Love Like the Galaxy Finishes Official Run Releasing Last Batch of Stills and Cast Attends Wrap Party to Deliver Adorkable Feels

My Love Like the Galaxy babies are back to being actual babies again! Wu Lei looks like all the weight of the world is off his shoulders and his supreme dork self is out in full force and Zhao Lu Si is just the cutest ball of sunshine ever. I finished LLTG two weeks ago as the production released the final ten episodes for subscribers willing to pay more, but for VIP subscribers the run ended today on the normal two episodes a day for three days a week schedule. With the formal finish, the cast this week also attended the wrap party and the pictures are too heartwarming not to sure. We Lei looks like he sauntered out of his room after gaming for 72 hours and wandered into the wrap party while Lu Si has casual chic down pat. A lot more cast members attended then the VIP finale live stream and I spy with my eye princes, a princess, a bestie with the mostie, shafted second lead, fetus third lead, and kickass queen and mom. The production also released a lot more new stills in these past two weeks including commemorative wrap to airing stills of most of the leads. It brings back such warm and fuzzies and honestly without LLTG this would have been a meh summer for me in terms of drama consumption. For all the summer 2022 C-dramas, LLTG also took the top spot in multiple buzz tracking categories (see below).


Love Like the Galaxy Finishes Official Run Releasing Last Batch of Stills and Cast Attends Wrap Party to Deliver Adorkable Feels — 53 Comments

  1. You should watch love between fairy n devil too, i dont expect it is that good.i dont really like yu shu xin voice n style (cutesy+spoiled type), n Dylan wang’s acting is so so. So i don’t even bother to check it at first, until i come across with their clips on douyin.

    • LBFAD was easily the best drama to air this year and both actors delivered above and beyond. I don’t know why this blog refuses to acknowledge the brilliance of the drama but it has huge buzz internationally and domestically. I doubt any drama Xanxia or otherwise will ever come close to its brilliance. It’s a definite classic and legendary.

      • classic legendary? what nonsense. its not even near to classic xianxia. the show is popular the same as lltg but both are not considered as EXPLOSIVE HIT in china, only popular. so you can keep your opinion to yourself. let this blogger do what she wants to do. this is her blog not you. feel free to do your own blog and write about your drama dont begging people to write on something that they have no interest on. emberassing

      • I don’t understand why a blogger has to write about a drama so not related. You can start your own blog!

      • I just hope people here stop comparing Love Like The Galaxy to Love Between Fairy & Devil, first of all the genre is very different. LLTG is historical & family drama, LBFAD is xianxia. Why comparing the two dramas? lBFAD should compete to Immortal Samsara coz they are same xianxia..😂😂 And if LBFAD is that popular internationally, how come I only saw few posts about it ? Both dramas are great,I just cant continue to watch LBFAD because of FL voice. Its sooo cringey..😅😅

    • I liked esther yu in I’ve fallen in love but a fan like this makes me allergic to her.

      Please don’t shove your drama to us who are still in the process of moving on from LLTG. You’re making YOUR drama look pathetic.

    • Im having a struggle watching LBFD. I cant stand the overly cute FL, too darn annoying. It’s just too much. The story is dragging, not interesting. DNF on episode 18. Meanwhile LLG i keep watching it over and over again. It was THAT GOOD, so engaging. Rosy Zhao is amazing! This is the second Rosy’s drama i’ve watched

      • If anything LBFaD didn’t drag. It went by very quick. But for sure the FL is your typical goody-two-shoes cdrama FLs that have been promoted lately. Except for that LBFaD was really really good and got a 7.8 on Douban (extremely good for a xuanxia). And I find it weird how ockoala talked about other cdramas Douban ratings this year but is trying so hard and act as if LBFaD douban ratings ain’t out now. Prejudice cause it was a direct contender to LLTG ? Maybe yes. At the end of the day blogger or not we are all human beings.

      • I agree with you. The time in Shuiyuntian and him discretely staying with her felt so long to me. I feel bad since I think it’s Esther’s actual voice, but her cutesy voice really annoys me. I think her acting is serviceable but nothing extraordinary. I watched her in Youth With You 2 and came to like her real life over the top personality. But her character is so irritatingly innocent and stupid. I know she’s basically a baby fairy so I’m hoping she grows up and gets better. Dylan is doing a pretty good job, and the voice actor they used for him adds to the maturity of the character. I just started this drama but haven’t felt the need to watch even though all episodes are out. I started LLTG when 32 episodes were out and I binge watched it in one weekend, then kicked myself for finishing it all because I got impatient for new episodes lol.

