Second Teaser for Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Drops Atmospheric Mystery

I was already looking forward to upcoming tvN drama Memories of Alhambra for leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, but the excitement has increased with the reveal of more substantive elements of the drama. The second set of preview teasers dropped this weekend and with it a heightened aura of mystery painting this drama in shades of noir rather than the romantic vibe of the first teasers where the leads meet on the outskirt cliffs of the city. Now we have worried running, a dangling payphone handle, clock on a certain time, train stations and departing trains, and looks of consternation all around. I love it, along with the visual compatibility of the leads. tvN is going to have all the buzz come December as Boyfriend with Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum premieres on November 28 in the Wed-Thurs time slot and two days later Memories of Alhambra arrives December 1 in the Sat-Sun period.

Second teaser for Memories of Alhambra:


Second Teaser for Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Drops Atmospheric Mystery — 32 Comments

  1. This drama seem really promising so I’m excited to see the final outcome on December. The pairing look good together. I hope this drama get good ratings and have interesting plot because drama nowadays is lacking a lot. Love Hyun Bin clean look and Park Shin Hye is very pretty in here. TVN has the best cinematographic.

  2. Looks good. This writer is really one of the standouts who always came up with creative storyline. Hope this won’t turn into “W” which was promising in the beginning but losing momentum and turned crappy by the later half. I still have faith in this writer.

  3. Wow. Indeed the OTP look good together , plus the mysteries sorroumding them, really, I am extremely curious, excited, and looking forward to this drama. Fighting! All the best !

  4. so excited for this drama. The new teaser has this mysterious vibes to it that makes it more agonizing for me to wait until december i want to watch it like NOW.

  5. Looks like two months of overseas filming for the show paid off. The cinematography is beautiful. Reminds me of a movie. I hope they keep this mysterious vibe for the show.

  6. What is this “mysterious incident” that everyone is involved in?!! It’s not even November yet! How could I wait until December???

    Last time it was a comic book, is it a video game this time? lol I’m so curious now. They’re doing a good job at keeping us in suspense.

  7. Hyun Bin is really charismatic.I do hope this drama is worth adding to his filmography though.Because frankly, I am not too confident about the script and I still have my doubts about the chemistry of this pair.I feel will be like the way he was with Han Ji Min.Too very gorgeous people.and equally loved and respected but the chemistry…bleh!!!. He is doing so well in movie land.He has been working non stop.I wish he could have waited a bit longer but.then again Shin Hye’s dramas usually do well in ratings and she looks likesomeone who is nice to work with so he couldnt resist.

    • I predict they’re going to make PSH stare mouth open and deer in headlights look on her eyes and act like a middle school kid with no experience when HB’s character, with lots of experience, is going to try to hug and kiss her, even though PSH is supposed to be in her late 20s / early 30s in this drama. Lets hope tvn is different and actually shows a more realistic relationship instead of showing a virgin Mary Sue and an aloof Casanova, which is quite irritating thing generally in k-dramas.

      • @Lol, well it’s the truth. Most k-dramas are like that, especially the ones where Park Shin Hye is.

      • The last time they made her like that was during pre-piniochio era in *cough*the-shouldnt-be-named-drama*cough*. 1st kiss scenes in both pinocchio and doctors were pretty much well-fitted considering her relationship with the male leads. It would be soooooo awkward on soooo many levels if she kissed her supposed-uncle who nvr made it clear tht he liked her more than as a niece/friend or her high school teacher who obviously much older than her, who used to treat her as a child and just told her he liked her as a woman a few days after they first met in 13 yrs, like a pro (yikes)… so I dont get it why would you bring up the open-eyes-deer-in-the-headlight-kiss isssue here. @Rubyred was obviously talking about the possibility of mehh-chemistry between the leads and suddenly you jumped into the overrated wide-eyes-kissing so I was like huhh??? It was like me asking my friend, “this patient has vomited out blood and passed out black stool for 3 days and he has a history of peptic ulcer disease 4 yrs ago so I’m suspecting he has another episode of bleeding peptic ulcer. What do you think?” and my friend answered, “I bet he ate too much spicy food”. Answering the question on possibilty of a disease with a risk factor of the disease that not even verified yet. I don’t have a problem if you said you too, couldn’t appreciate the chemistry between the leads because me too, still can’t appreaciate their chemistry like I did when doctors teasers were released back then. I don’t have a problem if you said you couldn’t feel their chemistry because the pd made her kiss like a middle high schooler when the show on-air (later on). The thing is the show hasn’t even started and the chemistry is still indefinite. Yet, here you are, commenting about the overrated wide-eyes-kissing scene…

      • Yes her kiss scenes leave much to be desired but I’d say she’s shown tremendous growth since Pinocchio. I didn’t really like the ‘deep’ kisses in Doctors because it felt too much like acting which ‘duh’ I know but still. I actually liked the rain kiss a lot more than the others.

