Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6 Recap

Drama crack has arrived! I’ve been waiting and waiting, like a thirsty traveler in the desert waiting to quench my drama soul with something that captivates me both mind and heart. With episode 6 of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice), this drama is officially drama crack for me. Expect lots and lots of posts from here until it ends, complete with previews and spoilers and whatever goodies I can get my hands on. As the ratings keep dropping, conversely my love keeps increasing. The roads are endless for the four leads to take, but my heart knows the end is clear for everyone involved. The myriad conversations in this episode was excellent, both in throwing future Mi Rae’s objective into question as well as bring Shin and Mi Rae closer together. It has been awhile since I’ve come across an OTP this adult in interaction with each other. I worried that their first meeting being so contentious we would see Mi Rae and Shin bicker their way towards love, but that’s not true at all. They are falling in love through spending time together, sharing their fears and dreams, opening themselves up by revealing candid and raw emotions that doesn’t feel too fast or unwarranted.

Forget that Se Joo seems like a pale washed out version of Shin when I stack them up against each other, acting and camera presence, what is revealed so undeniably in this episode is that Se Joo and Yoo Kyung are replicas of what Shin and Mi Rae share. When Se Joo is with Mi Rae he’s just putting on a poor VJ act, but the real Se Joo encompasses his arrogant and cold chaebol side. Even theoretically there is no viable romance between him and Mi Rae when both are keeping something from each other. Future Mi Rae can prevent events from happen if she meddles, but love is something that is outside her control. I can’t believe she would even do this because it feels so futile. If she and Kim Shin fell in love in the original time line during her hospital stay (which can’t have been that long), how could she expect her younger self to avoid falling for him again? This drama hits everything out of the park for me, from the deft toddling of the romance narrative blended into the network and workplace situations, the characters are all transforming before our eyes and showing us that choice is indeed a very powerful weapon. Shin and Mi Rae are making their own futures and I’m 100% onboard the redux of their journey.

Episode 6 recap:

Future Mi Rae directs Kim Shin, Mi Rae, and Oppa outside and shows them the awe inspiring scene of lightening striking the Namsan Tower. Miranda also looks outside and the scene confirms what future Mi Rae told her that something incredible could be seen. Shin is dumbstruck and asks future Mi Rae if she knew beforehand?

Future Mi Rae gets a call from Oppa and Mi Rae who wished she told them in advance so they could shoot it. Future Mi Rae tells them about a subway fire two days from now at 7 am. A man in a red hat will set a fire that will kill over 100 people. This is an exclusive and they should go shoot it. Mi Rae screams into the phone, calling future Mi Rae crazy for telling them to shoot a scene when people are going to die.

Shin shakes his head and says he doesn’t believe in fortune telling or seeing the future. And even if future Mi Rae is right, this involves people’s lives! Even if he’s a newscaster or desperately wants to make money, the important thing is stopping this incident from happening, not going there to report it. Could I love you even more Shin? No wonder Mi Rae can’t help falling for you. Shin asks if future Mi Rae thinks he’s been so warped by news and money that he will build his career on people’s lives being at stake? Future Mi Rae looks very disturbed as if Shin’s words is opening her eyes to who he is.

Mi Rae goes to the cops to report the future subway terror incident and is laughed out of there as being drunk and crazy. Oppa calls PD Lee and tells him to go to the subway station to review CCTV footage for a man in a red hat. PD Lee sees footage of a man tossing flammable liquid in the subway but his face is obscured.

The Morning Team gathers in the video room to discuss what to do next. Shin wants to go catch the dude in the act but Mi Rae offers to go since Shin has an image to protect. She’s so feisty and plans to bite the dude but Oppa refuses. The senior writer calls her family to warn them against taking the subway that day.

Se Joo drops a video tape on the ground and suggests they use the show for a morning broadcast from the subway station. Se Joo calls Yoo Kyung and asks her to use her aegyo to beg the station head to let them broadcast from there.

Shin stops Se Joo and says the idea is good but impractical. A subway station has too many people and the subway head won’t agree. Oppa pokes his head out and says they are running out of time so any idea needs to be tried. Se Joo gets a text from his minion that it’s all been arranged with the subway. Yoo Kyung practices her aegyo and then goes in to ask for the favor and is told the arrangements have already been made.

Shin gets a call from Yoo Kyung that it’s all arranged and she doesn’t know how. Shin asks Se Joo if he did anything but Oppa doesn’t care as long as they can do it. Oppa orders the team to fan out, saving lives is the priority, the program comes second.

As everyone is fanning out, Shin asks Se Joo just how powerful of a backer does he have? Se Joo defuses the inquiry with a joke and says their program now can garner high ratings. Shin chides him about mentioning ratings when people’s lives are at stake. Se Joo sighs and tells Shin that this is still a business network and saving people’s lives may be important, but the network’s bottom line is still about ratings. Se Joo, dude, you are totally losing me here.

Se Joo is with Yoo Kyung scoping out the subway station and he tells her about the prediction that a fire will happen. The two writers are sent to see if fire trucks will be willing to be parked outside the station. The PDs are checking out the station and seeing how many fire extinguishing equipment is inside. They hold up a lighter to a sprinkler to see how quickly they can activate it.

Oppa and Shin are discussing what to say on the program. Shin thinks they should tell the truth that future Mi Rae told them about a terror attack. Otherwise how to explain the coincidence that they are filming the subway station preparing for a fire drill and then a real fire happened and everyone was prepared to put it out. Oppa says if they tell the truth, it will never be aired. Shin says lying to the audience is wrong.

