Fans Prepare to Remember Miura Haruma on the One Year Anniversary of His Passing as His Last Films are Posthumously Released This Year in 2021

I recently took my first flight in 20 months and it was a long enough one that I could watch some movies that I know are best consumed as time fillers. One was the most recent Confidence Man offering in the series which started as a dorama and then got an SP, then a first movie, and now a second movie. It’s called The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess and really was extraordinarily stupid and probably is the end of that series. But it had both Miura Haruma and Takeuchi Yuko in cameo roles (from their roles in the previous movie) and both are no longer with us to grace us with their talents onscreen so it felt bittersweet. On Haruma, next week on the 18th it will be his one year anniversary of passing and his agency Amuze is planning a fan memorial. He filmed quite a lot of movies and doramas before he passed and all have been released one by one since then and the final ones Brave: Gunjo Senki where he played a supporting role that came out in March of this year and next month in April the movie Gift of Fire is being released and that he plays a lead role and will also mark the final project of his left to be shown. And lastly, the J-tabloids are reporting that Haruma’s mother is apparently unable to deal with her sadness at his passing in his ashes are still in her possession as she has not laid him to rest, which OMG how awful. His passing will forever remain one of the greatest loses in J-ent and I hope this beautiful talented young man is resting in peace.

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