Kim Hye Soo Tussles with Jo In Sung in First Still from K-movie Smuggling with the Director of Escape from Mogadishu, Veteran, and The Berlin File

Last year in 2021 there were actually quite a few decent movies and one of the biggest hits (in a pandemic impacted box office) was Escape from Mogadishu. We will never know how much money this movie would have taken in during a normal era but it was still a success and got lots of nominations and wins in the subsequent awards season. It’s from acclaimed director Ryu Seung Won who also directed tons of well known movies including Battleship Island, Veteran, The Berlin File, and The Unjust. He frequent reunites with top actors and actresses once they work with him and for his next movie Smuggling he’s got Jo In Sung back in front of the camera. The story centers around two women running a smuggling operation in a seaside town in the 1970’s played by Kim Hye Soo and Yeom Jung Ah, and holy smokes two Queens in one screen sounds legit on fire. The first movie still is out showing Jo In Sung holding a knife to a tied up Kim Hye Soo who doesn’t look cowed in the least.

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