Sunshine Angel to Air on GTV in May of 2011

Yesterday I posted about upcoming TW-dramas that are either in production or just wrapped. Someone asked about Sunshine Angel, and I purposely didn’t include SA in my post since the drama finished filming last year and has been on the shelf for months.

Luckily, GTV recently announced that SA was picked it up for its late Spring broadcast, so expect to see Wu Zun paired with Rainie Yang to grace the screens in May of 2011.

In Sunshine Angel, Wu Zun plays a second generation chaebol who loses his family fortune. He meets with an optimistic and sunny-tempered maid played by Rainie, and entanglements of the heart occur. This sounds like a reverse of Corner with Love with Barbie Hsu and Show Luo. Not sure whether Rainie and Wu Zun will have sparks, but hey, stranger TW-pairings have occurred that have blown my mind.


Wu Zun wrote a cute message to his fans on his blog about SA. Originally the drama title was 陽光小妹 or Sunshine Little Sister, which sounds so similar to the title of Wu Zun’s Princess drama from a few years back. Therefore, Wu Zun suggested the name be changed to  陽光天使 or Sunshine Angel.

As most of you know, the name of this drama was supposed to be 阳光小妹 but it was later changed to 阳光天使! Guess who’s the one who suggested for a new title? Yeah, it’s me… haha! Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of having the words ‘小妹’ thus after consulting with Ah Ken and without thinking too much, I thought of the words ‘天使’ and said, “阳光天使都好过阳光小妹啦!“ And who knows he agreed as well and supported with my decision… haha! Well, it may not be the most ideal name for this drama but since I’ve always treated you guys as my ‘天使’ , this sure is meaningful to me 🙂

In case anyone didn’t know this already, but Wu Zun grew up in Brunei and speaks fluent English. In fact, his Chinese is abysmal. When he was filming Tokyo Juliet with Ariel Lin, he phonetically memorized his lines from his script. I do think some of his stiff acting can be attributed to the fact that he’s memorizing lines based on sound rather than comprehension.


Sunshine Angel to Air on GTV in May of 2011 — 26 Comments

  1. YESSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this drama for a while. Glad to know it will air soon, although the wait is a bit long. may..come soon!!

  2. these two actors i do like–the very first drama that i watched with rainie in it was Devil Beside You with Mike He. my first impression of her was “bleh” but as the drama progressed, i thought she was pretty good—and she’s actually one of my favorite T-Drama actors ( one of the very few–i’m sorry to say) I’m quite sure she’ll do the same with this drama with Wu Zun (super hot) thanks for the trivia on WZ quite interesting.

  3. I always thought his voice was dubbed over for Tokyo Juliet. In the NGs for Hana Kimi they’re always taking the piss at his accent.

  4. on my maybe shelf? Not really a fan of these two but like koala stranger pairings have surprised me too. I’ve only seen rainie in the tw version of BOF and devil besides you (loved her with Mickey He) so …??

    • Yup, HUGE rumors in TW-ent that Wu Zun is seriously considering quitting show biz.

      Supposedly he declined Absolute Boyfriend and another movie he had already accepted. He’s been back in Brunei since the end of 2010, and wants to spend more time with his father there.

      Until he makes an official announcement, it remains just rumors and possibility.

      • He’s rich and sure doesn’t need the chaos of show biz but it’s the fans’ loss because he is a very nice lovable person and easy on the eyes.

  5. Oh this is wait for this.I love rainie,wu zun just mah-okay.but as long as rainy put the effort she can make great chemistry&shine.

  6. I did not know about Wu Zun and his bad Chinese. I wonder how he does in interviews and such.

    I wonder if there are other actors in TW dramas that do not have a good command of the language. I don’t mean actors from other countries that are asked to be in a drama. I vaguely remember a story (it could have been from your blog) about a TW actor who could not help a Korean actress learn Chinese when they were filming together because his Chinese was bad. I guess looks are more important than the language?

  7. Wu Chun did not use his own voice in Tokyo Juliet. It was some other male Taiwan artist voice,….something Yang whom was involve in a scandal of some kind.

  8. Well Wu Chun brushed up his Chinese quite well but still fault in certain pronunciation.
    I agreed his English and Brunei Language (similar to Malaysia or Singapore MalayLanguage) is way better than his Chinese. But he is a very hardworking and very initiative people and always strife to do better than in everything he does.

  9. I totally agreed Rainie is a very good and talented actress. Love all her movies and tv series and I like her best with Mike He. They sure created a very good chemistry.

  10. Anyway looking forward to Rainie and Wu Chun’s sunshine angel very much. Hope they don’t disappoint us but I have confident in them. Aish May is still a few months to go.

    My Princess going to wrap up soon and so does Dream High.

    Paradise Ranch was not up to par.

    I think I have to turn to Chinese series to fill the gap. hahaha

    I watched Sunny Happines and Mike He is good can’t believe he is playing a father to 8 year old.

  11. Woowoo seem like I have a lot to say here. lmao
    And it is my first time to post comment ahahaha

    Last comment, no offence to Go Hye Sun’s fans but I can’t digest the fact Go Hye Sun and Wu Chun in Absolute Boyfriend coz I have watched the Japanese version. GHS and WC don’t jive at all.

  12. Oh that explains his acting, I remember watching Romantic Princess and wondering why they did not make Calvin Chen the lead actor instead. Wu Chun’s acting has always been very one dimension for me, but I guess a language barrier would cause a good deal to be lost in translation. As for Rainie I’ve liked her acting from when she was on Meteor shower, for me she’s one of those actress who really shines when she has genuine chemistry with her co-star, on the other hand if she’s faking that chemistry its easy to tell. I’m not sure what my expectation for this drama is, I hope they both do their best.

  13. Rainie Yang!!!!! She’s so cute!!! Don’t know If I’ll check this drama (maybe once it’s over) but I’m happy to hear from her!

  14. it’s already at the end of April, soo when will it be airing on May??? any news? oooohhh.. so dying to wait for this drama, since they had so little info about its airing time. 🙁

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