Dream High Episode 15 Thoughts and Shipping Outlook

I was feeling stressed for quite some time, losing focus both on the professional and personal front, coasting through life just doing enough to get by. But recently I got a wake-up call, and realized that I needed to reclaim my focus. I think watching Dream High at this time is rather apropos, because from these kids I’ve glimpsed again that youthful energy, optimism, and drive are such important things – reminding myself that one can always have goals and achieve them.

With that said, I’m both excited and sad that DH is ending next week. Excited because I can find out where everyone ends up, and sad that it’s time to bid a fond farewell to the Kirin Arts High Six.

I’ve actually got a secret wish that Baek Hee is K (though I think it will be Jin Gook), and I’ve got a not so secret wish that SamMi is the end game (which I think is highly likely). To prep myself for major squealing in episode 16, I hereby bring a SamMi-centric picspam post of episode 15. I couldn’t help myself, Kim Soo Hyun made me cry and cry some more with his performance in this episode.

Based on the ending to episode 14, which is the first time we have seen Hye Mi consciously think about which guy she likes, if either at all, Hye Mi has feelings for Sam Dong. Period, it’s irrefutable. Doesn’t mean they’ll end up together, but at least the dense girl recognizes that he’s the guy that’s in her mind.

Ahhhh, my SamMi loving heart feels complete. Regardless of the ending, I feel like Hye Mi acknowledging her burgeoning feelings for Sam Dong is enough for me to feel satisfied. Hye Mi hears Sam Dong calling her and she runs away from him because she’s not ready to face him? These kids really ARE in high school, hee. Though I think Hye Mi’s emotional awareness button is set to elementary school level.

He catches up to her and she totally avoids eye contact at first. Girlfriend, if Sam Dong was standing in front of me, NOT looking at him would be the last thing I would be doing. The first thing would be some variation of pawing at him.

The fact that Hye Mi feels comfortable around Jin Gook does confirm for me that her heart isn’t with him. It may have been at some point, but neither did anything about it during that period, and it’s like a window of opportunity passed them by.

The boys look for Hye Mi when they think she’s left with her daddy for the States.

Sam Dong believes that Hye Mi may be leaving, and he makes up his mind to run after her. And my heart weeps and leaps alongside his. Oh my wonderful adorable Sam Dong!

Hye Mi comes up behind him, telling him that she’s not leaving. Except he’s lost his hearing again, so he doesn’t understand what she just told him. She puts her hands on his face, and slowly mouths the words “I am not leaving.”

Sam Dong breaks down even more and grabs her for a bear hug. Hye Mi is stunned, and you can see her eyes reflect a comprehension that he still loves her.

Jin Gook may have gotten the first kiss on the ferris wheel, but I think his story reached it’s true conclusion when his father believed in him, reconciled with him, and publicly acknowledged him. Jin Gook needed, above all else, paternal acceptance and love, and he got it.

While I never thought Sam Dong was the second lead, therefore if he got together with Hye Mi it would be the rare instance where the second lead got the girl, I do believe DH set it up so that Jin Gook is the first crush and Sam Dong is the true love. I’m just happy that this drama turned out to be such a endearing surprise. I love every character, even Baek Hee, because I feel like everyone has learned and matured in the short time we’ve spent with them.


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  1. HOLA me encanta tu blogs gracias y por las noticias que nos traes de DH tengo que traducirlo al español pero igual me gusta graciassss

  2. ~dies~ WHY oh WHY did I swear off dramas until after mid-terms???? ~cries~ I can’t wait until mid-March to watch this…but thanks for stuff like this, at least it tides me over until then, even if I can’t watch the actual drama. ^_^

  3. So I am going around to announce that now I’m shipping Jin Gook and Hye Sung! JG has to wait for about 10 years, but their love story will be so touching — Hyesung’s first and only love, Jin Gook oppa!! 😛

    I never really ship anyone in DH, and even up to now I can accept if there’ll be an open ending. I’m satisfied with the story how the kids grow up, find their self and value their friendship are the things that I love the most from DH instead of love story.
    At least we have a love story of those cute puppies, Jason and Pilsook!

    • PWahahah! Loves it!

      I did a rewind when I saw Hyesung take Jingook’s hand, then smack away Samdong’s hand when he extends his also for her to grab. Mwahhaah! Love that little girl!

