tvN Psychological Procedural Drama Bad and Crazy with Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon Release Cool Black and White Poster and Script Reading Stills

Upcoming tvN Fri-Sat drama feels like a good combination of momentum, pairing up leading man Lee Dong Wook with rising star actor Wi Ha Joon in a drama synopsis that reads a bit like Fight Club. I’m not saying one character doesn’t actually exist but the whole premise is two opposites suddenly coexisting in the same world to cause change for the better. The drama is called Bad and Crazy and I believe Lee Dong Wook’s cop is the bad (i.e. morally questionable) and Wi Ha Joon is the crazy once he shows up to fight all injustice with a fist. The first drama poster is out and I love it, so cool with the black and white and dripping with mood stitched together playing card with the two male leads as diametric opposites. The drama is slated for a 12-episode run starting in mid-December from the PD of The Uncanny Counter.

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