K-netizens Express Condolences and Regret After Sulli’s Passing

It’s easy to just point fingers, much more important to look at the entire picture. Young idol-actress Sulli (Choi Jin Ri) committed suicide on October 14th after spending over a decade in the entertainment world first as a child actress and later as an idol member of f(x) and finally back to being an actress and solo singer. Her looks was universally praised by K-ent, who loved her baby face, but her free spirit, need for validation, and off-kilter behavior was constantly criticized by netizens. She just wasn’t packaged to survive in K-ent and the saddest thing was her entry into the industry happened when she was too young to decide for herself that she should remain a private person so she could be the person she wanted to be and behave the way she wanted without any commentary. Some critiques of Sulli were valid like a mom would say (bad outfit, underage drinking, poor dating choices) but most were crossing the line into personal attacks on her character and judgment, and ultimate she may not have been equipped to deal with criticism of her whether valid or totally unacceptable. It was all bad on her mental state and such a sadness to see her choose the final way out. I think the only takeaway netizens need to do is to STOP slicing into the personal choices and innocuous slip ups of celebrities and given them room to live.


K-netizens Express Condolences and Regret After Sulli’s Passing — 17 Comments

  1. Yes netizens also you (ockoala) and the people on this forum included. People take a huge dig on celebrities here as well even if they are i fans. Learn to respect that you don’t personally know an individual to criticise someone’s persoanl life unless they committed a crime or harmed someone else.

    • This is so sad. I always felt that all the stars deserve encouragement rather than critique. I have a soft spot for Sulli after watching her in To The Beautiful You. I never once judge her coz I felt she never harm anyone. I think she is a pure soul.. my deepest condolences. Beautiful Sulli, you are now free from worldly constraints and standards…

    • i really like her since fx .love to see them and sulli herself.Always remember how i adored her,jinyoung kara ,miss a suzi,jiyeon tiara .they are so pretty and energetic in their era.sulli so cute and were looking so happy but deep inside she struggle.rip to sulli.my second generation of kpop?#tothebeautifulyou

  2. I feel so sad when I read about her passing last night. I was bullied in elementary school so I understand that the pressure must be much greater on her to be living in the public eye, being constantly judged.. I agree with what koala said and I pray for her friends, family and the k-ent stars.

  3. There is a trending tweets of hypocrite knetz who bashed Sulli before and then tweet condolances and grief over her tragic death.

    This thing happen over and over again. Awhile ago Taeyeon trended because people are worried over her, she lost a close dongsaeng once again now. Like Jonghyun and Sulli, she has always been open with her mental health struggle.

    But as seen before, most people only symphatize with her for awhile before they start calling her names again. In fact there are already comments telling her to join her two bestfriends. Ugh, people can be so heartless. I hope SM really do something this time. Sue those haters for real, not just as an empty threat.

  4. Sulli, you beautiful, please Rest In Peace. You are so beautiful and so fresh, just like in Hotel De Luna, you will start your next life happy . You deserve much much better.
    Sulli before being a famous idols, she is also someone’s friend, someone’s daughter and family member.
    People, please be nice, restraint your words. This could have happened to your friends, your family, your favorite idols, actors, actresses.
    There is a thin line between constructive criticism vs bashing, and bullies.

  5. Sadly this “regret” from knetz will only last temporarily. They will be back at again with baseless hate towards celebs in no time.

    RIP in Sulli. You were an inspiration and a much needed outspoken figure for women’s rights in the conservative K-ent industry. You will be missed dearly.

  6. Also, I want to point out that this site isn’t any better than toxic k netizens and journalists. Some of the articles meant to spark hatred as well as the trash/low-blow comments, especially towards female idols and actresses, are some of the worst among international drama blogs.

    • Yes I agree, this is one of the most toxic international kdrama sites. Many of the comments are downright vicious and vitriolic.

      • 100% agree. I’ve been mainly a lurker on this site for a while, but it still shocks me how toxic some comments on here are. At least with sites like DB, majority of the comments are constructive criticism, but here there are personal attacks and just pure hatred, especially towards the “popular” females like SHK, PSH, Yoona, IU, Suzy, etc.

      • @K – we cannot compare this site to DB anymore. DB is still mostly about drama reviews. But this site has evolved to mainly artist news. There is no longer anymore drama reviews in this site which I have mostly missed. Sometimes the comments are a direct reflection of the content of the article. However it is being written by the blogger, the comments will follow… Whether it is more toxic than Twitter, you’ll be the judge.

  7. This is so sad. Really thought she was mentally strong because she was the MC for a hate comment show. She was recently cast in season 2 of Persona for Netflix. It still doesn’t seem like people are learning from this and past incidents, sadly they will find other targets.

  8. Changing the rules to stop this is not enough..This is a world wide scurge and it seems to be now in the very fabric of our society.We as a people need to change to fix this insidious problem rules are only a bandage.

  9. You all in here , and you too op , insulting , belitting and malicious comments on Suzy !!!

    Remember she’s stuggling too , to persevere too for her and for her family .
    Don’t forget Kindness goes a long way

    • I don’t speak for anyone but Please do Not include you ALL in this thread insulting the actress you mentioned, because I Never and did NOT, please respect the person mentioned in this article. Thank you.

    • Why are you blaming everyone here? Btw I’ve never insulted Suzy, I try to be civil and I don’t even up vote bad comments because of that because I would feel bad about supporting such.

  10. Most korean fans are i think possessive. To the point that you dictate your idols behaviour how they dress, etc..I think that if you admire an artists you have to accept their personality and individuality and focus more on their talents rather than invading their personal lives. I saw a news on korean tv that a korean fan was shouting at Jungkook to cut his long hair. I was astounded, in a civilised world why would you dictate someone to cut his hair even if he is your idol.Thats his personality and thats what he wants as long as he is not trumpling on someone else’s shoe. Lots of korean artists already committed suicide because of depression brought about by korean culture society. I think something needs to change where a society focused only on money, power, beauty and perfection. Sometimes a society needs to be more caring, humane, compassionate,
    And looks more to someones talent and ability rather than physical beauty and outward perfection.
    RIP to Sulli, Jonghyun, and to all kpop artists who had taken their own lives.” Be kind to one another, Never be judgemental” . We after all are all humans. No one is perfect.

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