Da Mo Yao Chapter 25: Emotional Turmoil

Things may change with the passage of time, but what is unavoidable will come to pass no matter what. The higher Huo Qu Bing flies, the more the Emperor will want to clip his wings. The more Yu Er digs into her past and her present, the more she’ll only discover that a heart can grow bigger and love more, but it’s hard to move on if the past doesn’t want to let go. I’m glad Da Mo Yao is back to the angsting, because things won’t get resolved just by avoiding the pink elephant in the room. I firmly believe that knowing the whole truth will allow Yu Er to only be more sure about the guy she wants to be with. 

Chapter 25: Emotional Turmoil

I had been kneeling for a hour already and Li Yan still hasn’t said a word. I thought to myself that this impasse can’t continue, so I bow my head to the floor “Your highness seeks to see me for what matter?”

Li Yan’s coldness dissipates and I see a tinge of sadness “Jin Yu, how could this happen? When I was told about it, I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t the person you liked Meng Jiu of Shi Enterprises? You promised me. Yet now you are with Huo Qu Bing. Are you planning on marrying him?”

“I’m sorry, I….I…..” I could only bow my head “No matter what, I will never reveal your background. It will be like I have never heard of it.” Li Yan coldly laughed “What if Huo Qu Bing wants to oppose Buo Er?” I raised my head to look at her “I don’t want to call you “Your Highness.” Li Yan, I am saying this as your friend. Please give up the plan to put your son on the throne. Your life is already so difficult, how can you endure knowing you are putting your child through the same thing?”

Li Yan stared at me “I ask you this, if one day Huo Qu Bing wanted to hurt us, will you help him?” I replied “If you don’t intend to harm the Crown Prince, then Huo Qu Bing will have no reason to harm you. And me….I will not let you hurt Huo Qu Bing.”

Li Yan started laughing “Jin Yu, you can leave now. From this day forward, we walk our own paths. But you have to remember your oath. The Heavens have a good memory.” She has someone she wants to protect, I have someone I want to protect, and we have finally reached this point. I silently give her a bow and leave.

Hong Gu had the kitchen prepare my favorite dishes but I have no appetite. I ask Hong Gu if she’s shuttered the other businesses like I asked, and she says it’s in process but can’t be hurried. I tell her to inform the girls in the dancing houses to be more low key, and I also plan to quietly find a buyer for the dancing houses as well.

Hong Gu asked “Xiao Yu, what happened? I can’t imagined anyone you might be afraid of in Chang An now? General Huo will not let anyone mistreat you, and even Consort Li’s presence means others will not dare to harass us.” I reply “I’ve overturned the boat with Consort Li. You know Li Yan’s calculating nature. Even with Qu Bing protecting me, if Li Yan gets the tiniest bit of opportunity and she fans the flames, things could get out of control. The way the Emperor dotes on Li Yan, if he chooses to punish us, I might be able to get away, but you all will…..Li Yan is not the same person she was before she entered the Palace. Now she would not blink an eye to see the loss of a few lives.”

I remembered hearing the soldiers criticizing Luo Yu House in the army base that day “Hong Gu, Luo Yu House seems to be doing well on the surface, but in truth we have offended quite a lot of people. With the Princess behind us, people have tempered their grievances. But if Li Yan decides to attack us, she will bring forth all those feelings, and it will only impact the girls here. I would love to immediately close down the dancing house, but that would leave all the girls out on the street. If I don’t handle this properly, I won’t be able to make sure they will be alright.”

Hong Gu looked stunned “How could this have happened?” I shook my head and smiled ruefully “A person’s calculations can never beat the Heaven’s machinations. I could have never predicted we’d be in this position today.”


Yi Zhi Xie gets wind that two of his tribal leaders have decided to switch their allegiance to the Han dynasty. He immediately sends someone to talk them out of it, and one tribal leader is swayed and gives up his intention. That causes a dispute with the other tribal leader and a battle breaks out. The tribal leader who wants to go to the Han kills the other leader who decided to stay with the Xiong Nu, and this causes soldiers to switch sides and a bitter civil war to break out.

News reaches the Han army which is still on the road, and Zhao Puo Nu suggests waiting until the Xiong Nu have killed each other before swooping in. Huo Qu Bing rejects this safer course of action. The Han dynasty has always treated those who surrender well. If the tribal leader does want to surrender and the Han dynasty refuses to help him, then it will strike hesitation and worry into the hearts of future opponents considering switching allegiances to the Han. He ignores the objections of the court officials and takes ten thousand men to cross the Yellow River and charge into a Xiong Nu army base with over forty thousand Xiong Nu soldiers.

Huo Qu Bing shows the courage and valor of one against many, once again using fewer soldiers to defeat a larger force. With yet another seemingly impossible victory, Huo Qu Bing cements his reputation within the Xiong Nu as a warrior god who cannot be defeated. So many Xiong Nu fear him that if they even hear his name, they turn and run away. Huo Qu Bing successfully saves the tribal leader, and then orders him to execute his soldiers who defected and turned against him. The flying blood and the rolling heads finally caused all the Xiong Nu to put down their weapons and end this civil war.

Huo Qu Bing sends soldiers to escort the tribal leader and his family members to Chang An while he waits for Liu Che’s orders. He settles the forty thousand surrendered Xiong Nu soldiers first before returning to Chang An. Liu Che rewards the tribal leader and his generals, giving them official titles and wealth in Chang An. The surrendered Xiong Nu forces are placed around the Long Xi region and he builds forts in the Qi Lian Mountains. With that, the Xiong Nu’s presence in the Yellow River and the Desert South regions are completely wiped out, and another path to Xi Yu has been opened up.

Liu Che greatly rewards Huo Qu Bing for his success in this foray. When Huo Qu Bing returns to Chang An, Liu Che personally leaves Chang An to welcome him back right outside the gates of the city. He gives Huo Qu Bing so much wealth that he has now way surpassed the Great General Wei, and becomes the most honored man in court.

