Wild Romance Releases Entertaining Long Preview

What a wild ride the promotional circuit for Wild Romance has been. My interest in this sucker keeps revving upward against my better judgment, until this final long preview for the drama tips it over into the OMG-I-Love-It edge. WR has tons of physical humor which the two leads are completely game to tackle. I find it funny and good-natured, with characters that clearly have tons of room for growth as individuals and potentially a longs way to go before becoming a couple. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young have the potential to knock their chemistry out of the park, so I hope the story remains consistent and logical within the confines of its silliness. I don’t mind Lee Shi Young’s Chia-Hair or Lee Dong Wook’s greasy ‘stash anymore. Bring it on, drama!

Long preview for Wild Romance:


Wild Romance Releases Entertaining Long Preview — 19 Comments

  1. Oh god ,that was sooooooo sweet !!! I just loved it … I am crazily surprized coz i used to hate lsy but this is unbelieveable to see how cut she is . I am gona watch ….yes i am gonna watch it !

  2. Even if I cannot understand the words except for yoboseyo, ahjussi, and kronika, I found myself laughing at the scenes especially during the press conference where the character of Lee Shi Young was laughing her heart out while Lee Dong Wook has the opposite affect. Her laughter was just so contagious. Yup, I’d probably watch this. This funny kdrama could squeeze in my busy sched and be a maintenance dose for my sanity…

  3. I’m going to love this cause I love LSY or at least her character in birth of a rich man. She was without a doubt the highlight in that drama for me so I’m excited.

    • same here noticed her at birth of a rich man thought it would be nice if she gets a chance to have a lead role. and now this is here second. nice! go LSY!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually can’t wait for this. The first few stills weren’t very thrilling, but seeing everything in motion, I think I’m gonna give it a try. It looks good, and I adore Lee Shi Young 🙂

    And OH MY GOD! Your header! I had a massive attack when I saw it, I didn’t know KSH and JSM worked together before! :O

  5. Hilarious! I was giggling, laughing, guffawing, ROFL! Am totally in! This will be a nice foil to the overly serious sageuk Moon-Sun Hug.

  6. I love this drama so much that I watched RAW!!! Yeah, I’m that insane!! LOL

    Love her hair, love Wookie, their chemistry is over the roof!! He is rude, she is tough this is awesome!!!

    So, she defended her dad and end being the bodyguard of the man that she hate the most!!! Kind of crazy and funny as hell!!! LOL

    BTW the guy who plays the “manager”, I think is the manager is so freaking HOT!! He is thin as paper, tall as a three and beautiful as an angel!!! *starry eyes* I’m in LOVE!!!! *nose bleed*

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