      • Good one estel 🙂 thinking of DH instead of language class u just got out of…lol. Yes I love Hyesung….she’s so sure, no ifs buts or maybe about who she likes—->JG!! Yup they just need for her to be legal and all’s good! 😀

  4. Thanks ockoala for this. I have the very same sentiment for this couple…except I am really hoping the writer will have a closure in which Hye Mi does acknowledge her feelings to the guy, not necessarily they will be together when the credits roll.

  5. Totally loved how things are going! I’m excited and sad to see next week’s episode cause it will be the last… but overall, I love this drama to pieces!

    Good thing it’s going to be SamMi in the end! Yay! I’m on the right ship!! XD I thought I’ll have my heart break before but now I’m so happy cause our Sam Dong gets the girl… actually, “will get the girl” should be the right term for now. XD

    I think Jin Gook’s story has a closure now that’s why I’m thinking that Baek Hee will be K. There’s a meaning when she said that she wants to be the “K” that represents Korea from the last episode.

  6. Aaah ockoala thnx for the lovely pics!!

    Hope u can reclaim ur focus and be more free from the stress of not knowing what or how… We all have that once in a while, don’t we^^
    Also hope that blogging doesn’t add to the stress or that u feel pressured! Do know that there is a whole bunch of us who truly appreciate this playground and what it brings and support u morally no matter what! Kekeke sorry for the rant 😉

    up to ep 16 already…. Anticipating mucho xD

    • btw.. about ep 15… SamDong made me cry again when he ran after the bus and couldn’t catch up. didn’t know that HyeMi wasn’t in it either… that was NOT helping 😉

      and JYP looks kind of crazy at times in DH hahah with a few strands of hair sticking out of his haircut and a weird expression on his face kekekkeke

  7. Ok I have to admit this love triangle wasn’t really what i was interested in while watching. I was waiting for my Pilsuk and Jason moments and their cuteness. Man are they cute! but OMG, SamDong really sold me today. I was going “RUN, SD,RUN!!”
    Yes yes we’re not totally 100 percent on who HM will end up with but i can see SD betting JG.
    Loved JG’s interaction with HM’s little sister!

  8. Hey ockoala, thank you soo much for this brief recap of ep15. But I wanna correct something, sam dong(kim soo hyun) is actually the main lead in DH.. Second is jin gook; not the other way around :))

  9. thanks ockoala!!!

    love love love this episode!!!
    my SamMi heart is having palpitations as samdong races to catch up with hye mi!
    that moment for me was epic!
    im sad to see DH end but i think the finale will be a blast so im excited as well!

  10. I really want Baek-hee to be K too… I don’t even know why, but I do. I guess I sympathize with her more as opposed to Jin Gook, in spite of everything. And also because of everything that went down with her over the last few episodes, it would be so awesome if she ended up turning it all around and overcoming it as she’s overcome her own personal demons.

  11. Awww, DH is ending. :'(
    …but this episode was awesome~!
    I’m happy for HM and SD (though I was a HM-JG shipper).
    I love the relationship between JG and SD. Bromance ftw.
    I love the part when JG raps and SD is annoyed. xD
    HM’s sister is adorable–she’s JG’s #1 fan haha. <3

  12. yeah, I’m a huge SamMi shipper, and have always advocated for their OTP ending. but now just seeing her acknowledges the fact that she likes him is enough. i’d be ecstatic if they do end up together, but if they don’t, at least she likes him, for the timeframe of this drama? lolz. never have i been this spazzy about a drama. and i mean never. not DGCH, not MNIKSS, not SSKS, not SG (they all had me for about 3/4 of the drama and then my ADD mind went out the window).
    SD to me is special in an ordinary way. he’s not rich, nor cool, nor popular. he’s slightly awkward and low-profile. he doesn’t excel in everything (contrary to popular belief – composing, i think is his only natural talent and the only one the drama tries to pass off anyway) and he has to work hard for his results. but his heart is pure gold.
    actually, JG might have an even more golden heart >_< the kid, like, tries to protect everyone! SD's deeds seem to only be connected to HM (probably because he only hangs around her).
    my point being?… umm, i'm not sure anymore. that i love them both? keke. damn, don't i want the kdrama dilemma of choosing btw two hot guys.

    • actually, JG might have an even more golden heart >_< the kid, like, tries to protect everyone! SD's deeds seem to only be connected to HM (probably because he only hangs around her).

      Why I love Jingook. Even more so because I know Jingook won’t stop Hyemi from going to Samdong if that’s what she desires. Gah… I’m such a sucker for noble characters.