It’s already Fall but the weather hasn’t cooled down. I lay on the pallet, with my eyes closed, fanning myself with a fan decorated with a beautiful woman on it’s face. Someone sat down next to me, but I kept my eyes closed and continued to ignore him. He leaned down to kiss me and I blocked him with my fan, so he ended up kissing the beauty on the fan. He stared at me with annoyance and resignation, so I turned over and asked the fan “Is she prettier than me?”

Huo Qu Bing laughed “I don’t know if she’s prettier, but she sure is more affectionate than you. I haven’t seen you in so long and you don’t even know how to welcome me back with hugs and kisses.” I huffed and used the fan to cover my face, continuing to ignore him.

He leaned in to whisper in my ear “What’s wrong with you? How come you’re so dispirited?” I dramatically sigh “I’m pretending to be a disgruntled housewife, a pining housewife. Can’t you tell?”

“Stop lolling around on the pallet, you’re becoming lazier. Go out with me.” He smiled and took the fan away, tossing it to the side and pulling me up. “You’re getting better at making stuff up. I arrive in Chang An and immediately hear from Housekeeper Chen that Luo Yu House apparently is quickly divesting all its businesses. Not sure what you’re up to, but you seemed to have pinned it on me.”

Since returning to Chang An, because of my worries, other than going to the Palace to see Li Yan, I stay home and rarely venture out on the streets. But since Huo Qu Bing is so eager and I don’t want to dampen his mood, I force myself up and leave the house with him.

We sit at a window table in Yi Ping Ju, with a pot of tea and some snacks, casually conversing. He laughs to discuss the origin of the “wine spring” and how it got that name. When the Emperor rewarded wine, there was too many people there and not enough to go around. So Huo Qu Bing poured the wine into the spring so everyone can partake of the Emperor’s wine, so the spring got the name “wine spring.” The entire area also got coined that name, and the original Xiong Nu name got tossed aside.

I laugh “So the spring actually tasted like wine?” He sipped his tea and said “The Emperor’s wine can’t possibly be ordinary. If everyone said they tasted wine, then the spring must’ve been scented with wine.”

He reached over to wipe some crumbs from my mouth, but since there were other customers in the restaurant, I was embarrassed and ducked my head and wiped it myself. He didn’t touch my face, but instead reached for my hand. I tried pulling it out of his grasp but he wouldn’t let go, so I just pouted and let him be. Huo Qu Bing smiled, his eyes as gentle as water, when suddenly his entire demeanor seemed to shift.

He still smiled, but his smile turned rather brittle. I curiously follow the direction of his gaze, and it was like getting smacked by a large object on my heart. I felt a current of pain pass through and my mind blanks as I’m rooted to the spot.

Jiu Ye, with his face ashen, is staring at my entwined hands with Huo Qu Bing’s. His expression reveals his disbelief. I’m so shocked that my first instinct is to retract my hand, but Huo Qu Bing tightly grips it and refuses to let go. It’s like a steel vise pressing into my flesh, and the pain makes my heart jerk but clears my head. I quietly let Huo Qu Bing hold my hand, sitting there without moving.

Shi Feng looked at Jiu Ye and then looked at me “Big sister Yu, you…..when did you return to Chang An? Did you know Jiu Ye…… Hearing the rumors that you had returned to Chang An, none of us could believe that you are with…..”

Jiu Ye, with a soft voice, decisively cut off Xiao Feng’s sentence “It’s good knowing you are fine.” His face had a fleeting smile, but it’s clear that his heart is filled with untold anguish. I casually replied “I’m sorry to cause you worry.” Huo Qu Bing smiled “Brother Meng, why don’t you join us and have some tea?” Jiu Ye wanted to decline but Tian Cao quickly agreed.

Shi Feng looked upset and gave me multiple angry glares, and a few huffy looks at Huo Qu Bing. Jiu Ye, his face still white, appeared to have regained his composure. With a smile he toasted Huo Qu Bing and casually chatted about random things. But the moment his gaze brushed over me, he would immediately avoid me, not looking me once in the eyes.

I kept my head lowered staring at the bamboo floor underneath the table. Huo Qu Bing continued to hold my hand, and all I felt was waves of icy yet burning sensation in my heart. I said to Huo Qu Bing “Let’s go home!” He looked at me, his eyes full of pain and pity, let go of my hand and lightly nodded his head.

“Jin Yu, what a coincidence! I was planning to visit you in the next few days.” Li Guang Li and a few of his rich playboy friends sauntered into the restaurant. He greeted me before noticing Huo Qu Bing. The other guys immediately stopped their goofy grins and quickly greeted Huo Qu Bing. Only Li Guang Li looked like he didn’t care, and even looked somewhat boastful and arrogant. He made a fist greeting to Huo Qu Bing “General Huo, what a surprise.” Huo Qu Bing ignored him without even a look, and appeared not to have heard him at all.

I laughed “I was just heading home. Come by the House if you need to see me about anything!” Li Guang Li kept giving me these laughing looks, getting me all confused. “What’s going on?” He bit his lip and looked a little bit embarrassed “Nothing, you’ll know in a few days.”

Huo Qu Bing shot Li Guang Li a freezing look, causing Li Guang Li to immediately turn away. But Li Guang Li suddenly got his courage up and turned back to looked at Huo Qu Bing, who had already moved on. Huo Qu Bing pined his eyes on me, indicting that we should leave now. Li Guang Li couldn’t get an upper hand, so he turned to look at me, displaying a pleased look.

Li Guang Li is someone who can’t keep a secret, and right now he’s actually exceedingly odd. Because of Li Yan, I can’t ignore this, so I try to goad him “Second brother Li is usually so forthright in how you handle yourself. Why are you suddenly all missish today? You’re acting more shy than a virgin bride about to get married.”

The other playboys started to laugh and quickly stopped themselves, but Li Guang Li’s face turned bright red and he hollered “It’s not that I don’t want to say it, just that my sister asked me earlier not to.” My heart was flip-flopping so I laugh “If her highness asked you not to, you obviously are afraid to, then I won’t press you further” and I made a move to leave.