Oppa is fed up and tells Shin to stop making it difficult for them. Because of Shin they are all going to be sent down to the countryside soon. And here he is spouting high and mighty principles. Oppa storms off and tells Shin to live with his principles and stop pushing it on everyone else. Shin sighs and relents, telling Oppa he’ll do the broadcast from the station. Oppa’s great idea is for Shin to be a rider on the subway and casually arrive when the fire happens and he can report on it. Shin refuses the lie that he coincidentally took the subway there, the rest he can go along with. Oppa agrees.

Oppa asks if Shin wants anything else and he asks for Mi Rae to accompany him. Oppa wants him to take the senior writer but Shin says she needs to modify the script as the scene happens and the other junior VJs are all busy. Oppa asks why Shin specifically wants Mi Rae, and Shin asks Oppa why he specifically refuses to let him take Mi Rae? LOL, boys boys boys, let the girl talk. Right on cue, Mi Rae arrives and wants to go with Shin.

Oppa tries to use to Team Leader authority but both Mi Rae and Shin says that she is learning from him. He’s overruled and Shin takes Mi Rae to scope out the subway station a day early.

As Shin and Mi Rae walk around the station, Shin confesses that he’s really weak at times. A part of him wishes there really is a fire so they report it, and maybe he won’t be sent down to the countryside where he can’t even be an anchor. So even in the most preposterous of possibilities, he’s grasping at this straw. He call himself as pathetic as a beggar, thinking of himself at a time like this.

Mi Rae consoles him that if he’s sent away the entire program can’t go on. Mi Rae can see through what he’s doing – if this is a chance to save the show for everyone, Shin’s willing to relax his principles and come to the subway to do the show live and help catch the perp. Shin gruffly refuses to admit he’s relaxed his principles. Mi Rae asks why he’s always pretending to be the bad guy, always pushing people away. To keep people away he’s put in so much effort to keep up his prickly front.

Shin says getting close to others only complicates things since he’s not going to use his connection or relationship with them to ask for help. It makes things harder for him and affects his principles. Mi Rae asks why he’s close to Yoo Kyung then? Shin says she’s very direct and refreshing. Mi Rae gets jealous and kneels down before an open door to take pictures and shoots Shin a pouty look.

Shin comes over and asks why she’s so close to Park Se Joo then? Ahahahaha, LOL these two are peas in the same pod indeed. Mi Rae says the exact same answer – because he’s direct and refreshing. Shin asks if she’s dating Se Joo? Mi Rae turns and asks if he wishes she was dating Se Joo? Shin can’t tell the truth so he says yes, she and Se Joo are very suited for each other. Mi Rae looks hurt and asks why he wanted to bring her along when the senior writer could do just as well? Shin can’t answer and Mi Rae presses on if he does this for anyone – takes them around the network and gives them lessons and play basketball? Oh god I hope not, that would make wuri Shin a player extraordinaire.

Shin finally says that Mi Rae is special. She looks shocked and Shin asks if that was what she wanted to hear? Sorry but he is helping because she’s so terrible at this that he wants to train her as quickly as possible. Ugh, would it kill you to tell her the truth! Mi Rae turns to the door and almost steps off the platform but Shin grabs her and pulls her back. He stares and finally tells her that he’s never done this with anyone before. Mi Rae smiles and wipes her tears away and then toddles off after him. Guh, I love these two so so so much.

Future Mi Rae tries calling Mi Rae and can’t get through, so she calls Oppa and finds out that Mi Rae is with Kim Shin right now. She gets a call from Miranda but she cuts her off since she’s rushing to find Mi Rae and Shin. Miranda looks annoyed but I could care less.

Future Mi Rae finds Mi Rae in the control room and asks why she wants to go with Shin to the subway tomorrow. Mi Rae wants to help and would feel guilty because she knows what will happen and didn’t help. Future Mi Rae is fine with the helping but says she needs to be with Se Joo and not spending more time with Shin.

Mi Rae asks if she married Shin now, would their lives still be ruined? Good question. Future Mi Rae says yes, she is Mi Rae in the future. Mi Rae says no, she is not the same as future Mi Rae. She is brave and resolute, her personality has changed because of future Mi Rae. But future Mi Rae insists that Kim Shin’s personality hasn’t changed so even if Mi Rae is different their lives would still be ruined together. Ugh, shut the fuck up, witch.

Mi Rae says Kim Shin has changed, in the past he would have never lowered his principles to do this program. Nor would he step up to do it in lieu of putting his colleagues in danger. Future Mi Rae looks surprised and thought Kim Shin was being forced to go. Mi Rae says yes, the Kim Shin who always thought he was right is now willing to bend to the level of others. This is a huge change already.

Shin is walking around muttering about how ridiculous it is to do a program based on a future prediction? But then he remembers how his colleagues all think his way has made their lives harder at the network. He thinks that as long as the fire happens tomorrow, then the program will be validated. But he then chides himself for being crazy as to want a fire to happen and slaps himself a few times. He is so confused.

Oppa is on the roof telling himself that all he wants to do is save lives, forget about pretending to do a good program. But then he thinks he can do both. Mi Rae gets ready to head out and future Mi Rae tells her to be super careful. Mi Rae is very confident and tells her not to worry and leaves. The two PDs are in the station getting confirmation from the head that the sprinklers have recently been checked. Turns out that perp is one of the maintenance workers and he turns off the sprinklers and then puts on a red hat.

It’s morning time and the young pretty boy news anchor that replaced Shin for the prime time broadcast is doing the Morning Show. He lies that Shin is late today because he’s taking the subway to work so he’s filling in. Shin watches it from the subway with Mi Rae and is upset the program isn’t telling the truth about where he is. Oppa is in the control room and future Mi Rae walks inside.

