Ariel Lin is a Successful Career Woman Looking to be a Dazzling Bride in New Posters and Stills for Go Lala Go 2

I appreciate that the production team for upcoming Go Lala Go 2 (aka Du Lala Marriage Chasing Chronicles) managed to assemble the dream cast of Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Bolin Chen in one movie, but can they be on top of things and give me a movie trailer by now? What’s the point of having three Golden Bell best acting winners – Bolin won Best Actor for In Time with You, Zai Zai followed with Coming Home (though he should have won earlier for Black & White), and Ariel got two for They Kiss Again and In Time With You – without showcasing the glory to come of their acting against one another.

In lieu of a movie preview, there are new stills and pretty posters to keep me from revolting, with Ariel looking every inch the dazzling bride in the latest poster, and all working woman in charge in the new movie stills. I hope her character isn’t as unlikable as her Cheng You Qing was in ITWY, there is a way to be a competent and successful business woman without being a snide holier than thou bitch. At least I can tell right off the bat that Zai Zai is playing the nice guy role while Bolin gets to flex his muscles as the hot bad boy. 


Ariel Lin is a Successful Career Woman Looking to be a Dazzling Bride in New Posters and Stills for Go Lala Go 2 — 10 Comments

  1. She looks gorgeous. :3 stu will be happy.

    Plus all those three talented leads on the same screen….. Wew. I think I’m not used to movies anymore with their better, tighter casting. @___@

  2. Well when this comes out, I really hope you give this a review. There’s absolutely zero chance of me ever being able to see my faves Zai Zai and Ariel on the big screen 🙁

  3. I’m always with the bad boy instead of the boring nice guy. That’s like every second lead ever. I challenge the writer to change my opinion though, even if Bolin is forever the hotter choice.

  4. i cant wait for this movie, dear subbers, please kindly sub this movie 🙂

    there’s no spoiler who she will end up with? haha.. ah.. both men are just handsome and cool..if i were her, i cant choose, may i have both? haha kidding 😛

  5. I’m very much looking towards her other movie. It seems much more intense and exciting in the character growth that Ariel plays. It’s called 234说爱你 (Another Woman).

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