“Who says I don’t dare?” Li Guang Li walked up to me, hesitated for a moment and looked elsewhere, afraid to meet my eyes “Sister said that she asked the Emperor to bestow marriage for me….to you.”

Jiu Ye, who had seemingly been casually drinking tea and not paying attention to the earlier conversation, suddenly dropped his cup and it shattered on the ground. He turned to stare at Li Guang Li. Huo Qu Bing appeared to have heard the funniest joke in the entire world, startling for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Li Guang Li looked shaken and quickly avoided Jiu Ye’s stare. When he saw Huo Qu Bing’s reaction, he appeared torn. Shi Feng yelled out “You’re a toad wanting to eat swan’s meat!” (i.e. he’s coveting something he doesn’t deserve).

Everything happened so fast I was rooted to the spot thinking of what to do. With Shi Feng’s yelling, it shook me out of my thoughts and I chided him “Xiao Feng, apologize immediately.” I have never spoken so harshly to Xiao Feng before, and he gave me a hurt look.

Jiu Ye smiled and calmly said “Apologies are only necessary when one did something wrong. Xiao Feng did nothing wrong, why apologize?” Huo Qu Bing nodded and coldly added “My sentiments exactly.”

I can’t believe the two of them are actually agreeing right now. I don’t want to escalate things so I turn and bow apologetically to Li Guang Li, who was red with embarrassment and glaring at Jiu Ye and Huo Qu Bing. He stormed off and I turned back to stomp my foot at Huo Qu Bing “Li Guang Li is a softie inside, if we ask nicely he won’t agree to this. Now you’ve made him want to do it because of his pride.”

Huo Qu Bing looked dismissive and coldly huffed “Ask him nicely? If you weren’t here, I would have ripped his head off on the spot.” I give a resigned sigh but Huo Qu Bing was already dragging me out of there “Let’s go see the Emperor right now to clear this up. Consort Li….good one…..humph!”

In the rush, I was afraid to look back, but I know that a pair of eyes are trained on my back. I was distracted so I trip on a small door ledge and Huo Qu Bing immediately supports me. He turned back and met Jiu Ye’s eyes, one cold and one warm, neither of them moving to avoid each other’s pointed stares. It felt like sparks were going off around me, so I quickly squeezed out a smile and grabbed Huo Qu Bing’s elbow and we left Yi Ping Ju.

We had barely stepped foot in the Palace and didn’t even see the Emperor when a middle-aged Palace lady stopped us and bowed to Huo Qu Bing. He was anxious to see the Emperor, but calmed down when he saw her “This is the Palace maid who serves the Empress. When I was small I called her Auntie Yun, but she refuses to let me call her that anymore. You can call her that for me from now on!” I quickly bow “Auntie Yun.”

Auntie Yun smiled “Yu Er? Last time General Huo spoke with the Empress at length about you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

Huo Qu Bing’s expression got colder again while Auntie Yun grabbed my hand “Come greet the Empress first, she’s also been wanting to meet you.”

In a bamboo pavilion, with the crysanthemums blooming white and yellow scenting the entire garden, a gentle breeze blows through the garden. We slow down our steps and Auntie Yun calls out “Your highness.” Empress Wei waits until we bow to her and then points to some seats, telling us to sit down.

Empress Wei sat across from me and studied me carefully. She sighed “Being with Qu Bing, it must be hard on you.” Huo Qu Bing spoke up “I won’t let it be hard on her.” Empress Wei had a small smile “The Emperor did not agree to marry her to Li Guang Li.”

Huo Qu Bing smiled “I’ll go thank the Emperor in a bit then. I didn’t get a chance to ask the Emperor for this marriage, but he knows how I feel about Jin Yu. Years ago he even teased me, saying that if I couldn’t win her by myself, he’ll go steal her for me.”

Empress Wei had a pitying look in her eyes “The Emperor is going to decide your marriage, but…..but it’s not with Jin Yu.” Huo Qu Bing jumped up “Other than Jin Yu, I do not want anyone else.” Empress Wei continued “The Emperor will agree to let you make Jin Yu your concubine, but she cannot be your wife.”

It’s almost dusk and a pair of swallows are circling above, their shadows sprayed on the table. I lower my head and count the bamboo strips on the table top, one, two, five….how many did I count to? I start over again, one, three, two…..

Huo Qu Bing was about to drag me out of there, but Empress Wei softly said “Qu Bing, this is more complicated than the battlefield. You can’t just swing your sword and kill your way out of here. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll do something that ends up harming Jin Yu.”

Huo Qu Bing stopped and sat back down “What does the Emperor intend?” Empress Wei explained “Why does the Emperor place you in such high favor? These recent deployments, he’s given you the military power, and every time you emerge victorious he rewards you greatly. Within two years, your position is almost pressing up against your uncle.”

Huo Qu Bing was quiet and didn’t respond. Liu Che has been wary of Wei Qing’s almost unfettered military power, and has been looking for the chance to divert Wei Qing’s armed forces. But not anyone can match up to Wei Qing, and the appearance of Huo Qu Bing has given him the perfectly opportunity to finally do so. Even better, Huo Qu Bing and Wei Qing’s personalities are diametrically opposite from each other, and Liu Che actually gets along better with Huo Qu Bing. So Liu Che is purposely diverting Wei Qing’s power to Huo Qu Bing and splitting the military into two factions, which will also further drive a wedge between Wei Qing and Huo Qu Bing.

Empress Wei waved her hand and swept from petals from the table “The Emperor wants to marry a princess to you.”

Years ago, Liu Che needed Wei Qing to help him battle the forces of the Bao family and the Wang family. But after those families were defeated, Wei Qing’s power and esteem continued to grow in court, things naturally shifted to account for that. Why did Wei Qing marry a princess many years older than him? The real reason no one can be certain. So many years have passed, and now it is Huo Qu Bing who is being asked once again to marry a princess.