  2. I wouldn’t have watched this if Koala have not written the lengthy post praising this drama and I am so glad I checked this out even if I am more of a korean drama watcher. Once I started watching, I just had to see what happens next. I love love the romance between the leads and visually they look really great together. This is my fave drama of this year so far. I just don’t know what to watch next after this cos I want the same feels….

    Btw, Wu Lei without the ancient hair doesn’t look like Ling Buyi.

    • same here… I watched LLTG due to koala early post on LLTG… I am also hocked with the story line and the character in the drama. From Buyi, Shaoshang even to the emperor …. Really a good companion for this summer…

  3. Please this post is about LLTG, do not reply or comment about another drama.

    Hopefully they will release a director’s cut

    Btw… Is Zhao Lusi a workhorse? Like she’s got at least five or six dramas in WeTV app.

    • Yup. On a variety she did say now is the time to work hard. Shes filming Hidden Love, flew to Beijing for the wrap up party and flew back. No signs of slowing down. Im waiting for Hu tong where she plays opposite of Neo Huo.

      • i love Neo in A Girl Like Me!!!

        They’ll look good. I forgot about Kdramas when I started costume Cdramas.

    • Good effort! Thank you for trying to keep the focus on what this post is about. It’s not about bashing or bringing in another drama. This is a post about mutual respect and appreciation of LLTG.

      Both do look young here. It’s draining to travel, and Leo’s flight was the only one into the region that wasn’t cancelled. Fans feasted on this as a sign that it’s meant to be. Very happy that they got to enjoy time together and we got these photos and some other photos posted by Lusi.

      LLTG is the highlight of this year for me. Really hope the director be able to release the chopped episodes.

  4. “Multiple buzz tracking categories”, is that why you had to screenshot a unsourced comment from goodness knows which Douban forum claiming that LLTG mogs the other 2 dramas (this is so shameful because that comment ia claiming Yunhe data is wrong when it’s the only neutral source), instead of posting vieweship data from neutral government approved data websites like Yunhe? Even if you ignore Yunhe, it’s obvious that Koala is so childish she has to claim her favourite drama is better using unsourced data like a 5 year old. LLTG has a Douban rating of 7.6, Douban votes 415k and counting, Douban group membership 60.9k. Immortal Samsara has a Douban rating 5.9, Douban votes 448k and counting, Douban group membership 47k. CangLanJue’s Douban rating is 7.8, Douban votes 413k and counting, Douban group membership 89k. All 3 dramas have around the same number of votes (all 400k/+) but Immortal Samsara is rated worse while LBFAD is rated higher and also got praised by Cctv6 like LLTG. The main difference is that the Immortal Samsara group forum is pretty dead, the LLTG group is full of CP fans and the LBFAD forum is most active due to the plot, OST, people who wanted more happy ending scenes. All in all given the amount of investment and anticipation, LBFAD is the only drama to exceed expectations (LBFAD put in the least money, maybe half or less than LLTG or IS, and did not cast popular actors like Leo, Lusi or Yangzi).

    The LBFAD OST itself has 2 songs with 1 million likes on Chinese platforms which will help makes it something of a xianxia classic. I’m not sure if the LLTG OST is as popular but I liked the Immortal Samsara OST even if the show was boring. There is really no need to be so bitter to the point of screenshotting a random comment off Douban that you can’t source or date.

    • Pretty sure Netflix picking up LBFAD over LLTG even before the drama ended is a clear sign as to which one is more popular. But even objectively speaking LBFAD is the superior drama even though both are good.

      • netflix is also airing the blue whisper, immortal samsara, and who rules the world, all of which were not as successful or critically favored as lltg. how do you explain that?

        y’all talking as if netflix airing lbfad is a sign of its success are truly ignorant about how international licensing works. educate yourself first before spewing nonsense like this to gloat.

      • lmaoooo why this particular drama fans are so triggered by koala ? lmao as expected from their fans 🤣

      • Netflix is not the only platform in the world, it has actually lost a lot of subscribers to Disney. LBFAD might have sold it out dirt cheap. Do not compare! The two dramas are of different genres.

      • There’s not only one reason why some Chinese dramas are not on Netflix, you know? First reason is as you say, a drama does not have enough demand. Second reason could be that the Chinese web platform views a certain drama as one of its exclusive dramas that can pull in alot of subscribers and does not want to share its exclusive broadcasting rights. The third reason is that a drama is very popular and the Chinese web platform is charging its competitors very high if they want to share the broadcasting rights.


