Japanese Legend Sonny Chiba’s Son Mackenyu Arata Headlines the Upcoming 2023 Live Action Adaptation of Classic Shonen Manga Saint Seiya

It’s hilarious that I found out this news after I wrote the article about the upcoming Netflix live action drama adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho, where people groan about Netflix ruining their childhood memories, because THIS is what would ruin my childhood memories. I’m talking about the upcoming Hollywood movie live action adaptation of shonen manga Saint Seiya, which dominated the 1980’s and I swear my brother’s figurines are stashed somewhere in our childhood home still. I actually bought the English translations a few years ago for then Koala pre-teens and both liked it very much but probably wasn’t as addicted as us kids way back when since there is way more media to consume these days. Anyhoo, the Saint Seiya live action is called Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya and will be directed by Tomasz Bagiński who produced the hit show The Witcher and calls himself a fan of the manga as a kid and so he’s making this project as a labor of love. Playing Seiya is Mackenyu Arata, the son of the late and great Sonny Chiba, and he’s making quite a name for himself most notable as the scene stealing rage machine that is the villain Enishi Yukishiro in the third movie Rurouni Kenshin: The Final which follows the jinchu arc. The cast was at last weekend’s Comic Con for a presentation and presented training footage which is all good and well but SHOW ME THE CLOTHS! I mean, hiding the Bronze Cloths and also the other four leads Ikki, Shun, Shuryu, and Hyoga is also a ballsy move. Also, no hint of which Gold Saints may show up and please for the love of god I want to see no Silver Saints anywhere in this move thnxbai!

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