Amuse Releases Statement Confirming Miura Haruma Already Laid to Rest and a Public Memorial Will be Held at Later Time When Its Safe

Saying goodbye to Miura Haruma is still so surreal, especially with how quickly this terrible tragedy has finished its news cycle. Two days after Haruma’s passing on July 18th, he was laid to rest by his family in a private funeral on July 20th. His agency Amuse released a statement that a future public memorial for his fans will be held when it’s safe to congregate post COVID-19. Normally Japan is not a country that has a lot of discussion on mental health and suicide but Haruma’s passing has led to increased focus on these topics. It hasn’t all been positive, apparently the Japanese media coverage has delved into revealing the specific details of his passing, showing pictures of his home, etc., all things that are against WHO guidelines on reporting on suicide. I hope anyone reading on Haruma’s passing had emotional outlets to discuss the sadness and also know they can reach out to their own country/city suicide resources and hotlines.


Amuse Releases Statement Confirming Miura Haruma Already Laid to Rest and a Public Memorial Will be Held at Later Time When Its Safe — 86 Comments

  1. It really hit me so hard, I grow up watching his movies and doramas. I’m so sad that just looking at a Japanese commercial with a male model reminding me of him, I know it’s sound exaggerated but it’s true though.

  2. I’m still shocked with his passing. He was one of the Japanese actors I loved. When I think of him, I always think of him smiling because of his beautiful smile.

    I hope he is now resting in peace and happier where he is.

  3. Something is fishy how his agency and this whole Japanese entertainment industry wanted to bury his passing quickly asap and pretended nothing happened. Maybe it is Japanese culture or so what. Wasn’t he a superstar? His huge fandom is still mourning.

      • Moreover, when Amuse first released his passing news, they said they made disappointed to all fans and apologized. It sounds so fake to me. How could they apologize over someone’s suicide unless they’re not at fault?
        There are still many rumors around his passing.

      • I agree. His friends have all said that he was not someone who was suicidal. He had several projects going, and he has many friends and fans. I wish that I could be there to investigate things. I’m devastated and can not wrap my head around this at all.

    • I don’t like how Amuse is handling these things too. They had been with him for many years. They should have treated him well when he was alive. Now, I’m losing trust to the whole J-entertainment Industry. Even his co-stars and friends wanted to let it go. It’s so suspicious. What’s exactly happened? Probably We’ll never know.

    • Right! Something bothered me that why they still won’t release his suicide note(or not at all). Maybe they are protecting him and his family coz it may caused more hate by j-netizens. I wish Japan is more open.

      • Why isn’t his suicide note published yet? It has been 5 days. In South Korea, they released Jonghyun and Sulli’s notes right away.
        If it’s not, the whole situation could be more suspicious and his death would be mystery.

      • I agree. His friends have all said that he was not someone who was suicidal. He had several projects going, and he has many friends and fans. I wish that I could be there to investigate things. I’m devastated and can not wrap my head around this at all.

  4. Haruma Miura and Shun Oguri are only Japenese names I know. Haruma was one of those people who made J-movies/dramas to be well-known. I’ve seen a lot of foreign people were into Japanese Culture because of Haruma. I somehow see now Amuse actually mistreating and wasting him. Rest in Peace Haruma! Japan failed you

  5. He is so good in the drama called the hours of my life he play the role of a guy who has a als disease i was amazed the way he played that role. Gone too soon. You’ll always be missed

  6. Now, I don’t have any reason to watch japenese movies and dramas anymore. Coz he is unreplaceable for me. He is the one who initiated japenese movies to me. I always love him. Rest in Peace ?

  7. 30 is too young to die. It is surprising to know that he had been in the acting industry for 23 years. He must have been suffered all rain and fire. Hope he rest peacefully.

  8. This is really sad that another great actor gone too soon because he didn’t survive the battle with his own mind.
    He was so charismatic on screen and acted so well. You’ll be missed. Haruma

  9. When I read about his father interview, It is even sadder. His parents were divorced since he was young. He probably lived alone since then. Recently before he died, he and his father met after 20 years. His father has a serious disease. Now, his father is mourning and devastated that Haruma left before him.

  10. Rest In Peace Haruma. I am so sorry and sad. You are an amazing human being for this world and thanks for bringing so many wonderful memories for all fans including me.

  11. I could not possibly imagine how much suffering he had to put up with. He chose this road. It struck my heart so hard when I knew he left all of us. R.I.P

  12. Haruma, Did you become part of the “sky” now? The only comforting thing for me is that you can be in heaven without sorrow or bitterness.
    We will always love you.

  13. Dear Haruma, You are such an angel and you will be missed by all of us. I hope in the next life if such thing exists, you can have happier and healthier life. Your pain are all gone now. You are forever in our hearts and minds. I always pray for you.

  14. I am heartbroken by his passing. I’ve been trying to process this but it’s really difficult to accept he’s gone at such a young age.

