Sunny Wang and Alice Ke Lead Modern TW-drama Remake of Dragon Gate Inn

Well this is different enough to be either rocking or an abominable mess. When Director Tsai did Black & White it could have been a giant mess of a stinker and yet it took Taiwan dramas to a whole new level. Could this do it again? Cable network TVBS is producing its first idol drama called Flying Past Dragon Gate Inn, a modern re-make and re-imagining of the famous Hong Kong wuxia movie Dragon Gate Inn. Starring Sunny Wang (as the serial cheating boyfriend in In Time With You, and real life super duper rich heir to a shipping fortune), Tammy Chen, Alice Ke, Melvin Sia, and Sharon Kwan. The drama started filming last week and is scheduled to air in August on CTS. The story is basically a law enforcement versus shady business woman battle of the wits, with Alice and Sunny playing detectives and partners while Tammy takes on the role made famous by Maggie Cheung as a business woman who runs an inn and engages in all sorts of somewhat shady transactions. I had such a kick out of the press conference – what with Sunny dressed like a genuine pimp parading his two “ladies” Alice (going for va-va-voom but ending up more like she’s missing most of her dress) and Tammy (trying to be glamorous but not quite hitting it since her dress is cut like a muu-muu). It’s like Tammy has extra fabric that Alice could use to patch up her dress. I am still intrigued with this drama since it sounds different enough to merit a following along with production. Check out the hilarious press conference pictures and have a chuckle with me.


Sunny Wang and Alice Ke Lead Modern TW-drama Remake of Dragon Gate Inn — 15 Comments

  1. Gotta say that Sunny Wang is hot but not a actor and more of a model. Yeah, he’s famous for being from a RICH family and once dating Taiwanese diva Elva Hsiao.

  2. Everybody’s too skinny! The guys need to beef up more and the girls need some curves. I really hate it when guys try too hard to be sexy, eg the open shirt down to the middle of the chest.

  3. Hmm… I like Tammy. I like the original. So I guess I will just have to check this one out and see if its worth watching later when it airs 🙂 thanks for the update! 🙂

    • I am so glad I am not the only one who thought about this. At first when they were using them to step on, I thought, “Oh, odd props for the picture.” But then when they held them up . . . ?

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