  5. She better work hard while still young and amass lots of money.cnets are really critical of their female stars beauty,look what happen to yang zi in immortal samsara,they bash her for her looks,and she’s only 30

  6. Yes, I am so in love with LLTG.
    Both Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si are great actors.
    Their chemistry is off the charts.
    Love how the director was even rooting for them. Hehehe!!

  7. Koala, there’s new group photo from lusi’s weibo. Looks like they meet up again in another place after wrap up party. It’s cute.

  8. This has been the hardest goodbye to a drama since I don’t know when. LLtG surprised me with a truly splendid Summer which made it too difficult to let go. YiShang couple definitely takes the top spot in my heart with no competition, and may probably stay that way for a long time. Thank you Ms. Koala for providing this space for us to gush about this drama. Our LLtG-watching experience would not have been this awesome had it not been for your various posts.

  9. This was my favorite drama all year. I love all the characters despite their flaws. The main couple especially. While Niao Niao had her moments of stupidity, I admire her independence and strong willed nature. I’m so sad that it ended. I really wished I could see the Emperor making them hold a fancy wedding and little babies running around. However, I am grateful for the ending. In the grand scheme of things, not too many deaths. Im so used to old cdrama killing off half the cast lol.

  10. This was a good drama to watch. I am happy I caught it.

    Why is it that your readers these days are so argumentative? I don’t meant to insult you but surely there are other bloggers around. Why do they continue to come in and then all they do is dictate what you should and should not do on your own personal blog? If they are that dedicated then somewhere else which has their own viewpoints. Its mentally tiring seeing them.

    It all comes down to personal tastes isn’t it? I love certain novels but I don’t go around bashing another famous work just because I can’t be bothered to read it. Its just not my thing. So no matter how much someone bashes my novel I ain’t going to check it out. Especially if its not my genre. In fact it makes me more leery of people who try to ram their tastes down someone else’s throats. Go watch your other drama. Just go. Leave the rest of us to enjoy what we watch. Go gush over that drama on another blog and blogger who loves it then.

    In the meantime I am happy I have watched it and laughed and cried over it. Plus curse a lot over it.

  11. WuLu is my fave CP!!!! I dont give a f about douban score. It’s all about preference. If you like it, watch it. Dont like it, leave it.

    I love Galaxy more than other dramas that airing this year.
    1. There was no foolishly innocent female lead. Sorry, 2022 and There’s still someone like this? Wake up! CSS wasnt perfect, but she had brain to think, and could protect herself.
    2. I love that Buyi was ‘that man’. He loved her but he didnt forget who he really was.
    3. Not everything about black and white. There was grey in the middle.
    There were two or three bad guys but not too villainous. Plus, they learned their lessons. Thanks to our smart leads. Lol
    4. Not a perfect love but it was a happy ending.

    Seeing their ‘modern’ pic… ah please starring in a new modern drama. Gu man mao bao fei bao have many novels that havent been on small screen. Probably, a drama adaptation with these two. Lol

  12. koala is not wrong. lltg DID top several buzz tracking charts such as vlinkage, datawin, maoyan, etc. through its run. wu lei/ling buyi was the most buzzy actor/character this summer topping the vlinkage chart almost everyday while it was airing, and breaking 9 points even more times than xiao zhan. zhao lusi/shaoshang broke 9 points a record number of times too.

    honestly, you are the childish one going on and on about how koala is ignoring lbfad in every lltg post. your favorite drama has done well. you can celebrate but don’t shit on others to prop your favorite up. like lltg, lbfad has topped a lot of charts too, and its success is clear, so why do you feel the need to constantly come to this blog (that has no bearing in the grand scope of c-entertainment news) and complain about the blog owner not talking about lbfad? koala is just not interested in your little drama. what’s not clicking?? and nitpicking over a gap of 0.2 points like that makes a world of difference?? it shows nothing but insecurity on your part, like the only way you can feel validated in your love for lbfad is to claim it’s better than everything else.

    and unlike koala, you yourself made many exaggerated and false claims. lbfad is an S class drama, which is the highest production designation from iqiyi. it’s not the poor little drama that could as you’re implying. that pretty cgi ain’t cheap. also, wu lei and zhao lusi are not liulangs. wu lei is fairly well known bc he is a good actor who has been in the business for a long time, but neither of their fandoms have the systematic support that liulangs do. in contrast, esther yu IS actually a liulang, so lbfad had a leg up in that regard. what other lies have you fed yourself and others around you to feel superior? the more you post here, the more embarrassing you’re making this for yourself. pls grow up.

    • agreed with everything you say but esther is not liuliang. she is considered one of 95 flowers (those representative actress that born after 1995) along with zhao lusi.

