when picking project after disaster Big. Take long time after goblin and movie with park bo gum was not good either make him lost route for career.

  4. Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 was a great movie. This was 2019. The next projects (Seo Bok and The Silent Sea) were somewhat underwhelming. Though it is a downward trend, it’s still too early to say that he “lost route for career”. He has enough weight to sustain a few duds. But I hope it won’t take him too long to hit another goldmine.

  5. Don’t forget how Korean using popping, locking, rapping, hip hop etc and called them K-Pop…hahaha. But they got their knickers on fire when SDC featured Korean dance and called it Chao Zian Zu dance.

    • We don’t call those “inventions” of K-Pop. They are focal elements of K-pop, but we don’t consider them being created by the genre. Dance moves are called by their respective names, and rap is rap and hip hop is hip hop.

  6. I agree that kdramas tend to rip off alot of other dramas/manga but when someone wants to redo one of their shows it gets so much flak and backlash. I don’t get it.

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