Fan Snapped Spoiler Pictures for Cheongdamdong Alice and OST Download Links

While none of the cast members from Cheongdamdong Alice have rabid fans the way idol stars have that track down their drama filming schedules and always manage to provide spoilers, the fact that this drama films in popular Cheongdamdong means that it’s not hard to run into the cast there recently. Much like Mary Stayed Our All Night filmed in Hongdae to capture the indie vibe, this time CA is setting many of its scenes in and outside of Cheongdamdong hot spots like the Galleria and other ritzy joints. If I were in Korea for the holidays I’d totally stalk the cast so I can inject spoilers directly into my veins. If I actually saw a hug or a kiss I’d probably be cured of all ills instantaneously. Some fan snapped pictures of Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young filming in Cheongdamdong have been posted and something is better than nothing. I’m still chuckling that Park Shi Hoo posted on his own twitter a spoiler of the hug between him and Moon Geun Young, the one where he’s grinning broadly. Looks like the guy is thoroughly enjoying playing the role of White Rabbit-Daddy Long Legs Cha Seung Jo. As a bonus I’ve posted the download links for all three songs off the OST that have been released thus far. This is fast becoming my favorite scored drama in 2012. Love the songs and the instrumentals, though the sound director may want to lay off all the musical references every time Seung Jo does something weird. So far its funny but I worry it’ll wear out its welcome if overdone.

Download for Cheongdamdong Alice OST songs:

“Shower” by Every Single Day. A fast and fun little ditty. A bit incongruous for this drama but I love it.

“It’s Okay” by Luna from f(x). Engaging and addicting song that just lifts the mood.

“Daddy Long Legs” by Baek Ah Yeon. Haunting and lovely lightly scored ballad.


Fan Snapped Spoiler Pictures for Cheongdamdong Alice and OST Download Links — 26 Comments

  1. Thanks for the BTS pics… I’m totally crazy over the BTS clips. Seeing them shooting the scenes is so much fun especially when we can relate…

  2. Thank.You.Koala. I haven’t looked for spoilers since my crazyness over Secret Garden (until it went cra cra). Sigh, those were the days. Scrounging the internet for any tiny thing and guessing where the story was headed.

    Just for kicks, I thought about what the other two road blocks might be.

    1. Love
    2. His Family
    3. Money (that his family will give to get rid of her)

    Just my guesses.

  3. i really love this show..thanks koala for the the seung jo character..really mentally happy dude..hehe..funny!

  4. Thanks for the OST link koala. I am totally enjoying CDDA right now. I am watching it “every day”..huhu. I really like all the characters. I think there is still so much more to MGY than what she is doing as HSK now. We know she is capable of amazing things. she has a very rare talent. I am only thinking that she isn’t giving it all just yet..maybe..but to me I can relate to HSK. I know how it feels like to work hard and yet not getting anywhere simply because you are stuck in a “poor” circumstances. Yes I do. 🙂

  5. thank you soo much Koala, for very fast recap and many spoiler… love this drama so much. this drama make my Monday always fun ^^

  6. Loving this drama, the actors/acting, directing, editing and OST. Wow! Amazed at how addicted I am. I go back to re-watch scenes and I have not done this for any dramas except Faith and Damo. Thanks for the drama drugs, Kaola! Please keep giving us tidbits on CA…a week is so long to wait…ahaha.

    • I feel the same way Pam, I love everything about it. I don’t know why they make me laugh so much, but they do, and I love that…I really love that she doesn’t know who he is, this way she is really herself, no complexes, says what she wants when she wants it. I am so happy that with him she feels like herself, and with her, he is this wonderful, playful man.

  7. We are so obsessed! Haha. I love the OST! I didn’t know it was Luna or Baek Ah Yeon when I heard the two songs and I was surprised! They’re so good. I didn’t like Baek Ah Yeon on Kpop Stars but she really surprised me. Saturday, come sooner! I’ll be done with finals, hung over and ready to watch CA.

  8. Oh I am in love with OST I just watched the first episdoe drat this slow internet
    last time i was this crazy was 2 years ago with Secret garden

    So i am reading the translation of the lyrics and by tomorrow I will know all the songs

    i guess i got a new ring tone i am so down the rabbit hole

    I guess I will have to go walk araound Cheongdamdong during my vacation

  9. Miss Koala, I’ll admit that there are many opinions you discuss on this blog that I don’t agree about, but one thing I’m with you all the way on is spoilers! I’m such a spoiler ho and am glad that you always share the best spoilers with us ^__^

  10. It’s really funny how this drama shifted from the first 2 episodes being “not so very good” to “I FREAKING ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT” in the last few episodes! I pray to God that this drama keeps it’s amazing pace! =D

    Park Shi HooT is freaking dorkable! ^^

  11. Thx for the tidbits, Koala! You read my mind – i was wondering yesterday as I watched ep 5-6 (again!) where to find the OST. Thank you! 😀

  12. This drama has nice songs and great timing.. they know when to cue the right music. I also love the hilarious music that comes in when Seung Jo is being his ridiculous out-of-this-mind crazy moments. I think those moments are gonna tone down anyway, so I’m not terribly worried.

  13. just for a bit more of a spoiler. the lies will be revealed this weekend in episode 8, just read the written preview for this week…. ooo exciting

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