Jung Il Woo for the August Edition of Ceci Magazine

What has Jung Il Woo been up to since creating yet another memorable role as the Scheduler in 49 Days? Not much actually, but we get to see his recent look via the August issue of Ceci Magazine. The concept was clearly an outdoorsy sports shoot, but his headband totally negates any ruggedness meant to be conveyed. Please cut your hair, Il Woo, m’kay? Listen to Koala unni, I’m looking out for your best interests. He’s still insanely cute though, and I’m just thrilled his last acting project really was such an interesting, meaty, and decent role.

[Credit: Ceci Magazine]


Jung Il Woo for the August Edition of Ceci Magazine — 20 Comments

  1. Such a pretty boy. lol XD I’m looking forward for his next project too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish his next character will have a happy ending story. His scheduler role made me shed rivers of tears last time. >.<

      • They didn’t end up together….so how about making them a fun rom com they would perfectly make a fun duo ๐Ÿ˜‰ have ever thought of writing something that fits the artist character….not the other way around

  2. he looks like a girl in the 3rd pic, the way he holds the camera and the way he smiles, not even mentioning the fact that his hair frames his face and a yellow headband is sitting atop his lovely head. LOL.

    i still like him alot though. he’s one actor who can match his prettiness with superb acting. il woo hwaiting! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Haha, I remember seeing him in action. This took place in early July at Granville Island in Vancouver I believe! There were lots of people taking pictures…but not that many people who had a personal stylist to do touch-ups – that’s when it clicked.

    • Boo Hoo, this cutie was in town and I missed him.:(

      I missed Cha Seung Won by one day in Hawaii and now this.

      Sigh, I guess star sightings were never meant to be for me.

  4. oh wow Jung Il Woo ! miss this hottie from 49 days. can’t stop hitting ctrl + for a close-up. instantly came to mind a team up with YEH for a project (same as you @Bumble Bee Camaro’s wife).

  5. What is with his facial expression in pic 2?
    I am just glad his hair looks to be all one color now instead of the two toned mess he was sporting in 49 Days. Oddly enough I had a dream about Scheduler last night but that’s probably just bc I have been watching Return of Iljimae and have Jung Il Woo on the brain.

    The thing about him is he just looks so young (of course he IS young) and makes me feel dirty for being attracted to him!

  6. Ooooh…*rubbing my hands together in glee* Thank you,my Chingu, for the ‘present” on this “special”day…MUAH…
    BTW,my JIW could be wearing a clown outfit & he’s still HAWT….*trying to wake self up from that ICOMYM moment,hehe…(@Kristal,it’s ok…you can join our “club”,too)

  7. The headband is his halo…. lol. Right, he still is charming and so good looking. If that were someone else, I’d say they were lost in 80’s era ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. She..I mean he… looks like a girl. For real. And WTH is with his hair? And with that second pic? It gives me shivers. Haahaha. But your still pretty Il-Woo. :))

  9. He is a pretty boy…especially his laughter, must go watch 49 days. Yes he should team up with YEH again and this time round with good ending.

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