      • i read that she had a major following like a traffic star bc of her idol show background, but maybe that wasn’t right.

    • Esther acted a little bit before she participated in Youth With You 2. Arguably YWY2 helped her increase her recognition significantly since it was a very popular show and the group that formed from the show, THE9, was also quite popular. No where near the level of NinePercent but pretty high up there compared with all the groups that have been formed from this kind of variety show. I haven’t watched anything with her in it except LBFaD so far, and I think her acting is average/acceptable. I find Zhao Lusi to be a better actress. This is my personal opinion. Don’t come at me crazy LBFAD fans.

  13. can’t believe people are arguing about LLTG and LBFAD here too. *insert eyeroll* they’re not even of a similar genre and besides, why can’t people accept that each has its good and bad points and everyone has their own taste and right to choose? and this is koala’s blog, she can post what she wants. If you want LBFAD content, go look for another blog?
    I for one will be starting LBFAD on netflix when it airs in september because everyone is raving about it, but I don’t wanna pay for another streaming platform other than tencent which I use more regularly. As for LLTG, I followed LLTG from the very beginning and have become firm fans of both leads, especially Zhao Lusi. AND the director. Gosh, Director Fei is adorable and I love his aesthetic and storytelling style as well as some super smooth camera work and transitions and the LIGHTING! Oh my god, there were some moments of movie quality magic in there.
    anyway! koala, zhaolusi posted new photos from the part2 of their celebratory dinner! super cute!

    • Ohhh, my babies, my drama. Gonna rewatch this after I finish LBFAD. Oh yeah, Wu Lei came back to being his natural adorable baby look. Not gonna miss him that much longer coz he has drama with Zhou Yutong Nothing but You.For Lusi, I think she has with Allen Ren,if Im not mistaken.

    • Ikr, these two are different genre, no point of comparison.They have different strengths but both are have great plots thats the similarity.

  14. Excellent drama with a superb cast. ML & FL of coz are great, but all supporting cast is flawless. It is interesting to see them in regular clothes and smiling happily. Beautiful wrap up photos everyone! Wish to see the wedding and hopefully a sequel with their second generation. Read that the daughter of 081+33 will marry the son of Yuen… wonder their daughter will be as feisty and cute as 33… 🙂

  15. damn what is it about love like the galaxy that ruffles these people’s feathers so much. they can’t stand to see other shows being as successful as their favorite. how pathetic.

    someone said wu lei looks like he stepped out to buy groceries and now i can’t unsee that. we love an everyday casual look! this cast and crew were like lightning in a bottle. they made magic happen especially when you consider they were bumped up by several months and not ready for premiere. lltg will forever hold a special place in my heart.

      • Thank you for telling me Mimi. The show love with fairy and devil wasn’t my cup of tea. Something about it give me a cringed sensation. If it popular that is good. However, this blog about LTG why comment about fairy and devil?

  16. This drama is so good, everything from the leads to all the supporting cast. A must watch! Great to see everyone so relaxed, happy and in regular clothes. Love love love 🙂

  17. This melodramatic historical/romantic soap opera was so much fun to watch. If you don’t take it too seriously and get through the 1st four episodes you will be utterly captivated. From the over the top action scenes, biggest bunch of mean girls ever who eventually get their comeuppance, gorgeous visuals, lots of revengeful subplots, good acting and a leading couple oozing sexual chemistry which all lead to a reasonably satisfying ending (I would have liked a wedding and wedding night to be honest to have made it perfect). I only have two criticisms one is that there were many missed moments where a great big passionate kiss would have been nice. Second FL musings about love, marriage and being true to herself were illogical at times. I wanted to shake her a few times. Not wanting to forgive him because he would not let her die with him made no sense to me. Nevertheless, as long as you accept the nonsense of all it was so much fun.

    • Agreed, I loved LLTG, Wu lei , cinematography, supporting cast, pace everything but I just could not empathize with the FL overblown sense of grievance in the latter part of the drama (I was actually rooting for her in the beginning), it really took my viewing pleasure away..I would have liked someone else play the FL , who could interpret headstrong and confident without being petulant and immature.

  18. Congratulations to LLTG! Can’t wait for them to received their well deserved awards! Rn I’m just waiting for Zhao Lusi pending projects to air.. Hutong might air this month ! Also I’m rewatching TROTAR. ☺️♥️

  19. Lusi looks so tired poor thing, but very happy. Can’t wait to see her new drama Hidden Love!

    Wu Lei looks like he’s still promoting Peak with those slippers. It’s okay, he looks very energetic lol.

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