Fancam Video of the Playful Kiss Rain Scene

I found a fancam video of the Playful Kiss rainy confession filming. It cuts off before anything serious happens, like some heated kissing (which from fan accounts was definitely happening, so if the kiss ends up being tame blame the PD, not Kim Hyun Joong).

Video of the rainy scene filming:

I worry that I am sharing too much BTS news about this week’s episodes, and perhaps everyone’s anticipation is too high now. I’m keeping an open mind. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as the TW version, but I want to see some genuine vulnerability and raw emotion from both leads.


Fancam Video of the Playful Kiss Rain Scene — 18 Comments

  1. i ‘ve watched the taiwanese version with joe cheng and ariel lin…those episodes were so dramatic but i’m still excited for the pk version….i hope it’s thursday already…thank you posting…

  2. My expectations are probably way too high…but I do know that based on the character portrayals done by the Korean actors that it can’t be the same as the Taiwanese version. Kim Hyun Joong even in the first kiss scene was already a lot less emotional so I’m “attempting” to keep my expectations low for the

  3. *oops – pressed enter
    scene…although I can’t help but hope that KHJ will make up for his lack of emotion (while speaking) in the kiss 😉

  4. judging from the fancam, looks like KHJ’s acting is still lacking in emotion…hayyy i dont want to be pessimistic but i feel, that i will be dissapointed with the rain scene. Saddd!

  5. I am not raising my expectations but i can’t help but be excited… ep 13 is going to feel soo heavy, especially knowing what lies ahead…

  6. Geez have some faith! That is just the beginning of the scene! That isn’t even the part where they have started to argue about things yet. People are just too dang quick to judge now a days.

  7. Both KHJ and JSM are so very awfully cute together, can’t wait to see them kissing, but before this we have to suffer along with HaNi in episode 13. Feel like skipping the pain, why go through that?

  8. please kindly give KHJ, JSM and the production some slacks, even though we are so excited for that scene we just need to wait and see what the k-version will offer for us.
    we do need to try to be open minded about it.

  9. I think it would be out of character if BSJ suddenly sobs or over-emote, don’t you think so? All through the drama we get to see how his feelings for Hani started growing with just a minimal show of emotion on his face.

    I just watched the preview of ep 13 and liked what this Soompi poster said

    (Posted by tr2006 on Soompi 12 Oct)
    “SJ takes her a lot more seriously than her simple mind realises.
    he took her safety and her dream to be in the top50 seriously not by word promises but by action.
    after telling her he didn’t dislike her, he stopped being aimless and took action on deciding his future; try out different work activity, manage his own living space.
    on same bed he assures her his lack of action was not his lack of feelings.
    though he didn’t profess his feelings outright to her, she’s the first to know of his dream career.
    when he had to put aside his own dream, he told her clearly the reason; for his father’s happiness. how then could HN not even suspect that the date with HR might be work related? HN does not trust SJ.
    in fact SJ trusts HN a lot more (evidence: the tussle between JG & TK) and so seeing HN on a date with JG was a slap to his face after having confided in her.
    that JG misunderstood SJ parting shot is understandable but for HN to likewise misunderstand SJ’s bark reflects poorly on her. ironically, it is HR who sees and understands SJ’s look of betrayal as JG and HN left. ”

    KHJ is doing a good very good job as BSJ!

    • True! Well said – good recap! I agree that KHJ is a very good BSJ…introverted and reserved, NOT emotionless! He plays the part so convincingly, the chemistry between the two characters works because their personalities are so opposite.

  10. i’m worried about over-anticipation too!

    ….. which is why I’m not watching the fancam! But I’m so happy anticipating this week’s recaps that I’m almost dancing in my chair! Plus I’m waiting with the best patience ever, because thanks to your avid recommend, I’m SO loving Buzzer Beat, even though I’ve never been a Yamapi fan (I’m up to episode 6). That said, I’ve renewed my Ito Hideaki love, because he’s just too yummy (does anyone remember how sexy he was in Yasha? ooh. be still my heart!)

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