The sun was setting, a giant red circle in the sky, shining over the three of us silently sitting there.

Huo Qu Bing raised his head and looked at the wild geese in the sky “Because of Uncle’s precedent, I’ve been as cautious as possible. Yet…..” He turned and gave me a warm smile “Other than you, I’m not marrying anyone else, princess or no princess.” Empress Wei raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Huo Qu Bing bowed to the Empress and then took my hand and led me out. Empress Wei sighed softly, saying nothing and lowering her head down to her zither, strumming it. The sound of the zither rose and fell like the wind, a sorrow permeating the entire yard. Looking out, a waning sun illuminates a few falling petals floating in the wind.


The solitary moonlight in this dark night, a few fireflies glowing, the leaves slowly falling without a sound. My heart is as somber as this night, how can a few fireflies illuminate my future? I stand still for quite some time before suddenly getting up to chase the fireflies. My sleeves fluttering in the wind, the moment I capture a light, I immediately release it.

“Yu Er…..” the voice is soft and gentle, as if he’s afraid of startling this night scene. My heart shook and I immediately stopping moving, but I can’t turn my head around.

What is he doing here? I used to hope day and night for this moment, to one day hear his voice in this courtyard. But too much time has passed, my pain has lessened and I’ve since given up on this hope. Yet this voice spoke up now right behind me. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Yu Er, I…..I’m sorry.” Jiu Ye, using his crutch, walked up to me. “I…..I want to ask you to forgive me. Can you give me another chance?” My entire heart was thrown for a loop and I stare incredulously at him. “What did you say? I don’t understand what you just said.”

He entire face is filled with sorrow but his eyes are burning with intensity that scalds me until my heart hurts “My mistake was thinking I knew what was best, and never telling you what was really inside my heart. I made the decision on what was best for both of us, but I never asked you whether my decision was correct? And was it what you wanted? Yu Er, I do like you, you have always been in my heart.”

This is just so ludicrous. These words that I once would have exchanged my life to hear, but today, it only fills me with anger and sadness. I can’t help it and start laughing out loud “Jiu Ye, stop teasing me. I’ve already agreed to marry Huo Qu Bing.”

He gripped his crutch tightly and his face was white, but his words are unwavering “You haven’t married him yet. And right now he’s holding so much military power, and with his complicated family situation, his marriage isn’t just any ordinary marriage anymore. It will be decided based on political gain and risk, and it’s not something he can singlehandedly decide. Yu Er, it was all my fault before, but this time I don’t want to miss another chance.”

I stand there is a daze. How could this be happening? In the past I prayed and prayed and it never came true, so how did it all change now?

Jiu Ye’s hand reached over to brush a leaf off my forehead and his face lightly brushed my cheek. I bluntly turn my face to avoid his hand so he quickly withdrew it.

My initial shock has worn off a bit and I’ve regained some clarity, so I take a step back and harden my heart to say “Jiu Ye, I’ve……Qu Bing and I……I’m already his.”

He was stunned for a moment, with all these conflicted emotions, before smiling without a care “Did you forget my grandfather’s story? My grandmother was someone else’s concubine before marrying my grandfather. Do you think I will care about this?”

I’m so shocked that I keep shaking my head and murmuring “Then why? Why did you do what you did in the past…..”

Jiu Ye took two steps towards me and stared at me “Yu Er, initially I was worried about my family situation. Since grandfather established the Shi Enterprises, most of our earnings are spent helping the people of Xi Yu or helping those kingdoms strengthen their military might to guard against Han expansion. When the business fell into my hands, I’ve tried to distance myself from Xi Yu but there are still so many connections there. If this information was ever to leak out, my head rolling on the floor would be the quickest punishment that can happen. I knew I should have kept my distance from you, but I couldn’t help myself and did try to test whether you could accept me like this.”

I bit my lip “And I didn’t pass your test?” He shook his head “You passed. Way beyond my expectations.” I was confused so I looked at him “You are simply too wonderful, causing me to feel like I wasn’t good enough for you, and could never give you the happiness you deserve. So I arrogantly drew an emotional line to keep you outside.”

How in the world can there be an explanation like this? I coldly laugh and he quickly grabs my hand. I shake him off and pain flashed through his eyes. He lowered his head to say “Yu Er, my physical handicap, it’s not just my leg. I also…..I also cannot have kids. I cannot give you a normal family.”

He smiled bitterly “It’s not that I can’t consummate a marriage, it’s just that my offspring will inherit my physical condition which is hard to survive into adulthood. My mother gave birth to five kids, and I’m the only one who survived to adulthood. Four out of the five kids had a physical handicap. My parents died early partly because they couldn’t deal with the emotional pain of losing their children. After I studied medicine, I investigated my mother’s side of the family and discovered that she was the only child of my grandmother’s who survived. My grandmother also died early because she couldn’t deal with the loss. I’ve grown up under this spectre of my parents sorrow. Watching my mother happily get pregnant each time and then watching her painfully losing a child each time. I don’t want this to repeat itself.”

So he kept rejecting me over and over because of this? Why did he think I was like other women out there who need to have children? Does one need children to be happy? Why didn’t he ask me what I wanted?

I was filled with a hundred different emotions, my heart hurting so much. He actually laughed at himself, so I reached out and started hitting him. My hands landed on his shoulder, his chest “Why…..why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Would I care about these things? All I cared about was you!”

He stood there without moving, allowing me to hit him over and over again. My heart was in so much pain that I felt the strength in my arms slowly seep away. My body shakes and I have no more energy to hit him. I loosen my fisted hands while my tears start to fall uncontrollably.

He quickly wiped away my tears. “Yu Er, from now on I will never let you cry again. Since you left, I’ve been trying to make arrangements for all the businesses in the Shi Enterprises. Once I settle everything, let’s buy a few horses and leave Chang An. We’ll travel fast and disappear completely. From the Northern desert to the Southern valleys, we’ll go wherever you want to go. There will be dangers ahead, but I know that together we can weather any obstacle.”

