The Cast of Pretty Man Attend Drama Prayer Ceremony

In all my years and years of drama watching, I’ve yet to encounter a more preposterous and perplexing official posed shot of the leads of a drama attending the obligatory prayer ceremony. Korea still heavily practices rituals that may have shamanistic or Buddhist origins, and a prayer ceremony complete with offerings, incense, and prayer is something that occurs mostly as a formality when something important is about to start. The offerings usually include fruit, delicacies, wine, and the most eye-catching item of a whole cooked pig. When I say whole pig, I mean nose to tail on that porker is placed on a table and the prayees will put a piece of paper in its mouth after bowing. At the prayer ceremony for the upcoming drama adaptation of the manhwa Pretty Man, the cast assembled at a cafe where shooting was taking place that day. Present was Jang Geun Seok, IU, Lee Jang Woo, and Han Chae Young, still quite an odd foursome as any assembled for a K-drama. Folks shouldn’t be surprised to see Jang Geun Seok still with the same past-shoulder length locks he’s been sporting for four years now, for a self-annointed trend setter he sure as heck hasn’t been changing up his hair and is rather fallen behind on the recent rage for the side swept helmet hair. Since IU cut her hair for this role, she and Jang Geun Seok now have the same haircut for the drama. They can share styling tips and hair care products. They actually look nice together, looking like hair-twins not withstanding, but who can miss the 600 lb elephant in the picture of them above beaming from right behind the HEAD OF A PIG. I mean, which genius at KBS thought it was a swell idea to snap a picture of the two leads posted with a pig head between them like they were showing off their love child? It’s macabre to say the least, and last I check Pretty Man wasn’t some dark comedy or straight up horror. Thankfully second leads Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae Young were spared a photo op with the pig head, and I must say both of them are looking mad gorgeous as well. Jang Geun Seok aims to seduce 10 of the richest women in Korea, with Han Chae Young as his mentor, while IU is the odd 4D girl he grew up with and has the biggest one-sided crush on him, while nice guy Lee Jang Woo pines for her fruitlessly. Weird and creepy pig head picture aside, does this set up sound interesting to you?


The Cast of Pretty Man Attend Drama Prayer Ceremony — 44 Comments

  1. I think IU is probably thinking the same thing. She’s not smiling really big like usual, so I think she’s a little creeped out!

  2. Hair and piggie aside, what bugs me is the pointy chin of the male lead: Even more pointy that the one of the women on those pics. I hope that the ‘jaw shaving’ rage hasn’t reached the men’s territory cause it’s just not manly to me…
    Yep, second male lead syndrome, here I come. (If I ever decide to watch this, which is not sure at the moment).

    • Too late, if Kim Bum, JGS and now Lee Min-ho are anything to go by.

      the hair and piggy don’t bother me, but his jawline definitely does, it looks unnatural. I’m A-ok with plastic surgery that isn’t too obvious/doesn’t detract from the features of the person getting it, and JGS looked 100 times better with his YAB-era face.

      • [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

        JKS pre YAB pics already shows that he has very pointy chin.

      • Yes he had the pointy chin, but I am not talking about the chin – he had a far more angular jawline back then, and before anyone starts about weight loss, weight loss usually —-> a face becoming MORE angular in that area, not less!

    • now all that’s left to do re: the jaw shaving is pray that our own male biases (in my case, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-seok and the White Christmas boys) don’t succumb to it.

      I’m fine with PS if someone’s features were genuinely getting in the way of being photogenic/camera-friendly as an actor, but when people who looked perfectly fine already go ahead and get tweaks, or don’t know where to stop, it makes me want to cry.

      • I’ve been following Jang Geun Suk since 2008 from Hong Gil Dong, never missed a day without checking a news about him. I can assure all of you he never did any type of PS. Him having a narrow chin is one of his known features since he was younger, having a long hair just make it more pronounced.

  3. Dear lord, as soon as I opened the page I was horrified at that picture with the pig head! That really disgusts me (I’m a vegetarian).