The program staff is telling passengers to turn back because there is a fire drill happening today. Yoo Kyung and Se Joo are together with the station staff and the firefighters. They are on the lookout for someone with a red hat. Oppa radios Shin, who is on the subway with Mi Rae. Future Mi Rae flashes back to watching the news on the morning of the terror attack and hearing that the fire started in the subway car.

Shin and Mi Rae prepare to get off and he reminds her that if something happens, they need to save lives first and not broadcast. The guy with the red hat gets on the same subway car with Shin and Mi Rae and she spots him and alerts Shin. Future Mi Rae tells Oppa that the fire happened IN the subway car and not at the subway station, which throws their plans in disarray since they were prepared for the fire in the station.

The red hat perp takes out a bottle of flammable liquid and douses the subway car. Oppa tells Yoo Kyung and Se Joo and they scramble to react. Oppa says Shin and Mi Rae as well as the subway passengers are all in danger. The passengers start running away and the perp lights the fire. Shin uses his body to shield Mi Rae.

The perp runs off and Shin runs after him. He tells Mi Rae to run for safety with the rest of the passengers. But Mi Rae grabs her cell phone and runs after Shin to film him chasing the perp. The train pulls into the station and the frantic passengers rush out. Oppa turns on the camera and finds it recording from the ground of the subway car with no Mi Rae or Shin in sight.

The Morning Team sees passengers running out and hears the fire fighters say that the water supply has been turned off in the subway station so they can’t access it. Se Joo asks where the water supply box is and runs off. Oppa calls Mi Rae and gets a hold of her and sees that she’s running out of the subway while filming.

Shin keeps chasing the perp while Mi Rae is running behind them. The young news anchor can’t read the hastily re-written cue cards properly about the fire in the subway and hilariously tries to turn his head to read it and mouth the words. Se Joo is let into the water tank room but finds it locked. Yoo Kyung finds him and has brought someone with the key. They walk in and find it’s been chained.

The perp is finally cornered by Shin and they start to tussle on the ground while Mi Rae is filming. Oppa tells the news anchor to start reporting. The footage is aired live of Shin trying to restrain the perp. The news anchor is so incompetent he reports it like he’s calling a boxing match, which pisses off Oppa in the control room.

Shin finally notices Mi Rae recording and he tells her to stop. The perp warns them to stop recording and pushes them away, which causes an electronic billboard to fall on Mi Rae. Shin goes to help but she says she’s okay and tosses her phone at Shin and tells him to not let the perp get away. Shin promises to come back for her.

Se Joo and Yoo Kyung try to cut the chains on the water tank. Shin finally corners the perp and records his face and tells him this is a live broadcast and the entire nation is watching him. The perp threatens to immolate himself and Shin at the same time, but the authorities sneak up behind him and apprehend him. Shin takes a deep breath and runs back for Mi Rae.

Mi Rae is so scared pinned under the billboard which is starting to rain sparks on her. Shin returns and lifts the billboard and tells her to quickly pull herself free. Se Joo and Yoo Kyung unchain the tank and unlock the water control valve.

Shin pulls Mi Rae to safety right as the billboard catches fire. Suddenly the sprinklers turn on above them and douses the fire. Se Joo runs out looking for Mi Rae. Mi Rae and Shin sit on the ground staring at each other and at the water coming down on them. They both smile in relief.

Se Joo runs down into the station and stops when he sees Mi Rae and Shin sitting across from each other. Yoo Kyung runs down behind him and also sees this. She stops Se Joo from bothering them since he can see that they are fine. Shin and Mi Rae just came back from the edge of death and right now the time belongs to the two of them. There is no room for Se Joo and Yoo Kyung to interrupt right now. Awwww Yoo Kyung, you rock.

Se Joo nods and then walks away, with Yoo Kyung looking at him with concern.

Mi Rae and Shin smile and stare at each other. He apologizes for putting her in danger. Mi Rae says she wanted to come. Shin realized something right now, which is what Mi Rae can’t die. She can never die. He smiles and wipes the water from her eyes while Mi Rae processes what he just said.

Oppa calls Shin’s phone and he answers and puts her on the video feed to assure Oppa that she is fine. Future Mi Rae looks relieved as well. It’s the final segment of the show and Mi Rae and Shin both get up. Mi Rae holds Shin’s phone and films him doing the broadcast live.

Shin tells the viewers the truth, that the program got a tip that a fire would break out in the subway with over 100 deaths. They orchestrated this program to save lives, but their plans may have caused even more danger. The perp changed the location of the fire to the subway car instead but thankfully no one was hurt.

Shin says “The future. Fate. It is something scary and beyond what we can prepare for. But the future can change because of a sudden decision. The future is not determined. Your choice determines the future.” Mi Rae holds the camera phone and looks very touched by Shin as he says this. Future Mi Rae also watches this broadcast. Can we have a minute here to absorb the powerful symbolism of this scene – while future Mi Rae schemes to end Shin’s news anchor career, here is present Mi Rae literally holding the camera (the device that transforms Shin into an anchor) in her hands and letting Shin be the man in front of the camera that audiences deserve to see, honest and courageous.

Miranda watches the news and hears that Shin’s broadcast and statements have caused a groundswell of audience reaction all supporting his principles and courage. Turns out no one died in this incident. Miranda quietly calls off suspending the Morning Show and sending all the staff to the countryside.

The Morning Show team gathers for a celebratory dinner and PD Lee is the first to toast Shin and thank him for keeping them from being sent to the countryside. He apologizes for what he said before. Shin pours him a drink back for working hard which shocks everyone that Shin would commend others. Senior writer Bae says today’s dinner should be called “Kim Shin’s change” and the staff joke about when he started being so annoying when he was a kid? Mi Rae gestures for Shin to smile at the ribbing and he forces a pained grin for her.

