Episode 4 of Queen of Tears Reaches 12.985% Ratings as the Reveal of a Lost Pregnancy Throws Even More Poignancy on the OTP

So watching the Queen of Tears is like reading a brilliantly paced novel where the story is good but the way it’s being told is even better. Episode 4 stormed the rating barricades delivering 12.985% which is astonishing in the speed of this drama’s hook, line, and sinker. The last big K-drama hit Reborn Rich got to over 11% in episode 4 for comparison. We learn that the newlywedded Hyun Woo and Hae In were indeed happy and got even happier learning of her pregnancy, but clearly the baby didn’t arrive and Hyun Woo’s spare room sleeping quarters was intended to be the nursery. I felt since episode 2 that Hyun Woo claiming he fell for Hae In and pursued her was only what he knew, but my gut told me Hae In actually set it all up so he could pursue her and she actually liked him first. Today’s reveal of their high school one time encounter confirmed it for me and we’re going to see Hae In’s point of view on their romance start down the line. Hae In’s illness while played for black comedy laughs in Hyun Woo’s divorce predicament pivots on a time to be utterly heartbreaking, to the viewers and to Hyun Woo. When he thinks of the misery of being in the marriage if Hae In has a cure, it’s never about her but about her stifling family and his boxed in circumstances. Grandpa’s Camilla is clearly in cahoots with sociopath Eun Sung who is quite scary to watch him plot the downfall of Queen’s Group. Argh, I can’t believe I have another week wait now!


Episode 4 of Queen of Tears Reaches 12.985% Ratings as the Reveal of a Lost Pregnancy Throws Even More Poignancy on the OTP — 21 Comments

  1. The last part of episode 4 is everything! I hope they won awards for this drama.i still think about it after waking up this morning. So impactful. Haein is so pitiful and KJW make us understand how scared Haein is. OMG i can express how satisfying watching both actors in this drama. Kudos

    • I feel so bad for Haein, it’s sweet but also pitiful how she responds so genuinely to all of Hyunwoo’s gestures (getting pleased when she thinks he wants to go to bed with her or when she sees he’s jealous, she even wore the funny shoes lol).

      KSH and KJW are already my drama couple of the year, incredible acting from both of them I hope she wins her first Daesang for this, too bad tvN doesn’t have acting awards.

  2. I was thinking there was only ONE reason why a relationship like theirs – genuinely in love, no one was tricked or forced into the marriage, no affairs or cheating etc – could become like what we see in episode 1 but it wasn’t even clear that they ever shared a bed after they were married, until ep 4 makes it clear they did and she was even pregnant but 3 years later they have no child….pretty clear what happened.

    What a devastating thing to go through, they’re not just an estranged couple but bereaved parents (and I have even more questions now). Also wow her family ordering them to have a child in ep 1 and him getting furious makes even more sense.

    Also makes sense that in his eyes he needs to see her as some kind of monster like he did in ep 1 but in ep 2-4 it’s clear she’s not like that, he just needs to see her that way in order to justify divorcing her.

  3. I like how during one episode we got her POV and during the next one, it was his POV. We can follow each other feelings.

    The lost of child was a terrible and how he found her phone code…

  4. The lost baby is a surprise but so poignant – she probably played it cool to the point of being heartless which would have been the last straw for HW and made their relationship cold. He was so surprised she remembered the date which is telling.
    I agree that while her terminal illness supports the comedy now it’s going to break our hearts tremendously later on. I love the last scene – i thought it was really well directed to have the lights turn on – it seemed cliche at first but it was then that she notice his torn vest, sweat and he saw her muddy feet – it was a first step she took and he responded immediately. There’s something really appealing about finding love that was lost

  5. The last scene was superb! I even got teary eyed when Hae In finallly showed her vulnerable side. I became a bigger fan of Kim Jiwon for that scene alone. The leads are so good in showcasing the emotions of their characters with just their expressions alone without saying anything. Both dealt with grief differently and felt abandoned in some way especially Hae In who thinks no one is truly on her side. Clearly, they still love each other and there is miscommunication with Hae In not putting into words how she feels and Hyun Woo misunderstanding.
    Camilla is definitely the villain mothership! She used Queen’s scholarship program to sponsor dog killer and maybe Hae In’s sister in law for evil purposes. Maybe she has something to do with the elimination of Chairman’s possible successors (disowned son and Hae In’s oppa). They are gonna turn the gullible brother into their puppet. Funny thing is Tiger Auntie who was kinda crazy on the beginning is the only likeable one in their family and the only one who saw it coming.
    I can’t wait for next week!