My tears continue to rain down, no amount of wiping is enough to stop it. In minutes, Jiu Ye’s robe is completely soaked through at the shoulder. Since leaving the Palace this evening, my heart has been as heavy as a lead ball. Right now I don’t know why I’m crying, all I know is that my heart hurts, it hurts so much, so much.

A hand brusquely jerked me aside, but it was so powerful that my entire body flew backwards. Before I can even make a sound, I’ve already fallen into a familiar embrace. Huo Qu Bing’s entire body is rigid and his arm is so tight around me that I’m almost unable to breath. He didn’t look at me once, only giving Jiu Ye a smile “Yu Er’s tears, from now on I will wipe it away for her. There is no need to burden you.”

Jiu Ye and Huo Qu Bing stared at each other for some time, and then they both turned to look at me. I closed my eyes, too scared to look at either of them. My tears continued to fall and my body continues to shake.

Huo Qu Bing said “Excuse us” and then picked me up in his arms and turned around to leave. His footsteps are rapid, and behind us Jiu Ye spoke up “Yu Er, this time it’s my turn to win your heart.” Huo Qu Bing stopped for a brief moment before continuing to walk away at an even faster pace.


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    JY’s explanation for his past actions of letting her go without a word was actually plausable (suprisingly!). It would make sense not to want to pass on a heriditary condition to future children, but he SHOULD HAVE asked what she wanted.

    And now that we’ve addressed the pink elephant in the room, I’ll be interested to see how HQB deals with Jiu Ye’s pursuit of Yu Er. How will our hot-blooded hero respond???

    Koala, thanks again! 🙂

    • It’s so brilliant of Li Yan – if Yu Er marries Li Guang Li, then she can’t marry Huo Qu Bing. Obstacle 1 down. Also, Yu Er would then be tied to the fate of the Li family, so if the family tanks, then she goes down with them all. Ergo, this would force Yu Er to stand with Li Yan on everything. Obstacle 2 down. Finally, it’s a power play with the Emperor. Since the Emperor knows Huo Qu Bing wants Yu Er and the Empress is pushing for that, by asking the Emperor to give Yu Er to her brother Li Guang Li, Li Yan is essentially seeing which wife the Emperor favors. Will he side with Empress Wei and give Yu Er to the Empress’s nephew Huo Qu Bing, or with his Consort Li and give Yu Er to Li Yan’s younger brother.

      • Oh!!!! I had completely forgotten about the favored-wife angle. You’re right about Li Yan trying to tie Yu Er in with the Li family. She keeps making a point of reminding YE of her oath not to reveal Li Yan’s background.

        Now their relationship has reached the point of no return. The line has been drawn:
        Li Yan stared at me “I ask you this, if one day Huo Qu Bing wanted to hurt us, will you help him?” I replied “If you don’t intend to harm the Crown Prince, then Huo Qu Bing will have no reason to harm you. And me….I will not let you hurt Huo Qu Bing.”

        I *almost* don’t want to see the final confrontation for where this leads.

      • I’m amazed at your time management skill, Koala-chan. How do you juggle work, the real world and the world of koalasplayground?? It always amazes me when i see you churning out DMY’s trans so quickly. 1 chapter per day!! *whew* i dont know how you do it coz i know i cant as i’ve done translations myself. I cant begin to imagine the things you have to sacrifice in order to pamper us with DMY. Even so, thank you so much for all your effort and kindness.

        Out of curiosity, (coz i am a banana ^^”)….how do you pronunciate HQB’s name? Same goes for Yi Zhi Xie and Yu Er. And could you explain the meaning behind HQB, Jiu Ye and Yu Er’s names?

      • oops…..wrong html closing (for the comment above). Sorry. its not my intention to “shout out” my comment. ^^

      • Agree with you! Personally, I think Li Yan is afraid if Yu Er will be helping HQB in the future since Li Yan sees Yu Er as an equal opponent of master-minding everything behind. If Yu Er and HQB become one… well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be in their way 😛 Thank you Ms Koala for your translation 🙂

      • I never thought about it from this angle of power play until you pointed it out, Ms. Koala, so thank you for the explanation! 😀

  11. Whoaaaaa, what was that…it’s so intense, I tried to envision myself to be in Yuer shoes but it’s so hard to choose,,, why Emperor can have so many wives, and ladies do not??? Its so unfair.. It’s just my sentiments…nothing serious. Sigh…..

  12. The heart breaks in this chapter kills me! I ache for each character with their confrontation(JinYu x Jiu Ye, Jiu Ye x HQB), especially my Jiu Ye, because matter how hard he tries, it’s too late. As I root for our OTP, my heart will always be swayed by Jiu Ye… it’s so hard to forget such a great guy like that. T.T

    Now with the political problems arising, I’m afraid for the further angst that Tong Hua has in stored for us. I’m kinda hating on the king for putting HQB through such a predicament, and especially Li Yan—my hate/love for her. :/

    At last, I can’t help but ponder so many questions as we reached this point. How will HQB handle things, especially defying the king (which I’m pretty sure he won’t fail me)? How much more will my Jiu Ye suffers before he realizes that he had really lost her (oh dear… my poor heart)? How will Jin Yu deal with the Luo House problems, and problems with her two beloved men? Can’t wait to find out, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating! <3 YOU!

    • OMG my thoughts exactly! I know it’s too late for Jiu Ye…I think JY and HQB’s chemistry and romance is unmatchable…however, like you, my heart will always ache for Jiu Ye…if I had to choose, I wouldn’t be able to either…both are equally amazing men…it’s too hard!!!

    • Lol I just realized that all my pain and anguish and rooting for Jiu Ye is kind of biased. I should have read this before the casting came out but…
      I absolutely love the chemistry and romance between JY and HQB, however I’m forever hung up on Jiu Ye and his utter heartache and regret. Now I realize that I do love Jiu Ye as a character and he’s a fantastic, amazing guy…however, I probably wouldn’t be as upset and angry about Jiu Ye seriously not having a chance anymore with JY if Hu Ge didn’t play Jiu Ye. It theoretically shouldn’t influence my decision because I’m not exactly a crazy ShiGe shipper. But I am definitely a solid, absolutely obsessive Hu GE fan, and I think I subconsciously can’t stomach seeing my darling in such emotional pain and loneliness. I wish there were two of JY.