Shin tells Oppa that he’s forgiven him for changing the opening of today’s show. Writer Bae laughs that in the past, Shin would have punched out Oppa already for defying his orders. Mi Rae asks where Se Joo and Yoo Kyung went? Writer Bae says Yoo Kyung went to the birthday bash for a CEO’s grandson and Se Joo said he would be here later. Writer Bae reveals Yoo Kyung went to university to make connections and that is how she’s now invited to VIP events.

Yoo Kyung arrives at the night club for the birthday bash holding her invitation. She walks inside to see all the young and rich lounging around. She goes to greet a female news anchor who asks why she is here. This is the news anchor that used to be Shin’s co-anchor and he derided on air was out there to marry a chaebol.

The lights go down and the birthday boy arrives on stage to cut his cake. Yoo Kyung is clapping until she realizes everyone is waving and singing a song for him. The guy walks over to shake everyone’s hand. Yoo Kyung grimaces and thinks to herself whether this guy thinks he’s a movie star, even Obama wouldn’t have a party like this. I love this girl more and more.

PD Lee sends Mi Rae out to find another place for their second gathering. Shin sees her and follows. A bouncer grabs Mi Rae outside a club and tries to drag her inside. She tries to get away but the guy is persistent. Shin walks up and pulls the guy’s hand off Mi Rae and chastises him for speaking all wrong, correcting his pronunciation and diction.

Shin pulls Mi Rae off and the bouncer yells at Shin for daring to correct him  and starts cursing. Mi Rae tells Shin they should just leave. Shin heads back and gets all up in the guy’s face and tells him that he is not looking down on the bouncer today. The bouncer has a legit job and is working hard at it, Shin thinks that is very commendable for someone so young. But he needs to be careful and not use such language and upset others. The bouncer stammers a yes.

Shin and Mi Rae walk away and he pauses and asks her if he did well back there. She smiles and gives him two thumbs up and says he did well. Shin nods and says he’ll go with her to find another bar for the group, keeping her company. As they walk, Mi Rae rubs her hands because its cold and he asks if her hand injury is okay? Mi Rae is fine but Shin is upset at himself for not yelling louder for her to get away. Mi Rae asks why he wants her to go away and Shin says he doesn’t because he’ll think about her.

Mi Rae notices their hands are very close as they walk and scoffs at what he said. Shin looks down at their hands and then just takes her hand. Shin puts it in his pocket and says he won’t think about her anymore now. Shin smiles and just walks off with Mi Rae’s hand in his hand and in his pocket.

Future Mi Rae walks behind them and sees this scene.

Yoo Kyung sees Se Joo at the VIP party but he’s wearing sunglasses and a suit. Dude, a guy who wears glasses indoor AND at night is a total douchebag, no matter the occasion. The rich friends even ask him why he’s wearing glasses in the dark. Se Joo doesn’t want to be recognized, which makes it less stupid a reason to wear the sunglasses.

Se Joo stands up and sees Yoo Kyung staring at him looking very upset. They walk towards each other and she takes off his sunglasses. Se Joo stares at her and HOMG this is a hot scene. These two need to make out soon. Yoo Kyung calls him the next Chairman of the Group and Se Joo doesn’t deny it.

Se Joo has changed back to his regular day clothes and walks out to his car with Yoo Kyung waiting for him. He opens the door for her to get in but she doesn’t, instead asking if he’s not going to give a speech. Se Joo says they need to go to the team gathering. Yoo Kyung doesn’t think he belongs with them at the Morning Team, this is all just his disguise. Se Joo apologizes for lying but he doesn’t want to be like his grandmother and wants to understand the industry he’s going to be managing.

Yoo Kyung says she’s not going to reveal the truth since she wants to keep her job. Se Joo smiles and tells her that nothing will happen to her, he’s merely asking that she keep his secret for him. He specifically asks Yoo Kyung to keep the truth from Mi Rae. If she knew the truth then she would run away. She’s too innocent. Yoo Kyung asks why his chaebol status matters. Se Joo explains too many women have approached him because of his money. Se Joo drives Yoo Kyung back to the studio and she stares at him in the silent drive.

They pull up and Se Joo calls the team to let them know that they are on their way. Se Joo can tell Yoo Kyung isn’t in a good mood and asks again that she keep his secret. Yoo Kyung forces a light smile and teases that she wants to speak to a chaebol in banmal, so she’ll keep his secret if they keep speaking in banmal. He agrees and there are back being friendly with each other.

Se Joo goes to join the team first and Yoo Kyung fairly has to catch herself with the knowledge that Park Se Joo is the next owner of YBS. She goes to buy gum and sadly asks the cashier if chaebols also chew gum? As she’s walking out, she bumps into future Mi Rae who drops her bag. Future Mi Rae recognizes Yoo Kyung, who remembers her as the fortune teller who predicted Kim Shin would be all over. Yoo Kyung picks up Mi Rae’s journal and asks why she has something belonging to Na Mi Rae? Future Mi Rae says her name is also Na Mi Rae and then runs off with the journal.

Se Joo walks into the network and sees Mi Rae on the phone. She notices him and gestures for him to join her on the bench. He walks over and sits down. She finishes the call and turns to greet him. He asks if her injury is all better and she assures him she is. Mi Rae thanks him for turning on the sprinklers in the subway because everyone is talking about it.

