K-netizens Do Whiplash in Praising Song Kang’s Latest Visuals While Still Lamenting His Prior Acting Performances

I’m glad I have some knowledge of K-pop because I know that groups have a Visual, i.e. the girl or guy who is the best looking but not the best at the actual singing/performing stuff. But in a group it’s fine because the others pick up the other elements, so when it comes to acting one can’t be a Visual alone and not deliver the needed personal performances. I thought K-netizens were by and large totally over Song Kang, every single drama he’s in all I hear is criticism some valid and others seemingly taggling along. So it’s weird to see K-nets fawn over him as they did in his CF appearance this week in Seoul where it’s just gushing about his super small face and incredible body physique. It’s like netizens forget he had all that but still couldn’t act according to them hence all the harping on him. I think he’s actually good enough but got too much exposure too fast and also too hyped so it’s best to ground oneself and start again with solid footing. At least he now knows K-netizens think he’s incredibly good looking when not acting.


K-netizens Do Whiplash in Praising Song Kang’s Latest Visuals While Still Lamenting His Prior Acting Performances — 18 Comments

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  2. He was good in ‘Navillera’ I think he has potential but his agency needs to choose carefully and not jump at every projects that come their way…it’s always good to strike the iron while its hot but in his case, it’s too much. I understand they may also be in hurry because of his coming military enlistment and all but still…

    • Why does every post on this blog devolve into a referendum on Korean people and Korean culture? Like Korean people are the only people in the world who care about the looks of celebrities?

  3. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks song kang is the only kdrama actor to have all have his shows exclusively made on Netflix . Therefore if it’s good enough for Netflix then it should be good enough for everyone else and if not then there’s a simple solution to that. Don’t watch it. Song kang has a lot of fans all around the world who like his acting and has racked billions of views for his shows. In 2021 all of the kdramas he was in (except one) made into the top ten most watched kdramas of last year. People saying it’s only because of his good looks as if most leading kdrama actors aren’t as or if not even more handsome is ridiculous. Song kang is popular because he’s proven to be profitable to Netflix, his fans who love his acting and as well as his handsome face. Anybody else who says it’s only his looks are clearly jealous.

    • Yup. Plus people are forgetting that most actors considered A-listers now were also criticized as being “all looks but can’t act” at the start of their career lol (for example Jo In Sung, love him to bits and he did become a great actor later on, but he was criticized early in his career too)
      People are just drinking too much of that nostalgia juice that they believe the older generation of actors were miles better and didn’t benefit from their good looks lol.

      Unpopular opinion on this site because it’s considered blasphemy to not worship the older gen of actors, but I’d say many older top stars are also on the Song Kang level of acting, not bad, but not phenomenal either. I’m obviously NOT talking about the Kim Nam Gils, Yoo Ah Ins, Gong Yoos, etc, but more the A-listers who are more known for being “stars” than “actors”, if that makes sense.

      And yes, it takes more than just looks to make it big. Yes, koreans have always been obsessed with visuals since forever, but not all handsome actors make it to the top. I’ve been watching kdramas for years now and in every drama, there’s always that one drop-dead gorgeous actor playing a very small role, and I would wonder why he isn’t a big star when he’s also decently talented. But then I’d remember it takes more than just good looks and even talent to make it big, you also have to have luck, some amount of charisma, and that “it factor”, plus all the goings on behind the scenes lol

      I’m not even a fan of SK, but I’m tired of people here acting like any young actor who made it are just popular because they have h*rny fangirls hyping their looks (obviously, that’s a factor too, but not the main reason).

      • agreed with both of you and @kiana.
        song kang fan here so probably a bit biased, but he just have that it factor that others his age doesn’t have. plenty of admittedly more handsome and better actors than him but they never blow up because they don’t have that special something song kang and other big stars have. is it fair? no, but it is what it is lol
        i also feel the same way with suzy. people are saying she’s only popular because of her looks, but if you look carefully, there are plenty of actresses way prettier than her and more talented but it’s suzy who got popular because she has the it factor and has something about her that draws koreans to her. people just love jumping on that “he/she is only popular because of looks!” conclusion without considering other factors

      • “Yes, koreans have always been obsessed with visuals forever…”

        Why is this blog and the comments always so offensive and racist?

    • I agree both with you and Champagne Problems. I find him equivalent in looks and acting skills to many other ML. I just wonder whether there may be a South Korea (Asia?) /rest of the world divide about him for two reasons: (1) I found him very good in Navillera. I don’t speak Korean. I read somewhere the audience complained about his way of speaking: clearly, this can’t affect the perception of his acting by non-Korean speaking viewers. (2) His type of beauty. I would say he has a kind of sexy,sensual beauty (and he is cast accordingly, see for instance Nevertheless). I am not sure that is quite the national cannon: I am under the impression that Korea’s favorites (and prized) ML tend to be of the androgynous/childish type of beauty. I may be wrong, but SK seems rather “desexualized” to me in this set of pictures.

  4. INB4 the “I dOn’T gEt ThE hYpE” comments 😜

    (Just to be clear, I respect others’ opinions about looks, it’s subjective after all, and you all have the right to not find him attractive. I just find it funny how I already know what the comments will be in articles like this lol)

  5. I feel bad for him. There is many bad actor who knetizen consider good at acting. yet he is the one who get critics the most. Eventhough I admit his acting it’s not oscar worthy award.. but it’s not that bad. haha

  6. Well, to be fair, I do think his acting in Navillera and Sweet Home to be quite alright. I think he probably excels in projects where he’s part of an ensemble where the focus is not totally on him. If you know what I mean. lol. Maybe his agency should let him gain experience by being in more ensemble-type of shows where he will be able to learn from other experienced actors instead of letting him be in projects, specifically ‘romance’ genres, in which he has to ‘lead’.

  7. My issue with him is that he took toxic characters (Love Alarm and Nevertheless) and his fans are making them like they’re the best romantic ML…

    Otherwise, I’m not a fan but he’s the worse neither. I think he did well in Navirella.

    But he’s really not my type.

  8. I like him in Sweet Home , or maybe I like the ensemble cast, its plot and the drama genre plus the other actors there were so good. Well, I have never watched his other dramas coz it doesn’t interest me and he doesn’t interest me at allbut I think he has potential in acting.

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