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I’m glad The Moon that Embraces the Sun has fantasy elements, because it’s going to take a huge leap of logic for me to accept that everyone who loves and has seen young Yeon Woo’s face in the drama to not immediately recognize adult Yeon Woo. I hate it when a story posits that after a time jump when a child turns into an adult, suddenly they are unrecognizeable. Gar, so not true. In the book, Hwon and Yeon Woo never met face to face when they were kids, so I totally get that he doesn’t recognize the adult her. But here, I’m going to have to smell my fantasy salts a few more times and chuck logic out the window to enjoy the show. Episode 7 looks fantastic, with tons of stuff happening that might make me miss the kids a little bit less. I’ve translated the video preview dialogue below.

Preview for episode 7:

Nok Young: When I am not here, when strangers come, you must hide. Do not let anyone see your face, do not make eye contact with anyone.

Unknown man: You still have that child in your heart?

Yang Myung: It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t even think of me. In the next life, please, can she only look at me?

Wol: I know, I know what that person in my memories is.

Hwon: Is there someone you are waiting for? In the past, could you have met me before?


Video Preview for Episode 7 of MoonSun — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you. Can’t wait.
    It seems there is some recognition happening. Even if Wol seems familiar they wouldn’t think its possibly YW …they know she died & was buried.
    Just the thought of them puzzled over Wol’s identity until the truth is revealed is exciiting.
    But then the Q dowager…! Well…I’ll just watch & enjoy.

  2. Just want to give a slightly different version of the dialogue:

    Nok Young: If a stranger makes a visit when I am not here, you must hide. You should never create ties with anyone.
    Hwon(I think): You still have that child in your heart?
    Yang Myung: It doesn’t matter if you didn’t come to see me. In the next life, please look at me first.
    Wol: I found out… who that person in my recalled memory earlier was.
    Hwon: Is there someone you are waiting for? In the past, could you have met me before?

    I think I can let go of the fact that they don’t think Wol is the adult YW because, first, everyone thinks she’s dead, and secondly, Wol lost her memory (I don’t know how long it will last but at least initially she won’t know exactly who they are even if she happens to subconsciously recognize them (although it seems like she only recognizes Hwon and therefore sees him first.. so sad for YM) so she’ll treat them like strangers, which will deter them from confirming their suspicion that Wol might be YW.

  3. Of course no one is going to recognize adult YW. Along with her memory, she lost a couple of moles (on her face) and magically grew one on her nose.

  4. 1. In the book they never met yet Hwon is madly in love with her? Whoa there, suspension of disbelief, you are broken!

    2. I don’t think many people would recognize my 13-yr-old self as myself now. I mean, some resemblance is not enough to go “of course, they must be the same person” imo.

    • Actually, I find the love story in the book more realistic and poignant. Back then, the Crown Prince wouldn’t have been able to venture out of the Palace, nor was he allowed to meet his future Crown Princess beforehand until the wedding. His falling in love with Yeon Woo via letters and poems was lovely and romantic, sorta like how it’s possible nowadays for people to connect via the internet and possibly fall for someone’s personality before even meeting in person. In the book, it also reminded me of 4th and RX in BBJX, the way they fell in love via intelligent discourse and lovely writing. Hwon also knew that YW looked a lot like the beautiful Yeom, her older brother. But above all else, the two kids fell in love with each other’s spirit and mind. I find it really sweet, in that only-in-fiction way. 🙂

    dude, this is intense, i can already see them fall in love with each other <3 poor older bro… sigh

  6. I already anticipated a preview, but didn’t think it was going to be this! I can’t wait! Thanks again ockoala for the first hand info!

  7. I can’t recognize all my colleagues from 1st to 8th grades(same age as the kids in this drama) whether I meet them on the street or try to recognize them on their facebook pages… at least not the ones transferred in the 6th grade… I spent 2 to 8 years with people I can’t recognize after 17 years even I have their childhood photos. I do remember vividly some of them yet I can’t connect their actual face with my little friends, while I can name you each leading kactor/ess I’ve ever seen since my kdrama addiction started.

    I want to watch MoonSun in a marathon but I couldn’t stay away from spoilers …. however it looked to me that Hwon saw YW before and it was pretty close:

  8. To be honest its not that much a jump in logic that the adults don’t recognize an adult Yeon Woo considering they think she is dead. I mean the only one I can see having some hope that she isn’t dead and would believe Wol is Yeon Woo would be Hwon since he is the only one that didn’t see her physically be buried, so he can convince himself that she never died and people lied to him. I mean in the case of Yang Myung, he physically saw 13yo Yeon Woo’s coffin being buried so even if he recognizes Wol it makes more sense for him to question whether she is Yeon Woo since in his memories she is buried in the ground already. Either way I am going to wait for the episode because the preview makes it seem like there is some recognition coming among each of the three leads.

    • very logical explanation.. although sometimes we think that’s the same person we used to know but considering that in our mind he/she’s dead eliminates the thought leading us to conclude that it is just our wishful thinking doing overtime..
      Haven’t seen ep7 yet but how come i feel so sad for YM..

  9. I second people’s opinions at how it would be impossible for Hwon and Yang Myung to recognize her because even if they did, and the preview definitely showed some signs of it, they think she’s dead. Everybody but Seol and Nok Young knows she’s dead. But I love that there are supernatural elements to this because it’s easier to adjust to the suspension of disbelief. It’s all magic and stuff, you guys! Hee.

    I do think you can recognize people from your childhood (my Facebook page has proven that) so I would appreciate it if the course of the story goes something like Hwon and Yang Myung know that Wol looks like Yeon Woo but can’t believe it’s her because Yeon Woo is dead. Otherwise, wouldn’t Hwon and Yang Myung also not recognize each other because they haven’t seen each other since that fight eight years ago?

    • My point exactly. Hwon and YM will clearly recognize each other immediately, so anything else with YW doesn’t make sense unless they think she looks like YW but can’t believe it’s her because of the belief that YW is dead. I hope the drama goes that way.

    • I am in agreement with caffeinated and Ms. Koala. There are people that wouldn’t be all that recognizable from youth to adulthood but various reasons. But in the case of YW, HW and YM – these are people that they have been harboring in their hearts all this time… unless YW drastically changed her look (she’s pretty much the same, except now older) – I think they would at least sense the familiarity. There are a lot of people who look like their youthful self only older. NK and Seol – they have made no effort to change the way YW looks – so all that have is that people think she’s dead, the status change (now a shaman) and the memory loss. It looks like both of them are going to figure out fast that Wol is very similar to YW. Please Show – cause I find both Hwon & YM to be very sharp and smart and emotional 🙂 They should at least suspect early on. YM even is thinking about what YW would be like today if she were alive. 🙂 But I know that this a drama – not all sense have to make sense for me to accept it.

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