Park Min Young Points Her Camera Not at Kim Jae Wook in Drama Poster for Her Private Life

What a funny poster for tvN rom-com Her Private Life. I love the calm blue-hued background but am chuckling at the misdirected fangirling by lead Park Min Young. She’s got her camera trained at some far off idol boy with male lead Kim Jae Wook standing next to her vogueing as naturally as the air he breaths. She needs to turn that lens to the right and snap away. This drama poster still evokes too much of Park Min Young’s last drama Why Secretary Kim, except her hair is in a low pony rather than high pony, but she was just so charming and made her character much more layered by performance I’m confident she can carve out uniqueness in this role as well.


Park Min Young Points Her Camera Not at Kim Jae Wook in Drama Poster for Her Private Life — 12 Comments

  1. I already set this poster as my wallpaper. They look comfortable with each other. Haha.. Please come faster April!!!

  2. KJW really has a strong visual (those sharp jawlines) and could rival any other famous k-actors. I also find his features similar to most J-actors.

    Good thing that she has an alternate persona here where she can express a diff kind of character from that of an office girl.

  3. The only thing that makes this drama different from any of her previous dramas is that KJW is not a chocolate boy and looks absolutely smoldering next to her. He’s the only reason I would even think of watching yet another silly fluff drama despite reaching a saturation point with TYH.

    • @joanna Can you please clarify what ‘chocolate boy’ means please? Sorry I really don’t know what that is and too true I would watch only for Adonis KJW too but yeah nah will read the updated posts here instead.

  4. Park Min young- congratulations! I love watching you in Healer, what’s wrong with secretary kim,,,,
    It’s going to be good to see you again in this new drama!

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