Written Preview for Episode 9 of Spy Myung Wol

This written preview confuses me, and not in a good way. I feel like the entire drama so far has been Myung Wol devises plan to get close to Kang Woo, Kang Woo pushes her away but is intrigued, rinse-and-repeat using a different plan. Eric tweeted on Wednesday that he just received the script for episodes 9 and 10. That is just insane! I’m saying a prayer for the cast and crew of Spy Myung Wol to hang in there and stay strong and healthy for the remainder of the filming under such tight time constraints.

Written preview for episode 9:

Kang Woo has discovered that all of Myung Wol’s “I love you” declarations are false. He’s enraged and once again fires Myung Wol. All of these battle tactics have ended up in failure, and Hee Bok and Ok Soon are demoralized.

Myung Wol remembers what Kang Woo said, and decides that she will become an actress herself and heads to Agent Kyung’s management company. Kang Woo feels bewildered, yet also thinks this is a perfect opportunity to exact revenge on Myung Wol. He steps forward to be Myung Wol’s personal acting coach.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 9 of Spy Myung Wol — 49 Comments

    • Maybe Eric just said that to drum up some interest in SMW. If the series is flopping he should just sing, rip his clothes off, and dance.

    • I don’t get it. At all. o__O

      Myung Wol as a bodyguard = logical. Myung Wol as an wannabe actress = random. She’s like the world’s worst actress. EVER. She’s a trained soldier with a one-track mind. Her attempts to seduce KW are hilarious because she’s so bad at pretending to be a seductress.

      Which begs the question – why would Agent Kyung agree to rep her as an actress?

      When logic goes out the door in a drama (and I mean goes flying out the door – similar to the way it did in M3 and LTM), then I need another hook for me to remain invested. Sigh. Eric, why so hot and so hurty for my soul.

      • I’m with you. Maybe I’m too new to the Kdrama scene-but is this normal?

        When a drama is decided on, is there not enough foresight to have the drama written, and then stick to a set schedule? I wasn’t sure if they have a general script, and then based on the ratings and gaging the viewers response tweak the dramas each week. So bizarre to me because sometimes the dramas end up not making sense or changing from the general feel and direction they started with in the first place. Hope that made sense.

        Regarding Eric just getting the script, and filming live- When I watched scenes from different kdramas where they show the actor (who’s playing an actor) getting hooked up on IV’s, and they are saying they’ve not eaten, or slept-it seems like this is actually the case with some of the dramas. Those are rough working conditions…

      • I kind of agree with a_fan. I haven’t never seen such things in a kdrama before…so this shall be an interesting ride.

      • I get the premise they’re setting up now but a more logical job she should take and may succeed is maybe a stunt woman?? That would make more sense than an actress!! well who knows, I personally don’t take it seriously and just enjoying the MW-KW interaction 😉
        Hope all goes well during their filming!! Its really tough to be in this industry in South Korea!!

      • I have to say that in my experience watching dramas, sometimes the plot goes bat sh*t crazy. Just like Ockoala mentioned for what happened in LTM and Sparkling.

        I feel like, this craziness, however, will still be funny and interesting to watch. Hopefully, they won’t prove me wrong :O

        At the very least, if Myung Wol becomes an actress, she could do action movies lol

  1. That’s so weird… Well, to be honest, there are plenty of awful actors in this world and are only in this industry because of their looks. I agree what you said about Myung Wol being possibly the worst actress to form because of her North Korean background. But she’s pretty so it’s sort of probable. However, I think it’s sort of a bewilderment because she already has a reputation in the media industry because of that scandal. I’m just wondering if people in the drama will pop up questions about this. Technically, some reality stars, who eventually try for an acting career that would fail, in the real world are formed from scandals… But we’re not talking about reality tv, are we?

  2. Can’t explain why, but I feel laughs coming on ’cause eps. 7 & 8 cracked me up (Eric as lovelorn Kang Woo). Let’s hope for the best. 🙂

    • SAME here as soon as I read the preview a big smile came to my face , maybe it’s random as some of you said but it’s gonna be hilarious I’m sure just like the past two epi
      Ockoala thankuuuuu for the written preview 🙂

  3. And they threw another random scene. I can’t see where the drama is going now… >.< I wish the writers have plotted the storyline beforehand so they won't have to cram on writing the story. The story looks messed up and yea, like you said, repetitive.