Se Joo says he’s all achy because he was running around to save someone and yelling for help. He asks her to massage a bit and she agrees. Shin arrives at that moment and spots Se Joo and Mi Rae happily chatting on the bench. He stops himself from going over.

Thoughts of Mine:

I LOVE THIS DRAMA! Okay, now that is out of the way, I was in no way expecting episode 6 to be this level of awesome. Setting aside the preposterousness of the entire broadcast from the subway station, because that requires the same level of suspension of disbelief as future Mi Rae taking a rickety elevator time machine to the past. A semblance of reality this drama does not have, but as a fictional contemplation of choice and destiny it has done a great job of setting up the stakes and then slowly moving everyone through the minefield. The events moving the plot forward may be silly, but I love how all the characters are thinking and behaving. When I connect with the characters is when I love a drama, and I’ve finally connected with Mi Rae and have long ago fallen in love with Shin, so the light bulb flipped on for the OTP today and it’s going to be a fast train towards angst and hope from here on out. For 5 episodes, future Mi Rae has been calling the shots and present Mi Rae mostly feels reactive, though she does stand up for herself here and there. She’s still spazzy at times, clueless in others, and rather half-heartedly going through the motions of what future Mi Rae has set up for her. Her heart isn’t into seducing Se Joo, and she can’t keep herself away from Kim Shin, and in the back of her mind is that dire warning of future Mi Rae that picking Shin means a lifetime of misery. I don’t blame her for having doubts and hesitation. So far she’s doing all the rational things in the face of so much unknown, but that also makes her devoid of the strength of choice we love in our strong heroines. The ladies who say “I love him and I’ll fight for that right to love!”

That finally changed in this episode when present Mi Rae finally turned the tables on future Mi Rae. There is no way future Mi Rae will know that if this Mi Rae marries Kim Shin, their life will be a disaster together. Shin has already changed, and so has she. This happened because of future Mi Rae’s meddling, but the changes in their outlook will affect the decisions they make. The Kim Shin who supposedly won’t compromise on principles already has, so what’s to say he won’t yet again compromise if faced with the same hard choice in the future that resulted in Mi Rae’s life of hard work and toil. Her words gave future Mi Rae pause, and I wonder yet again if there is more she’s not telling us. Future Mi Rae seems so insistent on changing Shin’s future as a news anchor as well as getting Mi Rae to end up with a rich guy, preferably Se Joo. Is this inconsistency in writing, or has the writer planned more reveals down the line? I felt like it’s taken 6 episodes for the two Mi Raes to start resembling each other a bit more, for so long I felt like watching two completely unrelated individuals interact. While much could have changed future Mi Rae’s personality, I couldn’t see even a common core between the two versions. Now I do, because if future Mi Rae has the balls to undertake a danger time travel endeavor, it makes sense present Mi Rae would dare to marry Kim Shin in this time line as well even knowing the stakes.

I was basically squeeing through every single Shin-Mi Rae scene in this episode. They keep building on their relationship in revealing their feelings and thoughts, with nary an ulterior motive or hidden agenda. Just two adults, attracted to each other, doing the clumsy and not-so-clumsy dance to spend time together. The entire Morning Show can tell as well, and poor Oppa can’t even do anything about it. I would feel bad for Se Joo but Mi Rae really isn’t doing anything to lead him on other than making one attempt to hang out to ascertain her feelings. And I think she’s ascertained it pretty thoroughly, with the way she almost started crying when Shin refused to admit he was purposely spending time with her. And when he did, her beaming smile was so delightful to see, because who can argue with the way a heart just blossoms when interest is reciprocated. Shin is such a complicated character and I’m of the mind that the screenwriter is madly in love with him the way she writes his scenes complete with self-doubt and struggle. He’s not perfect, but he’s layered and self-aware. He’s chosen to be difficult in the past to stay true to himself, but is capable of change when he is faced with tough choices. They way he put the lives of people above ratings contrasts with Se Joo’s candid admission that ratings is what matters around the network. Both are right, but Shin’s attitude is what makes him at risk for professional career suicide anytime down the line.

Se Joo and Yoo Kyung are also turning out to be a very compelling couple for me to root for. I actually like that their falling in love process has been upended because of future Mi Rae. Yoo Kyung got to meet VJ Se Joo first before learning he was chaebol Se Joo, and Se Joo saw Yoo Kyung’s entire persona and not just her good side. This is how a relationship has a chance to succeed, by being built on solid foundation as opposed to fantasies and expectation. Se Joo thinks night swimming Mi Rae is independent and free-spirited? But that isn’t who she really is, part of her is afraid of taking risks and only recently took that big step forward. If Se Joo told Mi Rae his real identity, and she revealed that she knew it all along, then this pairing would have a chance of being possible. As is, the ship has already sailed for Mi Rae and Shin, and I want Se Joo to get confirmation that he’s not getting a chance so that he can focus on more important issues at hand, namely his ridiculous grandmother and her incompetent running of the network. Of the four leads, Se Joo has the least stakes for me, all he needs to do is learn some ground level insights about the network to take it over someday. Yoo Kyung sells her femininity for a shot at reporting, Mi Rae has one shot at a late stage in life to make it as a screenwriter, and one wrong move by Shin means his anchor career can be tanked at any time. What intrigues me the most aside from the delicious romance to come is the thought that these four are now intertwined in this time line and therefore can do something awesome at the network that was not possible in future Mi Rae’s time. That might make all her time travel meddling worth it in the end.


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recap !

    This is my new crack drama as well! After JOJ, I thought I’d never get another one, and I passed by all the recent popular romantic drama at the speed of a sushi conveyor belt ^_^. Nothing pulled me in so far. Until this one! Wohoo I love all the 4 main leads and YOo Kyeong is awesome!