      • @prettyautumn I don’t understand why you and everyone care so much about the kissing part. A good drama don’t always rely on having a beautiful deep kissing scene to make it realistic. As long as the leads play their parts right and is able to bring their characters to life. If the script is good enough to draw people’s attention than it’s a great drama.

      • Sometimes I think you are prettyautumn and sometimes i think you are his/her doppleganger.

    • @RubyRed Don’t start doubting this pairing and script when it’s not even starting yet. To you and many others Hyde Jekyll Me might be nothing but there are tones of fans out there who actually love the drama. Hyun Bin don’t have explosives chemistry with Han Ji Min but they still able to catch many others heart. So why downgrading Hyde Jekyll Me so much alone with Han Ji Min. Everyone has their chance to shine when with the right person and right script. I personally think all his not well received drama (The Snow Queen, The World That They Live In, and Friends, Our Legends,) are much more meaningful and have more depth than his most famous one like Secret Garden. Please don’t drill with shipper because I’m not one of them. I personally think Secret Garden is funny and entertaining plus the chemistry from Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are amazing but it’s not memorable like his non recognizable dramas. I even enjoy Hyde Jekyll Me more so should have a little more respect for Hyde Jekyll Me and Han Ji Min at least they all try.

      • I don’t think HJM tried in Hyde Jekyll & Me. She was so bad in that drama. I like The Snow Queen 🙂

      • @movielover saying Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min did not have chemistry or Hyde drama was not well made is not “disrespect” or “hate” and no I have no ill feeling toward Han Ji Min.I actually think Hyun Bin didnt deliver either.What am saying about “chemistry thing) was a sentiment shared by many and that is also why it flopped in the first place.Even when a romance drama has a bad or non existent script.If the lead actors have chemistry and act well especially when they are popular and A-list actor like them, the drama can still do well.They have also done a movie together “Fatal Encounter” it also flopped.That is saying something.Chemistry is just how audience perceive a couple onscreen.Some can connect to the pair or group of people onscreen and root for their romance or interaction whatever some cant.In Hyde, it didnt work for me.

  8. Hyun Bin looks healthy and gorgeous in here! This teaser has piqued my interest. Hope drama stays solid till the end. And the chemistry. Please let there be chemistry between the leads. ?

  9. Hmmmm….the second teaser is looking even absolutely beautiful. Two powerful, handsome and beautiful main leads and I hardly can’t wait.

  10. The second teaser look good and I love TvN drama cinematographic. I hope it’ll be as beautiful as Goblin because Goblin Cinematographic is so dreamy. Hyun Bin is so handsome and Shin Hye is very pretty.

  11. Binnie has been struggling in movie and drama like ( a millionaire first love, snow queen,world within, I’m happy, friends our legend, and Hyde jekyll me). He 6 projects was major flop let’s see if he can save this drama from disaster.

    • This statement is abit ironic. If he has flopped so much then how on earth is he going to save this drama? LOL.
      You should say his recent film choices are good so maybe he is getting better at picking projects.

      • Six flop in drama and movie honey. I will laugh hard if this drama was flop. Let’s see in 1st ep.

  12. Don’t care for the actress at all, her acting is idk and her voice is annoying but my eyes are focus on HYUN BIN! How we are happy to see you in dramaland again.

  13. I’m now so curious what this drama is going to be about plus it has two gorgeous leads who can really act that I can hardly wait for Dec. 1.

  14. I’ve never seen PSH pash on screen kinda fast forward those bits but I’m hoping the chemistry is lit and the characters and storyline is cemented and this isn’t build ups because I’m going in boots and all for this drama. I think PSH took her dance teacher @tanz over to Spain during their film shoot so I hope there is a flamenco dance off with her and HB. Sorry if I’ve taken this out of context and Im barking up the wrong tree. I just want to say that between MOA and Encounter Im veering more so towards MOA.

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