  13. It’s ironic that Jiu Ye has now become the one with the carefree disposition and huo qu bing is tied down by his circumstances. Oh yes, how much can change in a few month. Huo qu bing who has always been ulbright, honest and straightforward is now being met with obstacles out of his control. Jiu Ye who had been tied down by his past and his self-pity is now rising from the ashes. I LOVE that not only the pink elephant is finally addressed, but I also love what it mean to Jiu Ye the character. He finally start taking some action, albeitly mistimed. “now it’s time for me to win your heart” you’re damn right about that Jiu Ye.

    And for some reason I has a hunched that huo qu bing is somewhere near when Jiu Ye and Yu er. Seeing his reaction I have a feeling he was waiting for his chance to intervene because he want to kno Yu er answer as much as Jiu Ye

  14. Dear ms Koala,

    wow thank you sooo soooo much for another new chap! I’m always both happy and surprised when you have posted another one up with the speed you do it. They are truly a feast to read!!

    concerning this chapter… MAN,0 DO I LOVE THIS!!! I didn’t know i was the kind but the two man doing (silent) endurance battles, the angsty political stuff… i sign in for that xD
    Like someone else here commented, the last couple of chapters was a lot of sunshine and rainbows (except, of course, the bet and running away from Yi Zhi Xie xP), but i feel chap like this one are much more my cup of tea ^^

    Jiu Ye is no longer playing a weakling pushing Yu er away and being piney…. Two strong men going head to head for an amazing woman, while both have to resolve their own issues…. now i want to see how that revolves!!

    Great chapter!!!

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    I feel a bit sorry for 9 Ye but HQB’s exit at the end totally rules: just pick your girl up and whisk her away from the competition! 😀

    • I think anything Qu Bing does is cool. 🙂

      But I have to jump in here – a guy is taking his sobbing fiancee away from the another guy declaring that he’s going to win her back. I don’t think Jiu Ye being on crutches factors into this scene AT ALL. It neither makes it cool or uncool because one guy is handicapped and the other is not. The best part of this story is that neither Qu Bing nor Yu Er ever treats Jiu Ye like he needs coddling. It was always Jiu Ye that felt self-conscious about his own handicap. I’d be floored if Qu Bing suddenly did things differently around Jiu Ye that he wouldn’t otherwise do if his rival had a normal set of legs. The leg things matters not, never did, never will, except for Jiu Ye’s own hang up about it. Qu Bing sees him as an equal rival, not someone to tip toe around when it comes to Yu Er.

      • Am just saying he wouldn’t have easily gotten her from Jiu Ye’s grip if it wasn’t for crutches. He is trying to balance and hold her at the same time. If it was YZX and HQB, the latter wouldn’t have been able to get Yu Er from his grip that easily.

        I know HQB clearly sees him as a threat as he knows Jiu Ye has a place in Yu Er’s heart.

      • But she wasn’t in Jiu Ye’s grip. Now I’m confused. Where does it say Jiu Ye was trying to balance his crutch and hold her at the same time? I want to make sure my translation not off. She was crying and standing in front of Jiu Ye and leaning on his shoulder and he was wiping her tears. He wasn’t holding her. Imagine she was a leaning tower of Pisa leaning on his shoulder. That’s the extent of their physical stance at that point. HQB didn’t pull her put of Jiu Ye’s embrace, he simply pulled backwards but she wasn’t being held by Jiu Ye.

        Of course both sides see each other as a threat. And they are both in Yu Er’s hearts. Sigh, that’s when a love triangle is actually good.

      • I have to agree… I think it actually shows us how much Qu Bing worries about Yu Er leaving him for Jiu Ye… and how much influence he fears Jiu Ye might have over her… to the point that even words from Jiu Ye may be perceived as a threat..

        I can see your argument about the crutches and everything but I would have to say that part of the reason why Jiu Ye liked Yu Er was because his disability never mattered to her and she didn’t treat him like some delicate flower. This was kind of set up in the scene in the desert when Yu Er first met Jiu Ye.

      • I felt off at this scene too. Especially when HQB was rapidly walking off with Yu Er. Obviously Jiu Ye can’t follow them.

        Honestly, this scene made me like Jiu Ye a lot more than HQB, and I’ve generally liked HQB more. Here, it feels to me like Jiu Ye is giving Yu Er a choice, wanting her back yes, but he would’ve backed off if she said no. I think, in the end, he only wants her happiness above all. Even his actions before was for that. It was him trying to be noble, and though he should’ve just laid out all his cards to Yu Er, so to speak, I can’t fault him. First, he clearly feels an inferiority over his condition and towards Yu Er, and I think the fact that HE knows his children won’t live and will likely traumatize Yu Er if she ever did get pregnant hurts him much more than it would’ve ever Yu Er. .And because of his previous behavior, this explanation was long overdue, and it really didn’t disappoint.

        Whereas HQB keeps dragging her places all the time! Can he just give her some space to think about what man she wants? And I really ponder, if Yu Er’s final choice wasn’t HQB, whether he can be as gracious as Jiu Ye. And his recklessness without consideration for Yu Er and her own choices (whether right or wrong) or his family situation…. It may make him a more romantic figure, but not more attractive (for me at least), and less of a compelling character (since for me the two kind of go hand in hand. Compelling = attractive).

        I hope at some point, HQB will have scruples and conflicts of his own. With the war, with his feelings, with his own position…. But with his character as it is, I can’t see it. Perhaps this steadfast unwavering character is why in the previous post you pointed out both males in this novel are dynamic and yet in a sense, flat, Koala?