    I’m still not over the fact that it was IU who cut off her beautiful hair and not JGS. Urgh! I was crossing my fingers so he’d finally shed those locks! And IU looked 100 times prettier with her long hair.

  4. That pig is So. Creepy. What makes it creepier is that it’s real.

    But everything aside, I don’t understand why JGS doesn’t just do what 90% of drama fans are asking of him. It’s not that complicated to get a damn haircut! I guess the point is that he lives in his own made rules and doesn’t really gives a rats ass for everyone’s opinions.

    Everyone does want the best for him though. And it’s not long hair that’s best! He’s so charismatic, when I look at him and try to blind eye his hair, I still almost see the old him in there somewhere. So I hope he can bring I back so many of us can get back to liking him.

  5. I have great liking for stories where girl falls in love first and for that reason, plus the cast (a relatively newbie here and I really don’t know why people have odd views about JGS now…I liked him in You’re Beautiful) has made me look forward to Pretty Man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah, I love stories where the girls fall first, guy fails to notice and then comes back groveling at the end *evil smirk* but it seems like most viewers see that scenario as degrading? Which is kind of bizarre to me, but different strokes for different folks.

    • Yeah, not to mention the (un)requited love between the two leads before the happy ever after that always gets me in the gut. Case in point: It started with a kiss. My trusty bucket is always here to catch my tears at all the angst and pining though I draw the line at all the makjang, incurable illnesses and the like.

  6. Rituals involving slaying animals can’t be of Buddhist origins. They are most likely shamanistic.

    Anyway, what’s more alarming is that if Pighead is the offering for appeasing some superior powers, then taking funny pictures with it is certainly not auspicious and offensive. ๐Ÿ™

  7. I didnt even notice the pig until Ms. Koala pointed it out, I had to scroll back up to see it LOL! I was to busy laughing at the fact that the female lead (IU) has shorter her than JGS, maybe the will be swapping hair care tips..

  8. Yeah, animal sacrifices are not Buddhist in origin. In fact, releasing live animals so they can be free is one of Buddhist traditions. I thought that was a cake made to look like a pig. I can’t believe they release that picture, Kpop being international and all.

  9. correct me if I am wrong but my junior tells me that precious pretty boy JGS promised his fans that he is losing this long hair thingy soon.

    • What with the chemistry? They’re not scenes from the drama. Jang Keun Suk had outstanding chemistry with all his co-stars in his past dramas, with Park Shin Hye, Moon Geun Young, Yoonah & even with an older actresses like Kim Ha Neul, Lee Ji Ah. I have no doubt at all in his ability to draw out that chemistry with his co-star. We cannot judge their chemistry based on those photos above, we do have to see the drama before we can tell. But I’m sure they will be cute & funny together & will have awesome chemistry.

      As for his hair please be patient he will cut it soon.

      @ms koala JGS did have a break from his long locks of hair, September 2011 when he started filming for Love Rain.

      • you are so right . totally agree i really hate when people judge on something b4 it happens , and like you said jks has awesome chemistry with all his co stars and i’m sure he will have agreat one with iu and all the 10 ladies in the drama ๐Ÿ™‚ , he is indeed a pro and really wish all best for this drama as for his hair the production team said he will cut it soon and he was only filming a scene from five years ago .

      • How can we forget Ha ji Won and yuri from Hwang ji ni and Hong Gil dong Respectively with whom he had also won the Best couple Awards.
        JGS sure has or atleast brings the best of his partner at some point of time in his dramas.

  10. Can Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae Young be in another drama please? And can I say how lovely she looks? She is just stunning and being a new mother and all. I LOVE her. I want this drama to be a success for her sake and for all the actresses who are parents.

    I’d like to fantasize that I looked this good when my kids were 2 months old, but who are we kidding? I was lucky if I got to wash my hair.
    Okay, I am going to be honest. I didn’t look that good on my wedding day. She is just gorgeous.

  11. Eeeeeeessssssshhhh! The whole “JGS Hair Cut” Debates goin on everywhere am more pissed off at these debates than the mashed up plot (Which actually has to be the biggest concern)

    God! This is soo annoying.

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