Production of MBC Drama Gold Spoon Responds to K-netizen Complains About Favoritism with Screen Time

Okay, this one I can totally chime in on! Today there is a K-news story around viewer complaints on MBC weekend drama Gold Spoon which is actually ending this week. It started off better than expected but then proceeded to tread water with a combination of swap lives/rinse-and-repeat as well as like a bajillion gold spoons all around with multiple instances of life swapping, okay maybe just 4 such spoons but that’s 3 too many. The complaint now is that there is favoritism with third male lead Son Woo Hyun getting more screen time at the expense of male lead Yook Sung Jae. It’s funny because it’s second male lead Lee Jong Won who I think has more screen time then I expected but IT’S FINE BECAUSE HE’S AWESOME, great acting and even better has the best character in the drama. If anything Yook Sung Jae should have played the second male lead as that’s the better of the two male characters and Yook Sung Jae is amazing as the scene-stealing second male lead in his past performances such as in School 2015. Anyhoo, the production says the favoritism isn’t true, the cast has been filming well, and does apologize for even giving off this impression to bring forth this complaint.


Production of MBC Drama Gold Spoon Responds to K-netizen Complains About Favoritism with Screen Time — 4 Comments

  1. I thought the complaint was around a behind the scenes clip where they used Yook Sungjae’s name in the clip name, but then he was barely in it? Either way, I think it’s kind of petty to be making a scene about a behind the scenes clip… It’s really a slow news day. This drama did have a lot of potential, but ended up being a disappointment. I have a soft spot for Yook Sungjae, but his character is very poorly written. I love me a complex and grey anti-hero but his character has gotten very unlikeable. The female lead is also relegated to a prop.

  2. Fans complaining about BTS videos… It’s pretty funny.

    The issue with the drama is YSJ’s character, the writer is trying to redeem him when he’s just a jerk and needs to assume it.

    The others characters were ignored by the writer and don’t have any development.

    • He needs to assume the fact that he did all that for him and not to help his poor parents . i don’t know why but Golden Spoon reminds me some characters and themes of Balzac .

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