Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Boa Lead Script Leading for SBS Drama Bok Soo is Back

I love the title of K-drama Bok Soo is Back (Revenge is Back) for both its meanings, that male lead Bok Soo has returned to his high school and he’s back for revenge as his name also means. Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Boa and Kwak Dong Yeon, the drama will take over the Mon-Tues slot after Where Stars Land (Fox Star Bride) and bring a lighthearted comedic offering for the winter months. Yoo Seung Ho plays the titular Bok Soo still nursing an understandable grudge after being falsely accused of violence and kicked out of high school, and since then his life has turned into doing odd jobs and plotting revenge. He somehow goes back to high school as an adult and finds his nemesis, first love Jo Boa is now a teacher and rival Kwak Dong Yeon the school principal. All three leads are awesome and I love me some fun high school based drama if done right.


Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Boa Lead Script Leading for SBS Drama Bok Soo is Back — 19 Comments

  1. Kwak Dong Yeon is only 21 and he plays the school principal, amazing! and I know he will do a very good job too 🙂 He is the youngest and yet looks so mature. Such a great talented actor. YSH is also my fav. I will definitely watch this.

    • I’m already annoyed when the drama hasnt even started. From the moment KDY has been cast, all I get to see are whines from KDY fans : “No lead role again ? He should be the male lead !! “.I understand your feelings, however KDY is only 21 and he has all the time to evolve from second roles to male lead roles. Maybe he doesn’t want it yet and isn’t confident. I was lurking but @lizzy’s comment made to come out and post something. Hey, I will remember your name, wait and see how YSH will slay everyone’s hearts. It is because of fans like you that some actors/ actresses get the bad rep. I understand your disappointment but it is really not cool and respectful to feel bitter and to bring down an actor in order to elevate your bias.

      • ?what? what?? what??? when did I write KDY should be the male lead!!! You are barking up the wrong tree here. Have you got your shots? I am MORE ANNOYED by your annoyance. And there is no lizzy here, only Lissy. Hey, I will remember your name. I am happy I can watch KDY again, I don’t care if he is the lead or not, I am not that shallow. It is really not cool to randomly sh.. everywhere before you read carefully. I demand an apology.

      • Apology accepted ? Many people misunderstand me here so I hope you won’t be another one calling me a hater. I really like both YSH & KDY so I will look forward to this drama ?

    • Sorry. My post was not meant for you, as you can see it in my post. I noticed my mistake after I posted. I couldn’t edit, I left it like that but it looks like I should have specified seeing how the situation has turned out.I usually don’t comment here, I’m silent reader. So I’m not used to posting here.

  2. I do hope Kwak Dong Yeon graduates from playing second lead roles.An actor who has versatility, charisma and looks like him should be playing lead roles.Why cant FNC(his agency) see that?

    Also Yoo Seung Ho dear lets start picking projects that elevate your career not regress it.I get he wants to do light hearted dramas.Thats fine.He has good comedic timing and he does romance well.But school/teen dramas at his age and his acting skills is just a bit…He is 25..there are plenty of 90liners some rookie some experienced but verified actresses who can match him in visual and acting skill.Do rom-com with them!!

    • I think the opposites of u…I only remember him being in heavy dramas with heavy roles n sometimes older roles. So, when he took on I Am Not A Robot, I think it’s like a breath of fresh air…I’d like him to continue doing so but not totally leaving out the heavy roles, but I dont mind him wanting to focus on lighter roles. He should be versatile. We know he was good in serious roles, so we should see him in lighter roles too…As for the role as a high school student, does he play as a high school student here? I’m not fond of it too but maybe we should see it first before judging..

      • The problem is that although he has been an actor since young he hasn’t had many lead roles. His only memorable role as a lead is from Remember…. All the main heartthrobs are away in the army at this moment, He should have been 1st in line to fill their absence, yet he’s not, because he keeps choosing roles that makes it harder to see him as a Heartthrob and not just a child star. He’s going back to school when he should be wooing the viewers in order to obtain a proper following.

      • I think he simply has bad luck/eye in choosing scripts.
        Ruler could have been a huge hit like Moonlight and elevated him to heart throb status but the script was not good.
        That robot drama really flopped hard despite good reviews. I think the cast beside him was too nugu to attract viewers.

