Jeon Ji Hyun Pregnant with Second Child and Continues the K-actress Baby Watch of 2017


The charmed life of Jeon Ji Hyun continues unabated, and envy isn’t even worth it at this point. One just needs to gaze upon her like she’s South Korea’s own royal princess of perfectly. Jeon Ji Hyun’s agency has confirmed that the A-list actress is pregnant with her second child with her financier husband. They married in 2012 and welcomed their first child, a son, in early 2016. Jeon Ji Hyun did her mega hit drama You From Another Star prior to her first pregnancy, and now she’s done the same having finished Legend of the Blue Sea and then worked in family planning afterwards. A huge congrats to the family, especially how deftly she’s managed to stay on top of her popularity and exposure while maintaining a marriage and raising kids. She’s reportedly early in her second pregnancy so it’s onwards for K-ent’s big baby watch of 2017 first with Kim Tae Hee and now Jeon Ji Hyun.

Jeon Ji Hyun’s second baby is reportedly due in January of 2018 so my well wishes for mommy and baby to have a healthy pregnancy!


Jeon Ji Hyun Pregnant with Second Child and Continues the K-actress Baby Watch of 2017 — 6 Comments

  1. I was kinda envious of kth being pregnant(I love babies).. and then I thought well my fave jjh has already have 1, but my my what a surprise.. they will have another baby, I thought she will wait for her son to grow up a bit before having a second one..

  2. Granted she probably has a nanny and/or her mother as people to watch over her child while she is away acting. So it’s pretty easy for her to maintain her career.

    But congratulations. 🙂

  3. I wish her well. She’s probably the most bankable actress in Korea. A Box Office Draw, TV Ratings magnet and a CF Queen. Truly a Queen of her generation.

  4. Congratulations! Have a safe pregnancy. She really is the epitome of a successful SK actress. No damning rumours, marrying a rich husband, having children and still looking gorgeous.

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