Retrospective on the OTP Cuteness from Rooftop Prince

Both Han Ji Min and Yoochun had two dramas apiece this year, and both of them picked well in terms of doing something diverse and different. Han Ji Min started off the year with Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat with Jung Woo Sung and afterwards rolled right into Rooftop Prince with Yoochun. He took a break between Rooftop Prince and is ending the year with Missing You, but the two RP co-stars have done one rom-com together as well as one melo. As much as y’all know how much I love Jung Woo Sung and Yoon Eun Hye, together Han Ji Min and Yoochun were just that much more perfect than with their other respective other co-stars. The plot of RF made me roll my eyes because of the sheer stupidity and loathsomeness of the two secondary evil leads, which was a shame because I loved the Joseon F4 and the OTP. This was one drama that would have been so much better if written by a competent writer, though I have to give the writer props for writing a lovely and beautiful final episode that at least made the journey worthwhile beyond all the pretty actors and good chemistry. This drama fell by the wayside for me since it aired opposite The King 2 Hearts and I was obsessed with that drama. Without the side-by-side comparison I would have probably enjoyed RP more, because recently I finished it and was able to really enjoy all the cuteness between the OTP while FFing the stupid villain plotting scenes. For once a time-travel drama ended without an excess of deux et machina or fan service, making me happy that Lee Gak and Park Ha found each other through time and perhaps could continue their love in the modern world in a different incarnation. Looking through my collection of precious and perfect OTP pictures from the drama just makes me smile like a happy loony and pray these two get to work together again. Best chemistry I’ve seen from either actor in all of their other dramas combined.


Retrospective on the OTP Cuteness from Rooftop Prince — 15 Comments

  1. I think we all have a drama in our to-watch list that’s been there forever, seems pretty awesome and is almost certain to turn into one of your favorites, yet for some reason or another you don’t seem to find time or will to watch it. This one is mine. I have loved every single fanvid and BTS pics that I’ve seen so far, and even without watching the whole thing I’ve always find the chemistry between the leads amazing. Really thought they would pull a YIN+JHW on us, kekeke. Simply adorable! One of the reasons I will definitely watch this later. One day. Not sure when. I think I’ll save this one in case something happens in the future and dramaland stops giving us awesome projects. You never know. Gotta be prepared 🙂

  2. Cutest, most adorable couple ever!! They sizzle on screen!! Till now i fondly call Lee Gak, “jeo-ha!! jeo-ha!!” whenever i watch RTP. Good times, good times.. Gak-Ha 4ever! (*´▽`*)

  3. Ehh, I always thought Han Ji Min was best with So Ji Sub, both on and off screen. I’m hoping that the persistent rumors about them dating turn out to be true.

  4. I might have to watch this one after Missing You ends. Never saw a drama from Yoo Chun before other than Missing You and he’s been earning great deal of wows and 2-thumbs up for me for his performance. I really enjoyed his occasional comedic acting from MY and I heard in Rooftop Price he’s really at it, so I’m definitely looking forward to picking this drama up once MY ends. And oh, the photos are SO CUTE. I spot a lot of unofficial couple shots there, they must have been really close to each other. Now, if only YEH and Yoo Chun would release photos like that, I would die from the couple’s blazing chemistry. 🙂

  5. weeeeeeeeeee! glad that you liked RTP. 🙂 i loved it and still loving it. Best OTP too… like the chemistry between Chunnie and Ji Min. i got so addicted when this was airing. live streaming on my lappy with K2H and my pc with RTP. eottoke, lols, i was crazy that time. hehehe

  6. Love RTP and the Fab 5. Micky and Minnie were so adorable in this drama and I too hoped they would become a real couple. Thought some of the scenes with the Prince (Micky) and his minions were some of funniest I have ever seen in any film or series. If you haven’t watched it is a wonderful love story, ..I got hooked and think finally that Cheongdamdong Alice just may fill the void left by RTP.

  7. My favorite OTP with Han Ji-min is still Kang Ji-hwan in Capital Scandal (Wannie+JoMaja 4vr!). But yeah, she and Yoochun were pretty cute. RP would’ve been a much much better drama if it had stayed in its wheelhouse of being simply fluff.

  8. rtp one of my favourite drama this year..han jimin and pak yoochun is great chemistry..altought i participated what yoochun do for current job but for drama i miss u i cant watch it..its too dramatic..too heavy to me..i dont like melo prefer simple and romcom drama..

  9. My daughter and I watched this together over the summer. Great times. The OTP here have great chemistry, but I also loved the “ducklings” (his side kicks and their hilarious struggle to be faithful to both their king and their newfound “mom” in Park Ha). So many funny bits–stealing the cake from her suitor, changing in the elevator, the panda dance! Thinking of them just makes me smile. The makjang elements with the villains became so silly that we even started laughing at them. My daughter even began to feel sorry for the would-be-murderer who couldn’t catch a break–in this time period OR 300 years ago (no names because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone). Most of the time, I fell a sense of loss at the end of a show, but am also happy for the closure. This was one of those shows where I wanted at least one more episode of happy; it was also one of those shows where I felt like I could be friends with the OTP. This does not always happen even with OTPs that I really like. The storytelling is uneven, but I still recommend it to people. Thanks for the memories and the pictures, Captain Koala.

  10. I only recently finished this drama and overall, i can say that i enjoyed the show. It was far from perfect, but i thought the lead couple’s chemistry and the hilarious Joseon F4’s antics made up for all its logic loopholes (including the pathetic Taemu). I guess being able to enjoy this show depends on what you want to see at the time that you watch it. If you are in the mood for something fluffy, then this show definitely fits the bill. As it was, i was feeling down and was longing for something fun and breezy to watch that’s why i stumbled upon this one. Thus, i was able to enjoy watching a drama that i wouldn’t have been bothered to watch 8 months ago ( Coz I was a QIH fan that time, heh). So now, i was searching for anything i could get my hands on related to RP. Thanks for this post, Koala. I also loved Yoochun and Ji Min’s chemistry. I realized that i missed the skinships in Kdramas after immersing myself for a while in the less romancey-Jdoramas (or maybe i just didn’t know where to look for a good straight up romantic Jdorama).

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