      • The problem is he doesn’t evolve as an actor. The more he acts the more dull his acting gets but KDY on the other hand just gets better with every role no matter how small. I would rather he was the lead because you just know it would be a better drama if he were the lead.

    • First of,i dont want to be misunderstood here as bias to ysh in my opinion any given role to him will be portrayed easily because he’s been acting since he was a kid! He is such a versatile actor!And let us all enjoy the kdramas that are shown each time ,aren’t we happy that this dramas relieves us with some of our stress?

  3. you are right kwak dong yeon is a good actor but yoo seoung ho knows how to act too ,ruler was his only project that the script flopped but people liked it , am not a robot was an interesting drama and had good reviews, if it was on cable it could have done better.

    • Yoo Seung Ho is a good actor.He has proven himself over and over again and everyone(public, critics and professionals) acknowledge him for his acting skill.I also think he is good at his craft.But he could end up in trap like fellow former child-actors Lee Hyun Woo and Yeo Jin Goo because of the way he is choosing his projects lately.I think “I am a Robot” would have still flopped if it was on cable because one, they air late imagine if it was at 11pm on OCN or JTBC or even if it aired on primetime 9pm on TVN.Their target audience is 20-45.Robot/Sci-fi dramas seem not to vibe with the ahjummas.Remember Seo Kang Joon’s also didnt do well.I just feel like he has a lot of potential to make milestones in his career and he deserves better.But I wish him all the best.

      • I agree with you. Doing rom coms and teens dramas will further trap him in his child actor image. He fought vigourously to shed it off with dark and heavy dramas, thus I don’t understand his decision to do a school drama. He can do comedy without doing rom coms or school dramas. I also noticed he is playing with extremes : it is either rom com or melo. I hope he will soon do “middle range dramas ” that will help him to have a following. I’m not sure whether I am not a Robot would have been a flop on cable TV though. At least it would have done slightly better. It is easier to achieve good ratings on cable than on the big 3 channels.

  4. I really like him, he has an aura but his roles are forgetable. And … i feel the haters coming but before his enlistment he made a great impression with his role in “I miss you” . I remember then that a lot of actresses ( older and younger ones ) choose him as the actor they wanted to work with . And i’m a little disapointed by the fact that (he kind of) missed a great comeback . But th most important thing for an actor is getting roles . I hope that he ‘ll get a chance to shine even more. Perhaps with this role ? Who knows ?

    • I’m happy as i have dramas with him, Yoon Eun Hye, Hyun Bin, park shin Hye, Jung kyung Ho, Choi jin hyuk, Jang Nara, Jung So Min, Sig, … but i miss Moon Geun Young .

    • I agree with you on your assessment. PreMS, he seems to have the potential of being on a different level post-MS. He may have sketchy choices preMS (he was trying roles older than him and it was still awkward), but his child actor fame was still there to cushion him. Post-MS, either he was overshadowed (Remember), fell flat of the expectation (story and ratings; Ruler and Robot), and as a result, he gets roles but he doesn’t seem to get priority.

  5. I dont think Yoo Seung Ho’s previous roles are forgettable. Definitely not Yeo Woon from Warrior Baek Dong Soo (who was the true hero of the show if he hadnt just died damn) and Harry from Missing You. Even though I hated the endings to the core,I still love them to bits. I’d rather see him doing those kind of a roles with well timed comedy in between and happy ending rather than a senseless Out and out romcom.I’m Not a Robot and Ruler would have flopped anyway because lets face it the scripts were plainly mediocre and uninteresting.I didnt get any fresh air to be honest and moreover his changed looks post army shocked me amd I found it very difficult to get used to his new looks.Sigh I still miss the Pre Military Service Yoo Seung Ho. I dont fibd that old connection after his MS. Oppa whats got into you lately? please choose wisely pretty please.These kind of roles wont do anything good to your career.Wishing you luck and hoping for the best.

    • Agree, Post MS his looks had changed alot, shocked me too in I am Not A Robot.Harry Yeo Woon,Baek Ho and post MS Jin Woo would always be more close to my heart (Harry and Yeo Woon were undeniably more powerful roles of his). Sigh I’m still waiting to come across a powerful show of his again. Lets just pray that this show turns out to be good.

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