Jeon Ji Hyun Continues Her Classic Style Unchanging Beauty at Burberry February 2023 Fashion Show

Perhaps K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun is the human embodiment of the classic Burberry trench, never changing but always in fashion. 2022 was a quiet year for her after Jirisan (Mount Jiri) in 2021 and earlier her Kingdom spinoff for Netflix in 2021 so it’s nice to see her kick off 2023 back in the limelight even if at a fashion show event. I’ve always seen her take challenges and risks in her acting roles but in her fashion style and visuals she’s basically been the same since her late 90’s debut but with slight tweaks to update as makeup and clothing trends change. Love her look at Burberry and definitely one of South Korea’s top level actress in every way.


Jeon Ji Hyun Continues Her Classic Style Unchanging Beauty at Burberry February 2023 Fashion Show — 11 Comments

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  2. JJH continues to stay out of the limelight for the last 10 years so this Burberry appearance was a huge surprise. I want to see her team up with her agency girls SJH, KSH and Seolhyun in a cool women centric drama or movie. The amount of acting talent they have at IEUM is insane.

    • Ditto. I also want to see a group photo of these labelmates plus Yoon Ji On, similar to what they did at the teamLab event in 2020 when Yoon Ji Min was still with them. Good thing they opened an IG account earlier this year btw.

  3. Dayyyyum, JJH looks incredible. These candids look like editorial photos. She’s one of the few actresses that could really double as a full-time model. She could probably make a knapsack with her height, aura, and posing ability.

  4. Ok I get why people say Jun Jihyun was born to be a celebrity. She makes these paparazzi shots look like a Burberry campaign. She exudes a Hollywood movie star glamour that I don’t normally associate with Korean stars. I think JJH’s appeal works equally for both Easterners and Westerners, which is rare.

  5. This woman is on another level, the very definition of GLOBAL superstar. As someone mentioned in an earlier comment, she can definitely go toe-to-toe with Hollywood A-listers. She just has THAT kind of aura. I feel she’s the only K-actress who has that appeal. She has already achieved so much, so she isn’t so active anymore and is focusing on motherhood right now. Girl’s got her priorities straight!

    • “I feel like she’s the only K-actress who has that appeal.”

      Jun Jihyun is the only east Asian actress with that global appeal off the top of my head. Asian beauty standards for Asians don’t map to Western beauty standards for Asians, which is why a lot of Asian actresses don’t get the same reception for their visuals in Hollywood (e.g. Liu Yifei). Jun Jihyun is a rarity.

      I predict that if/when she comes back, it’ll be in a Netflix original. It’s the perfect platform for her given where her career is at.

    • lol can yall stop try to read Hollywood with this hallyu limited mind
      “she is the only one”

      most of kdrama stans was not seeing the success of Squid Game for example, much less Jung Ho-Yeon appeal with west
      a proof that this “aura” is a bull***t that just kdrama stans believe
      with their obsession analyzing everything about visuals

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