MBC Entertainment News Reports on Bali Hotel Staff Gossip Further Fueling Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Dating Rumors

I continue to take dating rumors with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo with a grain of salt, even if they are dating it’s not certain they will get married and honestly they should just be able to date without all the pointless fan shipping. Last week the entertainment world was abuzz with reports that the Descendants of the Sun costars were in Bali at nearly the same time, with most of their week long stays overlapping. They were spotted at the airport and also at the hotel by fans, not surprising since both are wildly well known. Both sides have denied they met up in Bali, claiming to be there for work. This weekend MBC entertainment news reported that a hotel staff at Song Hye Kyo’s luxury hotel spotted a masked man entering her villa throughout the course of her stay, and identified that man as Song Joong Ki. It’s no smoking gun but certainly MBC is putting themselves out there to report on this tidbit from a so-called eyewitness to the Song-Song relationship.


MBC Entertainment News Reports on Bali Hotel Staff Gossip Further Fueling Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Dating Rumors — 17 Comments

  1. Good for them, I hope they can date and have a healthy normal relationship without the added pressure of fan expectations and media. That is if they really are dating.

  2. Please don’t announce in public that you’re dating. Only tell it to the public when you’re getting married. SHK still gets hate comments from knetizens despite her age and being a top star. Good thing she earned a lot of new fans thru DOTS and also her old fans stays loyal to her that’s why you’ll never see bad comments on top searches because they already downvoted them.

  3. seriously dating or not it isn’t our business but I am hating the medias which selling their papers based on private information and posting private pics I am disgusted .

  4. YAY if it’s true, and if it is – may it work out.

    Sad it didn’t work with Hyun Bin but nice IF she’s dating SJK.

    She totally deserves both of them, after LBH!

  5. The way they dig the information and leaking her private photos from her private instagram account is not professional.

    All they want is to get a high ratings at the expense of these top actors.

  6. MBC should really focus on the quality of their dramas and internal problems in their station. Also, their Daesang is really cheap nowadays so they should really consider revamping their whole image..

    • @prettyautumn High five.Instead of wasting time on trivial matters and stalkerish behaviour like this.They should in knetizen language have a long ‘reflection’ on their drama award ceremonies and drama quality.Even their variety shows are poor quality.They should also fire their drama casting agents while we are at it.Lets see their past criminal records:

      1.They made Song Seung Heon win the Daesang in 2008 with Kim Myung Min
      2.They made Han Ga In win top excellence award over Ha Ji Won and gave zero awards to King 2 Hearts in 2012.
      3.They made Suzy win top excellence award over Go Hyun Jung, and award excellence award to shin se kyung over Kim So Yeon in 2013 and gave zero recognition to the cast in two weeks.Ah how can i forget, they nominate Lee Jun Ki in excellence award instead of top excellence award.Then award the excellence award to Joo Won for 7 level civil servant over LJK for two weeks when they wasn’t much difference in the ratings.
      4.and how the hell do they expect their daesang to be respected when it is done via 100% fan votes?
      5.Now they have been infected with the idol/model companies too.Just casting inexperienced models and idol actors in lead roles and ignoring the rookie actors or relegating them to second roles.

      MBC you need an image transformation. Dont sink to the level of paparazzi and waste time on dating news.Focus your time, energy and resources on the stuff that will help your business in the long term.

      • Agree about joo won winning over lee jun ki. Lee jun ki performance was way better than joo won. Sbs also gifted him with daesang against some major seasoned actors geezz.

  7. These two should deny until the very end if they are really dating.Its better that way..let these nosy shippers and greedy media continue to get crazy with their speculations.Its always harder on the female in the relationship.From the top of my head, Hye Kyo herself, Park Shin Hye, Park Min Young, Moon Chae Won, Jeon Hye Bin, the latest Jang Nara etc..these beautiful women have all victims of online harassment, bullying because of media and crazy loonies on the Web just because of shipping and relationship news.

  8. shippers and mbc should leave them alone.they are adults and deserve their private lives.if they are really dating then more power to them but should never admit it until they are about to get married.

  9. Y not? They look good together. I really don’t believe if they dont have relatioship. Song Jong ki can’t hide his gesture and body language if she is with SHK but i doubt if they will get married soon. SJK still on the height of his carrier.

  10. This is too much. Leave them alone. If they are dating this is a good way to kill the relationship, and if they aren’t it’s a good way to kill their friendship. And the only way they found this out was because someone betrayed her and published her private IG pictures.

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