    If Eric just received the script last Wednesday, that means they have less than a week of shooting?? Wow. That's tough.

  4. That’s… odd. And not at all living up to the promise of Kang Woo finding out.

    I was thinking that it would have been really interesting Myung Wol has managed to turn it around and use the excuse that she was trying to reassure her new boyfriend that it was okay for her to continue to work for Kang Woo. So then Choi Ryu and Myung Wol would be acting as an engaged couple (as they tried to figure out phase 2) and Kang Woo would be be trying to keep himself from chasing after Myung Wol.

  5. I can’t believe she’s going to be an actress! Shouldn’t a spy maintain a low profile or something?! Instead, she’s been in the limelight many times, displayed on the frontpage of newspapers and in the internet. I like this drama because the plot is crazy but it’s a riot if it goes out of hand.

  6. This drama is becoming really annoying.when common sense is dead.i need a solid opt,at least mp3 & Ltm had good chemistry between otp.There ‘s no spark between kw & MW.

    • Sadly, I have to agree. I wish KW-MW had the level of chemistry the M3 and LTM OTPs had, but not only do they not, MW is showing much more chemistry with CR since the last two episodes.

      I want to hug Eric…..

  7. Auntie K
    What are the writers trying to do to this show, KILL IT or something. Idk whats going on with this show but anywho Im still keeping the faith and sticking with this show.
    Spy Myung Wol FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  8. Just when i thought this drama might be going in the right track…it sidetracks….I have to say, i am looking forward to the end because there is no way in hell in can work out…..She has to defect which could put both thier lives in danger…..anyway, we will see…..every week is a surprise

  9. Oh god, I feel like I might have to drop this one soon after hearing that upcoming storyline. Seriously, like the bodyguard thing wasn’t unrealistic enough (but we know how kdramas love forced cohabitation) now the spy is becoming an actress and the Hallyu star her acting coach?! Aren’t there like 5 people working on the scripts for this show and that is the best they came up with????

    • It’s veering into parody territory where I worry the actors will start miming.

      Those five people writing the script, maybe four of them need to go.

  10. Wow. Grasping at straws? Let’s see if they work it out in a way that makes sense. Otherwise, they wasted an interesting plot twist.

  11. I actually thought the last 2 episodes were better than ones in the past. They were funny and seemed to finally move the story a bit forward. Maybe we’re all jumping to conclusions here… I will wait to see what they came up with. It might be better than it sounds. I hope the best for this drama because it does have its moments.

    • I totally agree! For all we know, it could just end up with Myung Wol auditioning to get a small action role, or no role at all, or maybe she ditches the actress idea halfway through entirely. Even if she ends up acting, I think they could make it really worthwhile watching. Who knows…

  12. I have to see the episode to form an opinion-sometimes the preview focuses on a detail to the point where it seems more pivotal than it is. Like the preview where it stated that Myung Wol would plan to kidnap Kang Woo…in the long run it wasn’t that important as the kidnapping plan failed, and it merely served as a bridge for the rest of the story line. However, this drama does drift into the crazy lane, and I love it for it! It’s hilarious, and with dramas like these you can’t focus too much on plausibility of it all, or else you’ll drive yourself insane. I’m just enjoying the eye candy and craziness.

  13. hmmm… what’s happening? maybe it’s time they shift the OTP to Ryu and Myung Wol instead. this hire, fire, hire, fire, is making me dizzy.
    well, i hope it won’t be so bad that i have to drop the drama, hahaha.

  14. Why is everyone bitching about this episode it could be player out in a very funny manner. Maybe she’s becoming an actress to get closer to Kwang U since he fired her not because she wants to be. Chill out you guys lol

  15. To be honest, the written previews for SMW always got me confused and worried but when the actual episodes were shown, it’s not as bad as I thought. lol I’m still giving the upcoming episode a benefit of doubt. I’m one of the minority who still ship and love the chemistry between MW/KW as I feel more connected to them.