    • I have been a huge fan of Miuras’ work for years & always looked forward to his new projects.
      He will surely be missed. RIP Miura Haruma ?

  15. I have been a huge fan of Miuras’ work for years & always looked forward to his new projects. He will surely be missed. RIP Miura Haruma ?

  16. I loved him back then and still love him now. He was so unique as an actor. Every role he chose was different from the previous. I’m going to miss him so much and hope that he is in a better place now. The one thing I regret is not being able to help in some way. It’s always so heart breaking when you think about you could have done for someone when they are at their lowest. ?

  17. He’s the only japanese actor that i liked a lot.The way he smile makes my day wonderful.I’m shocked when i first see on tiktok that haruma miura died.Tiktok and watching kdrama,cdrama and jdrama is the only way i cope depression.When i was on my younger age i experience depression.There’s no one on ur side,no one to talk to,no friends. I’m happy when i’m in school but when i got home it’s like ur in the world of so many problem,no one can understand ur feelings even ur parents,and there was a time i decided to kill myself,I cry a lot and shout,to feel ease.Even now my deppression is still there but I make myself consuciuos about handling ur depression.

  18. I got to know him through Kimi ni Todoke and Koizora. He was such a great actor with cheerful personality. I never knew he would suffered something like this. It’s so sad to see someone gone like this. Rest in Peace ??

  19. South Korea and Japan have the highest rate of suicide. Maybe it’s because of their culture. Killing yourself is a sign of honor and bravery for them according to the documentary I’ve watched on YouTube. That’s their ideology and principles in life.

  20. Rest in piece miura, You have always been one of my favorite actors and you helped me though so many hard parts of my life, even when i wanted to end it all.

  21. Still can’t believe this! I mean this man is literally my first ever crush in the whole Japanese entertainment industry, the initial reason why I started watching Japanese dramas and movies. Such a handsome and talented actor, he’s gone away too soon.

    • I use to not able to watch koizora for 2nd time becos he died there. Now i will always be reminded that he left us for real.

  22. We all need to be reminded to reach out to those who may be silently suffering from depression, especially during this stay at home during this pandemic. Reach out to your family and friends. Let them know that you are there for them.

  23. When someone we love dies, there is no way to avoid sadness and have an emptiness in the heart, but we have the peace and comfort in the hearts. He will always be in our hearts, was and will be an excellent actor???

  24. This is so sad, such a tragic loss of a wonderful, talented soul. I hope his family are ok and they’re getting through this together.
    Rest In Peace ??

  25. I couldn’t believe it at first, now my heart is broken…to lose such a beautiful and kind smile, a wonderful and skill actor is a great loss, I hope and pray you’re in a better place.. I’m gonna miss you and love you forever ?

  26. It was very unexpected, he was really successful and had landed main roles. Then again you never know what problems each person has… wish he had found support… may he rest in peace.

  27. I only watched Japanese movies and dramas if he was in it. He was like all-time fav japenese actor. I’m still in denial. How could you leave like this, Haruma

  28. I’m really sad that he had left us like this, he had so much more he could do and people who really care for him. I wish I could turn back time and help him.
    Rest in peace Sir you were really a wonderful actor

  29. You know one thing his story is like some his famous movie Koizora and drama Never Let Me Go because the ending makes the viewers cry. I love you so much Haruma

  30. My heart is broken ? just overwhelmed with the sad news about your passing… I loved Miura Haruma… A talented actor, handsome young man with a stunning smile… It’s so sad he couldnt find the support he needed to fight… Many blessing, love & strength to his Family & Friends… Rest in love & peace Miura Haruma…
    *Shine Bright Like A Diamond In The Sky*

  31. It was such a sad week for me. I still cannot accept that he is really gone. I keep asking questions like how could he do that? No one was there for him when the time he needed help?
    We need to know the truth about him, like “suicide note” to finally accept his death.

  32. Guys… Do you really think someone like Haruma Miura would take suicide??? He’s always cheerful, he regularly works out, in Instagram he always posted his routine, and posted how he cook himself healthy food and even encourage his fans to have healthy lifestyle. He also onced thanks his followers for making 100.000 followers. How could someone like that commit suicide??? Something so fishy about his death. Do you agree with me?

    • There’s a petition online I saw because so many people think he was actually murdered for inheritance ? he was my first Japanese actor crush, his death caused me to cry for a week. Even now I feel emotional. I wish we could know where he is buried. I would love to send flowers or a donation to the temple/gravesite where he lays. He was such an amazing person and so charitable.

  33. Been wondering what is inside the handwritten letter he left ? Will the police going to show it to public or not ? I’m like many other fans also shocked when I first heard the news. He’s my second crush after Takuya Kimura :((

  34. Does anybody know the location of his final resting place? I mean where is the grave located? I have searched online but couldn’t find. Would love to pay a visit one day. I’m still in disbelief until today.

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