  6. I suppose it’s spoilers galore here lol. Their unborn child is most definitely the start of the relationship breakdown. My guess would be that Hae In became colder instead of seeking Hyun Woo’s comfort. Potentially even rejecting it. Hyun Woo on the other hand must’ve been absolutely devastated and moved to the nursery. It’s really tragic because if only he put in the effort he’s putting in now AND if only Hae In was willing to meet him half way, they’d probably still be happy together. They’ll find their way back to each other no doubt, but we’ll be shedding a whole lot of tears before we get there.

    The script is just WOW. And the acting is unreal. It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched a drama where the leads are capable of acting out and is given such multi dimensional characters. So many layers and KSH/KJW are delivering like their lives depended on it. It’s so good!!

    And I just have to call out the bike throwing scene because hot damn. Yes yes the scene was epic, but I just can’t move past the furious bike throwing part 🥵😂

  7. There’s nothing new with this drama. It’s a great example of taking what has been done and make it interesting and building those same situations for these 2 leading characters to go through. It’s in the execution, the acting, editing, and supporting characters that makes use want to see their story. More dramas should take note especially Chinese dramas as they produce too much of the same thing. They could make them interesting on its own too.

    • YES. This. It’s actually my point with most entertainment from all countries these days. With the number of streaming platforms and the over saturation of content, low (social media) and high quality (fully funded productions), you really gotta come out swinging–meticulously prepped and brilliantly executed.

      Even with that said, I still believe, MOST OF ALL, an actually good production needs to craft an emotional heartbeat to resonate loudly with the humans watching it.

      Thankfully, this drama has all of it. I hope it keeps it up!

  8. The story, acting and development of the characters is extraordinary. So much why I love kdramas. This drama just gets better every episode. I feel bad for both of the two main characters and now more than ever after episode 4. I also forsee how Haein after learning about the divorce will likely turn to the bad guy. Ugh!

  9. KJW’s character may be the most layered character I’ve seen in K-drama. With each episode, it unravels another deep layer of loss & sadness that she absorbed to be the strong woman she projects. However, as a writer once said, it is the momentary weakness of the strong that is most poignant. Perhaps, her illness which manifests her being lost and alone can be psychological. It will be the death of her if she lost him, too …

  10. i am just here to comment on the OMFG scene of HW throwing his bike to the ground in anger. The shirtless scene is all good and I would have been satisfied. But if you are throwing a hot guy in a suit vest, with a dose of bike-anger-slam, and that guy is KSH? Then i am absolute toast. That was mind bendingly hot. That’s probably the most awesome 2 seconds I’ve ever seen in a kdrama and I don’t regret that proclamation whatsoever 😂

  11. I don’t like kim jiwon before but I also don’t her. But now I became a massive fan of her, the way she was flustered by those sudden changes of HW. This role suits her better than the fight of my way role. She was also like this in Dots that is why I think this role is what suits her the most. And for KSH, wellI already knew how brilliant his acting is, since his drama Moon Embracing the sun, he’s already my top male actor in korea. Waiting for this drama is okay for me since I’m also watching The legend of Shenli which is also good.

  12. I don’t think I can finish this drama anymore. With her having terminal illness, seems like she will die in the end and I’m not ready. I will let the drama finish to know the ending before I decide to continue. Better protect my peace 🙂

    • I’m with you, Jonah. I’m going to wait until the end to see if I want to watch the rest or not. I like many of these actors/actresses in other dramas they’ve been in, but most of the characters in this drama seem so cold and unlikeable that I’m not sure I want to stick with them for more episodes. Why endure all the nastiness just to have it mean heartbreak when she dies? Life is hard enough… Gotta protect the peace!

  13. I second the hot bike scene – he’s usually such a beta male but when it matters gosh sexy dynamite it is.
    But that has always been the appeal of KSH – beyond good looking, he’s always a little dorky but then manly when it matters, the writer is well aware of those strengths. And I also like how he made a paper terrible male character (i mean he was happy his wife will die – no matter how terrible his life it’s just mean) – but manage to inject humour, empathy in layered emotions. Nice work. Don’t get me wrong – doesn’t justify the huge character flaw but we all know he is going to cry buckets when she really dies (as with all of us) SOB!

    • NOOOO she’s not going to die (she better not die or get amnesia I will be so salty if she does!!)

      but that’s so true about Kim Soohyun, he plays those kind of characters so well. Objectively it is kind of despicable to be happy that your wife and the mother of your unborn child is going to die, no matter how cold and mean he thinks she is (where are all the people who were screaming that she’s an “abuser” after ep 1 lol) but he’s being delusional to think that because it’s so obvious he still actually cares for her (getting jealous over his rival approaching the wife he says he feels nothing for lol, he’s really lying to himself). Incredible acting from both Kims, they deserve a daesang already (he won before, she deserves one too)

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