    I think the coming episodes will still remain hilarious as usual. It’s only at the last 6 episodes that it will touch on more serious and emotional scenes. I am anticipating as I want to see KW and MW in a more serious tone on their relationship.

  16. why all of a sudden an actress… this drama is going off track. Hopefully it doesnt go off too much….. stop coming up with weird ideas and trying to wow us you drama writer nim T,T Ur making everything complicated and making no sense.

  17. i think that myung wol the spy is a wonderful show! i’ve been watch kdramas for about a year now and i think this is in my top 10 fav. kdramas! yea, myung wol is akward but that’s just her. i think she’s protrayed amazingly and i love how kang woo is starting to think he’s crazy for liking her! can’t wait to watch ep 9!

  18. OCKoala
    You made me laugh OUT LOUD!
    Hot ‘n Hurty? Is that like While and Nerdy?

    Let’s face it, plot is not Show’s strong point.

    This is my written preview to the giggling I will be doing when Eric teaches MW anything! It will be cute and pointless and I hope Eric wears another outfit made out of curtains or a bedspread, or maybe clear vinyl?
    A girl can dream…

  19. Thanks for the written preview Koala! As usual, you are at your best.

    I agree with you, this drama is going everywhere and nowhere! It’s one thing to be quirky, but another to be random. And worse, the leads have some but not very strong chemistry. The prospect of Myung Wol and Kang Woo ending up together does not give me comfort they’d fit for each other in happy-ever-after-in-dramaland. Choi Ryu and Myung Wol, yes.

    I hope they get all their super powers together and get their stories straight and crookedly funny!

    Can’t wait for Monday!!

  20. Keeping my fingers crossed… Who knows… After watching for three weeks, I never thought ep8 would rock.. 🙂

    If ever MW does become an actress, I super-genuinely-hope that CR becomes her bodyguard! Weeee!!

  21. I am losing interest in this drama as more episode airs… dunno… I´ve been only overlooking the recaps and some of Koala´s highlights… such a shame! I was pretty caught by this one at the beginning… but now pretty dissapointed…
    I am rewatching my favs dramas! At least I know why I love them soo much… not sure if I still like this one… ;(

  22. Okay… i am bewildered as well of where the drama is headed… again! i really am into SMW but gah! they kinda recycling everything and i dunno if it’s a good thing. What keeping this afloat is the funny and the cute. Anyway I can live by it so bring a lot of it on. From the start there had been no real direction of this drama anyways.

  23. Thanks for the recap…

    I was thinking maybe they were going to go with MW becoming a popular actress and they didn’t have to bring KW to the North any more. She could be a Ha Ji Won type or Angelina Jolie type actress, you know an action star!

    Hahaha! Anyway, I’m enjoying the ride so far. The randomness doesn’t bother me since MW is supposed to be totally random when she gets her head into it. I wanted more scenes of MW and CR but, hey, that’s ok! MW and KW scenes are good too.

  24. Ugh, I’m kind of mad I read this. It was doing pretty well. I wouldn’t want this to go the direction M3 went (you know where the writers go on crack.)

    The writers probably had to figure out a way to get Myung-wol back into Kang-woo’s sphere I guess. And we all know that Myung-wol doesn’t take no for an answer. Hopefully it plays out well.

  25. Ok, she must do something, right? Or she would die. She wants to be an actress, she’ll be trainee -> maybe 2 years pass when she debut? Don’t you know K-industry?

  26. At least your translation makes WAAAY more sense in English than the first one I found.

    May I quote it (with attribution) on a post of my own?

    Somehow, this makes Kang-Woo seem like an idiot, but at least he’s showing the same insanity that had him allowing his bodyguard to stay in his house with him, when she’s young and female…

    Seriously. How is spending more time with your crush the way to get over them? Heh. So naive, the little Lee Kang-Woo-ah.

    Ms. Agency is really the lynchpin of all this madness, I don’t understand her decisions at ALL, but at least they cause funny things to happen, so I’m good. I’m good.

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