K-netizens Do Whiplash in Praising Song Kang’s Latest Visuals While Still Lamenting His Prior Acting Performances

I’m glad I have some knowledge of K-pop because I know that groups have a Visual, i.e. the girl or guy who is the best looking but not the best at the actual singing/performing stuff. But in a group it’s fine because the others pick up the other elements, so when it comes to acting one can’t be a Visual alone and not deliver the needed personal performances. I thought K-netizens were by and large totally over Song Kang, every single drama he’s in all I hear is criticism some valid and others seemingly taggling along. So it’s weird to see K-nets fawn over him as they did in his CF appearance this week in Seoul where it’s just gushing about his super small face and incredible body physique. It’s like netizens forget he had all that but still couldn’t act according to them hence all the harping on him. I think he’s actually good enough but got too much exposure too fast and also too hyped so it’s best to ground oneself and start again with solid footing. At least he now knows K-netizens think he’s incredibly good looking when not acting.

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K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie

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Success of Forecasting Love and Weather Leads K-ent to Notice that Song Kang’s Last Drama Nevetherless Did Very Well in Japan Opposite the Lackluster Domestic Reception

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Song Kang and Park Min Young Actually Look Good Together For the First Time in Netflix Pictorial Promoting jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

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The Premiere Weekend Promising Ratings for Twenty Five, Twenty One and Forecasting Love and Weather Portends Well for Nam Joo Hyuk and Song Kang in Delivering a Win

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K-netizens Disagree with Reporter Article on Nam Joo Hyuk Needing to Redeem Himself with Next Drama After Start-up But Agree that Song Kang Still Needs to Prove Himself

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