SMAP Kicks Off its 20th Anniversary Tour in Beijing

Didja all know 2011 is the 20th anniversary of SMAP? I sure didn’t. Somehow it seems like the boys-to-men have been around much longer than that. But in boyband age, especially in Asian boyband age, it might as well be a centennial in terms of it’s significance. If they play their cards right, they can very well be the Rolling Stones of Asia.

To kick off their 20th Anniversary pan-Asian concert tour, SMAP purposely picked Beijing to be their kick-off city. The concert was held on Friday to hordes of happy Chinese fans eager to see a great show. KimuTaku and co. apparently made quite a great impression at the press tour, and performed three Chinese songs. LOL, that’ll be interesting to hear. As their surprise guest, SMAP conjured up top model Lin Chi Ling from a box and she proceeded to shimmy and shake alongside the group. Anything for her Moon Lover, nee?

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency and weibo via Baidu SMAP bar]


SMAP Kicks Off its 20th Anniversary Tour in Beijing — 10 Comments

  1. awesome… do kids even use that word anymore these days? been following them since the haircutting drama days. 20 yrs is a longtime for sure. smap is so funny… love them. can’t wait for kimura san new drama. the singing is pretty awful but love them anyway. moon lovers oh boy… lcl totally gorgeous but not a good actor.

  2. been their fans for years and yes, I knew it’s their anniversary.
    my first boyband, still the worst singer, but the best group ever!

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