  2. It’s been such a long time since I’ve loved a second female lead (heck, when are female second leads ever enjoyable?). Yookyung has a smart head on her shoulders, and she’s now my second favorite character after Shin.

    • Yoo Kyung is wonderful. She makes Se Joo more interesting frankly. Otherwise he’s about as cardboard cut out of a second male lead as they come. And JYH plays him like the second coming of Shin Woo oppa but with more money and with a leeeetle bit more acting development than 3 years ago.

      • I agree Ms. Koala, I’ve watched him through his character as a band boy in that Hong Sisters drama as well as the one in Heartstrings. And actually I’ve seen improvement from him so far, especially through the first 4 episode

      • Same here. I came in rooting for Mi Rae, and now I’m blown away with Yoo Kyeong. Shin and Yoo Kyeong are written and played very well by LDG and HCA.

    • I was surprised at how much I liked Yookyung in this episode. I was so annoyed with her when she first appeared (her aegyo was vomit inudcing frankly), but I am really liking how her character develops.
      She embodies this career woman who’s still insecure and filled with self doubt, but determined to succeed through whatever means she can and that is something I really respect.

      • In retrospect, I’m happy the aegyo was vomit inducing. It cements the fact that aegyo is not part of her real personality and it’s all just an act to up her own status in life.

        (Sidenote: I’m really happy this drama attempts to illustrate some of the horrifying patriarchy that occurs in workplace. Usually this kind of stuff is just overlooked–and worse yet, the blame tossed on the woman.)

      • Hahah I love what you said bout the aegyo. It is indeed vomit inducing. Hah, finally someone who sees it like I do. I get that its a culturally accepted thing but damnit, i cringe I cringe I cringe. The worst is when Kim Sun Ah does it. I am so happy that I liek Yoo Kyung, I am tired of all second lead female having to be liars and meddling creatures. Yeah she did lie that one time about mirae, but it just helped to let Kim Shins true feelings be shown a bit more. I love this freaking drama, and I cant wait for Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Shin to get crazy in lurve. Hahah And was I the only one who was happy to see Mi Rae oppa so freaked in wondering if Kim Shin liked his sis? Haha

  3. I had one of thos ework days where you work and work and still don’t getting anything done because of the crazies coming out. So thank you so much for the recap, Captain Koala. Thank you so much. I can never have too many pictures of Lee Dong Gun. There are better looking actors, but I don’t know that many that can “look” at women better than he does. It positively curls the toes.

    I also like the way the couples are still moving towards each other and the real grown up way they seem to be relating. It is very refreshing and warm. I wish this drama was getting more love or at least the love that it deserves.

    • I would pay someone for the right to watch LDG onscreen. Thankfully I do this for free, and its twice a week, plus nth more times with re-watches. Life doesn’t get any better than this. YEH+LDG is as good and better than we all hoped for.

      • LDG is hitting it out of the park in every scene he is in. It is astonishing to watch, and I amnot saying this just as a fan. I was actually nervous that my memory of him would overshadow the reality in this show. I was fearful of what he would be like after his long time off and whether it would take him a long time to warm up, but he has surpassed my expectations. He really picked a good role that is much more layered than I expected. Some of this has to do with the writing of the character, but much of this has to do with what he puts into it and his interactions with YEH. In lesser actors, both these characters could fall flat.
        Oh yeah, and I could do with more wet LDG as well. Shold there be a fountain scene? A scene in the country during irrigation season? Interviews with the Olympic swim team?

  4. Meanwhile, “Ando Lloyd” is an awful drama and has been getting some terrible ratings. It’s the end of KimuTaku’s era! 🙁

  5. I agree.. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. For all the reasons you mentioned. It seem to drag for me until this episode and then BAM… I am addicted.

  6. I wonder when will the drama crack for The Heirs arrive? I hope so soon too. Love this drama. It is going to be one of those that did not do well at the beginning but will steadily improve in its ratings. Great rom-com.

  7. Squee
    you know are a drama crack head when you will sit and wait for recaps

    not since lie to me have i watched a drama raw
    maybe coz i love yoon eun hye but
    she has chemistry with everyone

    so I will ship the couple and hope that this could be the one for her in real life not just reel life
    loving my new drama crack

  8. I ecstatically labeled this as drama ‘crack’ from episode one, although I’m nowhere near as good as listing all of the reasons as you are. Seriously, Shin and Mi-rae’s scenes are so chemistry loaded I’m surprised my screen isn’t starting to melt. And I “squee-d” more times during this one episode than the entirety of most series. I actually like all four leads, surprisingly interacting with each other. Yoo-kyung and Mi-rae’s few scenes have cracked me up with Mi-rae calling Yoo-kyung out on her aegyo. And Se Joo and Yoo-kyung, those two give off some pretty intense sparks themselves, can’t wait to see them ramp up their own interactions (it’s gonna happen.)

  9. they really had to end the episode in this specific scene… Urgghhh..

    – Douchey Sejoo. hahaha. but no truer words of Sunglass+night = Douche
    – YooKyung definitely is a a woman of myriad characters. Sometimes I feel for her , sometimes I tune her out but definitely she is wholly endearing
    – oppa, well what can I say but I love you oppa. please don’t die
    – Mirae, the future and the present. I actually don’t have a definite stance on their character. I like then yet sometimes they get on my nerves as an individual character as well as a pair. but then again they are one and the same.
    – And lastly Shin. Shin and his principles. the only thing missing from him now is a cape, cause definitely he is a superhero in my eyes now, like superman, batman, spiderman oh wait he can be ANCHOR MAN.

