C-netizens Bring to Light How New C-drama A New Home Blatantly Copied the Opening Credits of K-drama Her Private Life

There is a Chinese saying that the elbow point inward, and it means that a person will tend to support/favor those closest to him/her and it usually means family. For example, a parent will say that their precious child did nothing wrong despite the facts. C-netizens go crazy on certain things that are so apt with this saying, but it’s not on everything. On stuff that isn’t impinging on their nationalism/pride then C-netizens can be quite harsh on their own misconduct. Case in point – blatant copying of other countries’ entertainment offerings whether drama/tv show/movie/print/song. The latest is the direct lifting of K-drama Her Private Life opening credits for C-drama A New Home, which I would never have known about but for C-netizens bringing it to light and castigating their own brethren in the production team of that drama. It’s wild to me that people will still try to copy in such a blatant way, borrowing elements sure but wholesale lifting makes no sense because in this internet connected age plenty of fans of random stuff will come across copying and make the connection easily.

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Second Leads Play Tackle Thwarting Blossoming Romance Between Leads in Her Private Life Episode 8

tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life is like a meal that we’ve all eaten before but done exquisitely right. There are misunderstandings and hidden secrets, pretend kisses and imagery kisses, and now plotting second leads giving out false information to … Continue reading