Jisoo and Jung Hae In Snapping Pics of Each Other on a Rooftop is the Cutest Thing in Snowdrop So Far

Man, I like just one thing about Snowdrop and it’s probably the least likely to happen thing, which is the OTP having a happy ending. It’s a turd bucket of a drama in terms of set up and story line and characterization but after watching the first half the two leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo are actually quite cute together. Cut aside her acting rawness and enunciation problems, both of which can be fixed with acting and voice lessons, she radiates this natural beauty girl-next-door aura that normally K-netizens love. It’s the same vibe Suzy gives off which accounts for her decade long success in K-ent. If Jisoo did a school drama as her first acting attempt it would have been perfect but casting her in the ambitious and controversial Snowdrop did her no favors. I actually like her more for her moxie in the drama and her chemistry with Jung Hae In, and seeing these two in this week’s BTS pictures they shared shows me there was actually a good reason for their casting but probably just wrong drama. They are adorbs taking pictures of each other on the rooftop in character.


Jisoo and Jung Hae In Snapping Pics of Each Other on a Rooftop is the Cutest Thing in Snowdrop So Far — 13 Comments

  1. Jisoo and JHI are the best thing about the drama period. I went in completely expecting to be turned off by the otp but in all honestly they are the only saving grace of the drama. Every time they are together my eyes are glued to the screen which unfortunately is not a lot. Jisoo isn’t even half as bad as Suzy was in DH she’s more like IU was back then. There is huge potential for Jisoo to grow as an actress and honestly this might not make sense but I think she should only work with veteran actors for a while because I think they can bring out the her hidden potential as opposed to rookie actors because she seems like the kind of actress that is only as strong as the person she is acting opposite. Rather than high school she should do college dramas or better yet dramas that involve the entertainment world. It’ll make her more at ease and give her room to steady her foundation.

  2. i don’t see the suzy aura. i’ve always understood the suzy and yoona comparisons since both are tall, slender with a face that fits Korean beauty standard to a T. jisoo’s visuals aren’t being hyped on korean forums the same way the other two have at their peak. more people talk about jennie’s beauty instead of hers. however, i think she has potential in acting if she can fix her bad line delivery.

  3. Meh the jisoo and suzy visual comparison does not hold. I get that beauty is subjective and all but jisoo being compared to shk or suzy is a stretch. As for her acting I hope she improves. I’m happy that the tide of negativity is finally turning and the actors are slowly getting to promote the drama

  4. Korean netizens have actually said the opposite about her visuals. International K-pop fans always hyped her as being an actress visual, but this drama proved to K-netizens that just like many other idols, the heavy makeup used in K-pop makes a big difference for her. Even without all the drama and acting controversies, Koreans aren’t impressed with Jisoo’s onscreen appearance. Not every pretty idol can stand out with just their bare features on the big/small screen like Suzy has managed to do. And not every innocent looking idol actress can give off the same vibe as Suzy, as we’ve already seen failed attempts/comparisons in the past.

  5. i’ve only seen scenes here and there so can’t really speak with complete confidence but she seems to be doing a great job with bringing out the emotions with her facial expressions. i understand line delivery can still be a problem with that, but like many have said, hopefully, it’s something she can improve on.

    i can see why she would get compared to suzy, but suzy has that star factor that makes her stand out in a way that only a celebrity can be. this has done wonders for suzy’s career, of course, but i think it’s also inhibited her from showing her full potential. there’s a barrier between suzy and the audience, bc her real celebrity persona often overshadows her acting. we struggle to see her character, bc we see suzy. jisoo’s beauty is more understated and grounded, which is why i think she has a better shot at breaking that barrier of celebrity. right now she’s blackpink’s jisoo, but if she works hard and plays her cards right, i can see her pulling an iu and becoming a chameleon in her acting pursuits.

    • Problematic as this drama may be, it’s not “star factor” preventing Suzy’s acting from being believable, it’s her dead eyes. She’s good at posing for cfs and photoshoots (where ‘the vibe’ is important) but acting requires a skill set that, even after 10 years, she doesn’t appear to have developed, while her fans make excuse after excuse for this.

      (If ‘celebrity persona’ was such an issue, then IU who’s an even bigger name idol would never be believable as an actress either. And yet even she is excellent in demanding roles that require her to emote eg My Ajusshi and even the bits of Moon Lovers where the director wasn’t showing us the insides of every pore on her face)

      I can’t comment on Jiwoo since I don’t know how popular she is or not but if her next work is not as controversial and she can do the bare minimum ie emote, then she’s closer to the latter than the former.

  6. Tuned in for Jung Hae In. He never disappoints really and is hard carrying the show acting wise. The other characters are also solid in their acting, and Jisoo is trying her best. Still green but not bad. Haein and Jisoo’s chemistry is felt on screen.

  7. Even suzy fans are making sublime Diss to jisso.. Wonders shall never end.. Jisoo can never be like suzy.. It is an insult.. The only one I want her to emulate is her fellow singer turned actress IU.. That is all

    • Jisoo’s fans always like to dragg Suzy to defend their bias bad acting whenever there are articles about Snowdrop! Who started it? The first comment clearly shows it! Jisoo debuted as an actress at 27,she was an actress trainee at YG before as an idol trainee, she supposed to do well on acting! Suzy was forced to debut as an actress at 16,she never learned any acting lessons, she was always an idol trainee! At least Dream High is a huge hit drama in Korea and international!

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