  10. I don’t know why the raitings are low , this drama is better than the heirs. Amazing work , yoon eun hye’s work never been disappointed . I enjoy all her dramas the best actress for me . I’m not gonna worried about the raitings anymore this is such a great drama .

  11. Ah I’m loving this drama so much too! Everybody is so interesting and layered and it’s great that being told about the future isn’t making Mirae determined to escape what her heart is dictating her. She’s stepping up and taking control and that’s just great to see. I hope that the ending scene doesn’t create a misuderstanding that lasts a long time because I want to see more of Mirae and Shin interacting and having fun together. I would say that the Mirae-SaeJoo ship sailed a long time ago and Mirae and Shin will of course once again marry each other and perhaps with a better knowledge of each other.

  12. I think this was my favorite episode. So many things to love. Shin and Mirae are just perfect together in how they are growing and falling in love. Favorite moments were probably Shin telling Mirae she’s special and then denying it, but admitting it anyway (I squeed a little bit), Yoo Kyung stopping the cockblocking moment ruining Seju. Thank you. You are now my #2 favorite character after Shin. Shin taking Mirae’s hand was also really lovely. Love it.

    And finally the best moment is Mirae telling off her future self saying Shin and her have both changed. Love it. Bout time she mentioned they are no longer the same person anyway.

    I kind of enjoy douchebag Seju who wears his giant sunglasses at night more than normal Seju. Oh man the hilarity of Seju thinking Mirae would run away from him if she knows about his money when she’s actually going after him because of it. She’s not nearly as simple, free-spirited and innocent as he has imagined her to be. That’s why I can’t feel tooo bad for him because I think he’ll move on pretty easily.

    • Yoo Kyung stopping Se Joo’s cockblocking attempt was AWESOME. If I could reach into the screen to hug and kiss her I would. Mi Rae and Shin had only eyes for each other, the way the water came down from the sprinklers was a slo-mo moment right there waiting to be captured. *___*

  13. I know I am in the minority here. But this show is so frustrating.without the future Morse, this show is no more than a regular mediocre romcom. Future mirae better have a compelling reason
    for doing what she is doing. Its not fair that sejoo has to go through a heartbreak. I have strong second lead fever. It is beyond my understanding why female lead rarely choose the second male lead who is awesome almost all the time. Exception is queen inhyun man and I hear your voice where male leads are awesome and nice throughout. Again futuremirae better have a good reason for causing sejoo a heartbreak. Secret which is leading in ratings is a better show, it started slow and ordinary but now it’s on fire

    • You can like his character more, but I can totally see why she won’t pick Seju. Other than their rough start Shin is always awesome all the time and his awesome just blows Seju’s awesome out of the water. He’s also usually nice, especially to her and despite being a hardass on the surface Mirae sees through it. He’s a really nice and caring guy (caring about people over ratings..!) overall and she can see that.

      While Seju has delusions about who she is and neither are honest with each other. I don’t think she knows him and he doesn’t know her. It’s just mess with those two. Seju and Yoo Kyung both know each other better than Seju and Mirae know each other.

    • regular and mediocore!!! sorry but because you don’t like Shin-Mirae together and prefer Mirae to end with SeJoo doesn’t make the show medicore! YEH and LDG are the main leads of course they are gonna be together in the end, on other hand the story till now is very original and cool and doesn’t bore me at all I like it even more than Heirs! Secret is a whole different genre it’s one of the best revenge stories out there, but it’s not about OTPs and fluff like rom-coms! ( seriously I feel sorry for LDG! he is a GREAT actor but it seems many people don’t appreciate him enough especially YH fans)

      • Hey, that’s an unfair generalization. I’m a YH fan (main reason I started watching this) but even as a fan I went in knowing he wasn’t the main lead and him being there was not going to take the focus from LDG. LDG is a great actor, I’m loving him in this drama and I’m shipping more Shin-Mirae and Yoo-Sejoo than Mirae-Sejoo. Other than that I totally agree with you, this is not a mediocre drama at all. Something that hasn’t been really mentioned or overlooked is the fact that Sejoo’s character is not the gentle sweet second lead at all, there have been small hints here and there that he only shows that side to Mirae but he is actually very cold and temperamental, he even snapped at Mirae already (when they are sitting in a table outside and she is blabbing about something and he yells at her to snap her back to reality). All four characters are very dimensional and I love it.

      • I’m not generalizing all YH fans! sorry to not mention that, all I wanted to say is that I don’t feel LDG receives enough love and attention after his 5 years hiatus! and of course in every single fandom we find rational fans and crazy ones, I’m not bashing YH or his fans in contrast I find his acting skills are better than his previous dramas he is really improving, it’s just I hate that most the comments on the drama is like “I want Mirae with se joo” and that’s all! they don’t care about anything else, that’s what I don’t like. anyway everyone free to ship whatever they want.

      • @D Yeah, I’m with you on that, I would’ve understand in the first two episodes people wanted Mirae to stay with SeJoo but now that the story has evolved this much I really want Mirae with LDG and SeJoo with Yoo, even if that means SeJoo would be heartbroken for a little bit but I see his personality matching Yoo’s a lot more than Mirae’s.