      • Nhu just took the words out of my mouth. I can see that HQB is an awesome lover, taking the lead, taking Jin Yu on adventures, and being incredibly straightforward and unhesitant about his love for her. But I would like it better if he let Jin Yu make some decisions on her own, and let her think things through. He always seems to cut in on her thoughts, not allowing her time to think of things without him, and sometimes acting like she’s a possession, i.e. ‘kidnapping’ her, grabbing her ‘forcefully’, etc.

        I know almost everyone dislikes how Jiu Ye is (was) so passive, but at least he has always given her freedom, the freedom to make her own decisions, the freedom to live wherever she wants (his estate or Luo Yu House), the freedom to operate her own business, and most importantly, the freedom to accept him or not (he doesn’t say things like, “you’re mine!” like HQB at the time when Jin Yu wasn’t ready to accept him yet).

        One thing that has been pissing me off about Jin Yu is that she didn’t tell Jiu Ye straight out that she doesn’t mind not having children when he asked her about wanting a family or not before she left Chang An. I mean, it’s really easy to put two and two together when Jiu Ye asks her if she wanted a family in such a solemn way and the fact that there’s a problem with his leg, he probably can’t have children and obviously is trying to be a noble idiot and be all, “She’ll be happier without me.”

      • I forgot to add that in my opinion, HQB would be great as a lover, but not so much as a husband. It would get rather tiring when he keeps making her decisions in the long run.

      • I actually disagree with you. I think there are different ways of letting a person make their own decisions. In Jiu Ye case he made the decision for her when he rejected Jin Yu because of his handicap. Not letting her know is hindering her decision making. That in a way, I think, is worse than HQB’s ‘kidnapping’. Besides, I really think that people tend to take the kidnapping out of context. I seriously think that HQb have always let JY decide between him and Jiu Ye. Remember how he always asked if she would like to accompany him in his military exploits? And twice he was rejected. When he ‘kidnapped’ JY it wasn’t for forcing her to be with him in the military, HQB was angry because he wanted a proper goodbye. And even then, after a while, I think they knew that if she wanted to leave it was up to her. And her decision was to stay with HQB.

        For the forceful hand holding thing, I really think its the way they flirt. They always had a physical flirtatious relationship. I don’t think HQB thinks of her as a possession as an object but more how when you’re in love with someone who loves you back you think of them as a part of you.. That is not to say they are not their own person. Rather they belong to each other and understand each other in way that is exclusive to them. And at this point, she already agreed to marry him. I don’t know about you, but I think when you agree to marry someone, there is a sense that you belong exclusively to that person while still being your own person. Would you be ok with some chick hanging around your fiancee? Or your fiancee saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll just cry on this girl/guy’s lap/shoulder?”

        Jiu Ye let her have ‘freedom’ but in a very protected sense. He works behind the scene. I think that is the difference btw HQB and Jiu Ye. While Jiu Ye works behind the scen, discreetly helping Jin Yu, HQB is direct and forward. I think the scene goes very well with his personality. HQB sees Jiu Ye as a formidable foe and he is already afraid of losing Jin Yu because of what was happening earlier. If you were HQB, who pined for two years after a girl who pined after another guy, i say that the hard earned love is pretty difficult to let go.

        I actually really like the fact that HQB has the complicated situation now. I love it even more the Jiu Ye is now upping his game because that means that HQB can’t relax (not that he ever did) just because he “got the girl” or that he slept with her. I feel certain gratification because in so many periods you have the sense that a love triangle is certained when a girl lose her virginity to a guy. But here, even after the fact we still have a legit fight over the girl.

      • Thanks for the wonderful analysis of the relationship and dynamic between Yu Er, HQB and Jiu Ye, @Jenny. You said everything I wanted to say. 😀 It’s so much more complicated than “oh, he’s so forceful with her” or “oh, he’s regretting things now.” I feel like this love triangle is real and raw and the dynamic is explosive. All three know how much the two guys love Yu Er, so the the decision always lies with Yu Er. No one sees her as a possession, but merely their way of expressing their feelings for her.

      • @Jenny
        ‘In Jiu Ye case he made the decision for her when he rejected Jin Yu because of his handicap. Not letting her know is hindering her decision making. That in a way, I think, is worse than HQB’s ‘kidnapping’. Besides, I really think that people tend to take the kidnapping out of context. I seriously think that HQb have always let JY decide between him and Jiu Ye.’
        I disagree with your statement as I don’t think what Jiu Ye did was worse than HQB kidnapping her. He badged in her room when she was taking a shower, tied her with a blanket while ignoring her cries to be let go and put her on a horse without releasing her. She didn’t even know where she was going! He never allows her to time to think and choose as he is always taking her away forcefully.

        If I use your logic in that Jiu Ye committed a worse sin than HQB by not telling her the whole truth, couldn’t you say the same thing about HQB not telling her the main reason he kidnapped her and made her wear guy clothes was to prevent Jiu Ye from finding her?

      • How about this, and we can end this discussion here because it’s fine to have a difference of opinion and it’s been voiced.

        Yu Er is the female lead, and this book is from HER point of view. Meaning we actually hear HER thoughts about what happened to her. She is not, I repeat, not mad at Huo Qu Bing for “kidnapping” her or being physical with her or forcing her to do things. She ends up liking it all and choosing to do it.

        Never once in the novel does she bitch about HQB forcing her to do anything, because she knows he can’t if she didn’t want to. He took her away from the inn and she was pissed off, but she could have struggled enough that he couldn’t have done it so easy. It was seriously fore-foreplay between those two. I can’t say it enough – the entire scene needs to be read in context. And afterwards he asked very nicely for her to stop being angry and kept asking her to please stay, and she decided to stay. I think it’s time to move on beyond the kidnapping if the person in question, Yu Er, isn’t hung up on it. AT ALL.