      • Sam Dong will also let Hye mi go to Jingook too… At the end he told Jingook to ask her to stay even if it means that she chooses Jingook. Which SD still believes that Hyemi loves Jingook- however Jingook knows that her heart doesn’t belong to him anymore, that’s why he said that he has no reason to ask her to stay. If sam dong wasn’t the other guy I would vote for JG. Besides JG has a happy ending – he got his father’s love- that was the most important thing to him ever since the beginning of the show.

  13. Yeah,sammi have big chance to be with HM.ah I love milky couple,so cute.this drama set my goal back up.yeah bring so much emotion and motivation.sad this going to end next week.

  14. BWAHAHAHA THIS IS GREAT!!! they need dramas like this more often.not so much cuz it would ruin a perfectly good drama like DreamHigh.

    LOVE IT!!!!

  15. *HUG* dear, I always trust rough patches always always lead to new reshuffling of things we’d never thought of before. At the end of it, it’ll all be worthwhile. MUAK

    I’ve lost my focus with DH or all kdramas for that matter for a while. I’m totally clueless as to all the shipping and happenings. I’m glad DH is working for you and what you need for some destressing. Hang in there!

  16. it’s nice that a lot of us think hyemi LIKES samdong PERIOD. some are saying, she likes him because she pities him. i’m like, hwhaattt? the hearing problem got settled many episodes ago that it was not the flower pot incident which caused his handicap.

    SAMDONG, fight to win!

  17. know what you made my day ♥ ♥ ♥

    im kinda down when got here, but upon seeing your post about sam dong and hye mi it just made me smile.i really really want them to end up together..its kinda sweet that if they do….continue rooting for samMi..thanks again

  18. aww…!! i have yet to watch epi15, but i dont mind the spoiler! thanks for posting this up! it totally made my morning! 😉

    personally, i am a JG-HM shipper, and it makes me a bit sad thato see all the SD-HM interactions. not to say i dont like the SD-HM pairing, & it does seem like SD had more intense feelings towards HM even from the start… & i agree, the fact that HM is comfortable with JG would be an indication as to which pairing will come out in the end.

    in any case, i can’t wait to see the ending. i’m glad that each of the characters ‘grew up’ throughout the drama. i remember you saying in another post that it’s all about the journey with DH.. and i completely agree. it’s almost like, it doesnt matter who ends up with who (as much!) because at the end of the day, the things that each of the characters have learnt in this period of their life is enough to enable to cope with what’s ahead. and as a viewer, ultimately, you are left with a feeling that these characters are going to be successful in their lives – and that success doesnt necessarily just mean debuting, but also in terms of how they deal with their friendships, family and love.

    ah, love feel-good dramas like this! helps keep life in perspective, esp amidst all the hussle and bussle of busy lives!!.. hope you’re doing/felling better btw!

    thanks again for always sharing the goodies!! 🙂

  19. well said unni! This is really a pleasant surprise for me. I was not expecting to love the drama but I did. I love that the story is about the journey each character made to grow and learn and be a better version of their selves as we have met them in Episode 1. Not just the kids.. but the teachers themselves. DH became a drama that made me realize… it is about how you get to your destination.. the journey.. and who you have beside you to share it with.

  20. ohhhhhhhhhh ommo!!!! i am totally agree if hyemi end up with sam-dong since they are so cute and i love there character so much!!!! and another couple i like is jason and pilsok….yay so sweet….i love there scene here hehehheehehehhe

  21. Wish that Yoon Baek Hee can end up with Jin guk (-_-)
    too bad it wont happen…
    why Hye mi is being loved by everyone when we know that she’s mean to her bestfriend…??? what a weird one…
    Does she even say sorry about what she did to Baek hee?? And make Baek Hee to be the “bad girl” in this serial?? hate that…

  22. I am in loveeeee with dream high. I am sammi-hyemi shipper but I also loveeeee the milky couples. did anyone ever see jason’s adorable kiss on the monkey? bahahhawah. Jin Guk oppa, u can have hye song! well, u could wait until she is oldest ^_^

  23. i can say after watching the episode hyemi might be k
    i really wish hyemi&samdong end up together
    i wish they all be very famous at the end and be happy

  24. from ep 15.. i really think samdong and hyemi wil end up togehter, or at least hyemi is really falling for him…

    at the beginning when she avoided the two boys instead of congradulating them, the camera (and thus also her sight) was focused on samdong…
    and when she ran away from samdong, a lovely tune was playing on the background, which was often used for the milky couple in cute romantic giggle-worthy scenes…

    and of course.. the roadside hug <3

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