First Official Posters and Stills for Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu

So this official promo drop came from nowhere so I didn’t see it until a few days later but no fret here it is, the first posters and stills for the upcoming xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal (Hidden Gods). Starring Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu, the drama is a sequel of sorts to Ancient Love Poetry which starred Xu Kai and Zhou Dong Yu. The character posters first stills are perfunctory playing up Zhao Lu Si’s cute vibe but I’m more taken with Wang An Yu’s surprisingly strong visuals here.

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C-drama Hidden Love with Chen Zhe Yuan and Zhao Lu Si Release New Posters to Celebrate Fastest to Reach 1 Million Reservations on Youku

The slow stroll towards the 2023 sometime arrival of modern college era romance C-drama Hidden Love starts off with a milestone this January. Youku announced that the series has over 1 million reservations, viewers interested in watching the drama, and … Continue reading

C-netizens Go Full Catty on the Actresses at the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards with Complaints Across the Board

So I noticed the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit solely for the onstage pairing of Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang, two sizzling in popularity young actors who happened to play the same character in Ever … Continue reading

C-actor Jing Bo Ran Reportedly Departs Soon to Film Xianxia C-drama Hidden God with Zhao Lu Si, Netizens Think Either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo May Step in to Save the Production

Well this is a totally juicy “what the hell happened behind the scenes” rumored casting scuffle. Today an entertainment blogger claimed that reputable sources are saying that C-actor Jing Bo Ran has “ran off” from the soon to start filming … Continue reading

Zhao Lu Si Sweeps the Top Three of the Most Recent Baidu Poll on Favorite 95-Flower Roles with Yu Shu Xin Making the List Not for Her Most Recent Hit Drama

This summer of 2022 was really a two-horse race of Love Between Fairy and Devil and Love Like the Galaxy, and it wasn’t for television ratings are both are web dramas but for buzz and cache. My two cents says … Continue reading

Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Win Best Acting Prizes at the 2022 Golden Angel Awards Held by the Chinese American TV Festival

This isn’t quite a notable award but it is an award lol and definitely confirms the popularity of C-drama Love Like the Galaxy overseas. This weekend the Chinese American TV Festival, an off shoot of the more established Chinese American … Continue reading