Lovely Third Teaser Released for Ring Ring Bell

There hasn’t been a single misstep in anything I’ve seen from the upcoming TW-drama Ring Ring Bell with Peter Ho and Janine Chang. I just like everything I’ve seen, from stills to all three teaser trailers. The latest one gives a glimpse of second male lead Xiu Jie Ke, who is a mighty fine actor and scene stealer in drama after drama. But I have a feeling the potent chemistry between Peter and Janine will keep this drama floating even if the story turns out to be not so stellar.

Third teaser for Ring Ring Bell:

Title card: When love has dissipated, leaving only a side-dish-girl getting worn down by rice/oil/soy sauce (i.e. life’s daily necessities).

Xiu Je Ke: Xiao Xian, what I want right now is freedom.

Janine Chang: Our family has broken up, but Xiao Xian mommy will keep working hard.

Title card: Encountering sincerity, even a side-dish can become a main course.

Peter Ho: I trust that you will be a great mom to Do Do.


Lovely Third Teaser Released for Ring Ring Bell — 5 Comments

  1. omg this better be a good drama!! hope it does not get draggy at the end like a lot of other taiwan dramas… got my favourite taiwanese actors!! Janine Chang and Xiu Jie Kai!!! both from black and white:D:D

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