        Next, Jiu Ye’s self-pitying act of “oh I was so full of myself and it was all my fault I should have told you.” It’s not a competition here, people. What he did has no bearing on any behavior from HQB to Yu Er. It’s not like one guy did this is worse and the other guy did this is better. She is angry at Jiu Ye right now for what he did, but her angry is really all sadness and frustration. I feel for her. She’s really heartbroken that his actions caused them to lose their chance to be together. There is no blame to be cast, because Jiu Ye accepts the consequences of what he did. He wants another chance is all.

        I fail to see the need to compare actions of the two male leads in any way. They are different personalities, and their love for Yu Er manifests in different ways.

        It appears readers like one or the other, likely based on your own preferences. If you think HQB is too forceful and you like your guys more sensitive like Jiu Ye, then good for you! If you think Jiu Ye is a weeny who needs to grow a spine and prefer alpha males like HQB, then that’s great!

        But as a choice for Yu Er, they are both EQUALLY AS GOOD. I like them both as solid great guys. But Yu Er is only in love with one of them. So that is the one I ship, because by all that is holy, it’s her love life and she’s making her decision, so I support her. Also because I think she’s making the right choice for various reasons I’ve discussed before.

      • Great point about HQB being in the end what Yu Er wants, Koala. It’s true we as readers might feel dissatisfied with every character at some point in the novel, but it’s Yu Er’s decision. Whatever you guy prefer is just a preference.

        I do want to say that I agree with you in that I don’t think HQB is, like… suffocating. Just that his actions are thoughtless. My greater point was that I wished Tong Hua would characterize him in some other way than simply his absolute love for Yu Er… Maybe I’m just flashing back to BBJX, where we knew so much about each guy and their situation and relationships aside from with Ruoxi… Because I LOVE our glimpses of his friendship with Li Gan, that one conversation about his insecurity about his illegitimacy. Hopefully there will be more in the future! But if there isn’t, I’d be disappointed, but it would totally be understandable, because this is, after all, Tong Hua’s epic romance and that’s just beyond the scope.

  17. Thanks Koala!

    I cannot believe what I just read regarding Jiu Ye.???? I was glad to finally know his side, but no…..It’s too late.

    I did expect Consort Li to come at her, and the pre-emptive warning shot was well played. Splitting the two up is awful at this point. Divide and conquer. Jiu Ye was in step with Consort Li use of Li Guang Li…as if they were in cahoots. Shakes head. Impossible.

    As far as I’m concerned, Yu Er has chosen…HQB. If the author flip-flops her heart, I will be disappointed. Both men have told her they will wage their all for her so she does not need to do a noble idiocy on either man’s part. I hope she does not over think this but let the chips fall where they may and deal with the aftermath with HQB She needs to work with him and not solo because she out of her element.

    Palace politics is ruthless and changes people as she’s found out.

    Wow. What a chapter.

      • Whew…good to know. No, your translation is fine. It’s my imagination that is getting in the way. That’s why I “shook my head” indicating the impossibility of his being in league with Consort Li.

        The coincidence of the before and after LGL’s announcement in the establishment had me wondering, but it looks like Jiu Ye just took advantage of the situation. Good for him. I still think his timing is off, but the remaining chapters will let me know. 🙂

    • I agreed with you. Jy has chosen. Sure her first choice was jiu ye but that ship has sort of sail and now she is with hqb. She will always love jiu ye but i don’t see her up and leaving hqb just cause jiu ye is wanting her back. Doesn’t seem like her character.

      Thanks ms. Koala!!

  18. Jiu ye … Jiu ye ..: jiuuuu yeeeee …… I hope though it’s very slim chance for Yu Er to be with Jiu Ye …. I really like xiao huo but I love jiu ye …..
    Thks a million mrs Koala !

  19. Thank you Koala for another amazing chapter. I love this book. If it were available in English, I would have stayed up all night to finish. Thanks for giving me self-control. Really looking forward to what happens next…especially interaction between HQB and Y Er! YE has hard choices to make and hope she makes the right ones.

  20. my poor Jiu Ye…. i guess destiny is really not on his side. When HQB gets to profess his feelings, he does it without any interference. The only chance that Jiu Ye has, HQB comes in and renders it useless.

    But HQB is AWESOME!!!!!

  21. clicked post before I finished…. I guess the final scene in this chapter is the final nail on the coffin for JY….. if there were any doubts that he MIGHT get a 2nd chance, it shld all be gone by now.

    and i like how TH doesnt make her male leads into perfect humans….in the olden days, the male leads were all so freaking righteous and full of “yi qi” and stuff. HQB’s slightly underhand methods to get Jin Yu (ie by not revealing to her that Jie Ye was looking for her) was something that would never have happened in the earlier generation of period stories.

    • DMY is not a wuxia novel, so since it falls outside that genre, naturally the heroes don’t need to be excessively unyieldingly noble. Only in the classic wuxia novels are the male leads overly righteous. Other period novels don’t necessarily adhere to that formula.

  22. *speculation*
    YuEr chooses HQB but due to politics & the emperor she’ll have a hard time then JY will save her & run away together. Like how 14th prince help RX.
    It’s uphill for YuEr from now on good thing there is JY she can count on. Hopefully.

  23. OMG. Jiu Ye, Jiu Ye, Jiu Ye. What am I suppose to do with you?
    I love you, but not for Jin Yu. I learned to love Huo Qu Bing with Jin Yu.
    Jiu Ye can’t you just stop hurting yourself T____T??
    This chapter was sooooo intense. So vivid in my imagination.
    AAAAAAAH. I wonder what HQB will do next?? I wish I was Jin Yu. I’d love it if HQB was all jealous and started to scold me. Kyaaaaa~ I’m on Jin Yu’s side. Why did you not give her a choice?!?!?! =_____=. I do seriously hope though that HQB and Jin Yu would get married. Her as the first, and only wife.

    Koala unnie you should totally think about translating chinese novels as a part time job. You’re doing an awesome job! Thanks for the amazing chapter!

  24. Hmmm..I’m wishing that Yu Er is actually a princess who was lost in the desert…..and her rightful parents have heard of a girl who grew up with wolves…..maybe the Emperor will grant their marriage……

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