    • To be honest, I think I kind of get where you’re coming from. To me, Mirae’s choice is a nice and entertaining watch but nothing too deep. But I feel – I have a similar feeling about Heirs actually – that the premise sounded so promising that I wish the drama would do more with Future Mirae. Her character or her involvement doesn’t seem all that important or pivotal to the story, even though we do start to see some effects of her meddling. I just wish the stakes were a little higher, that there was a little more tension and self-doubt and worrying about one’s choices and future path done by current Mirae. I don’t know, but right now Future Mirae could disappear, hex Sejoo’s grandma or declare Korea as part of Europe and yet Mirae would still whistle the “Don’t worry, be happy” tune. (Okay, maybe not that tune exactly, but I couldn’t think of a more fitting one… 🙂 )That kind of annoys me. If I were Future Mirae I’d say: “Fine, have it your way. See if I care” and poof go back where I came from.
      But that’s really the only gripe I have with this drama. I really love Lee Dong Gun and am so happy to see him back on my screen.

  14. If the characters are going to end up how they were supposed to end up. Then what’s the point? This show does not make sense. If the past is altered dramatically, the future should be changed dramatically too. Maybe none of them end up together. Maybe they will end up with different people outside this love square. The writing is so lazy and at times idiotic. I understand why ratings are so pitiful. The way they wrote future Mirae is so bad. There are almost nothing that resemble the past with the future mirae. Maybe this show will improve in the future. This show seems like drama crack at first but the after taste is horrible.

    • I totally see where you’re coming from, which is why I don’t feel an intense attachment to the show that goes beyond “ooh, candy!” The writer certainly has her strong moments (like when Mirae stands up to FMR and says that the future has already changed for Shin and herself) but there are some major loopholes in the narrative structure that is obviously problematic. I however, don’t think that the present is exactly the same as the alternate timeline.

      In fact, the world we are currently watching is drastically different from the world FMR came from. The motivations and development of all the relationships are totally changed. If you notice, originally, both couples met in pretty idyllic ways, which basically means that they all built their relationships on a seriously rocky foundation.

      This time around however, everyone is meeting their “destined” under zero false pretenses. Shin and Mirae see each other for who they are, and likewise, Yookyung and Sejoo. This is what Mirae’s Choice is really about. The first time, Mirae fell in love beyond her control. This time, she fell in love because she had the choice to–because she knew that Shin was the right person for her in all of his strengths and faults. The same is true between Yookyung and Sejoo.

    • Remember that the future Mirae is an embittered woman brought about by a principled and stubbornly proud jobless husband. How he turned out totally drained the romance of the relationship and gave Future backbreaking years to support the family. That can really drive a woman to despair if she weak on the inside.

      Remeber, too, that this is a fantasy drama. A future Mirae coming back to convince her present self to change her fate is non-existent and absurd. The absurdity of it all is what the writer is putting forward…

  15. Shin totally got me with his final closing line: “Fate/future might be scarier than we knows, but it can be changed by a single moment’s decision”. How can any girl not fall in love with this awesome guy!!!
    Shin and Mi Rae are definitely my OTP of the year 🙂

  16. What a great freaking episode!! Thanks for the recap.

    I loved the scene at the subway where the Shin and MR were probing, even so non-chalantly, each other about their feelings.
    YEH played MR’s vulnerability so well, and the uncertain looks Shin threw her way were fab.

    I was pretty impressed with how they pulled off the subway fire with no need for special effects or BIG explosions. They just flashed impressions of the fire here and there, so we believed it. The shaky hand-held camera phones worked. The tension was there, and I actually cried in relief when Oppa found his little sis was safe.

    LDG and YEH, geeze louise, make this looks so easy. The hidden glances, puffs of jealousy, hopeful questions – worded so as not to reveal too much…Reminds me of that Billy Joel song, And So It Goes,

    “I spoke to you in cautious tones
    You answered me with no pretense
    And still I feel I said too much
    My silence is my self defense…”

    The almos hand touch, gah! THIS is what a romcom is supposed to feel like!!!

    No matter what they do with fate and stuff, I love this OTP. You KNOW the YDG/YEH kisses are going to put the Heirs ones to shame…

    Poor SJ…but I have to hand it to YH, he really has that wounded “Why don’t you love ME?” look down. He’s so cute when he is heartbroken.

    • This episode was like a layer cake of budding romance between Shin and Mi Rae. Everything else fades into the woodwork when they are onscreen together. I love that he always thinks of her when he’s in need, when he’s lonely, when he’s in doubt. First with the basketball to tell her he’s being sent away. And then asking to take her along and the first thing he tells her is of his own insecurities and selfish fleeting hope that the fire does happen. He craves her company deep down inside, but its not one that is shallow but instead of a connection as impossible to describe as maybe having shared dreams of romance together.

      When they dream together, it’s of the most intimate of moments, laying in bed stroking each other, kissing when she’s dressing. When they are together it’s an open tentativeness. I know you loved TMS and while the chemistry there was good the OTPs relationship drove me nuts with the talking in circles and using symbols and allusions All The Time! Here I have my OTP saying it like it is. “I’ve never done this with anyone else before.” “Because I’ll think of you.” “I learned something, too, I discovered that you can’t die.”

      Mi Rae won me over by her sticking up for Shin consistently in the last two episodes, in front of the Team and definitely in front of FMR. To her – Shin’s ruin pains her rather than scares her away. How the hell does FMR not know what kind of person she is inside that she could hope to make herself not love Shin. Wuri Shin is her heart. And he’s got such game! Even on a technique level Se Joo can’t compete. Remember how he extended their date beyond basketball immediately after she arrived, by making the outcome of their match being that the loser has to treat? Great way to take a girl to dinner, Shin. The way he smoothly grabbed her hand then put it in his pocket, how could she not melt into him right then and there.

      This is rom-com at its finest with the combination acting chemistry and character synchronicity.

    • Oh Jomo, I wanted to put something down about expecting the powerful kisses in connection with how often these two are wet, butevery phrase came out like some soft porn/ adult video game description! Still there is something about the heat betwen these two, not just what we imagine is their passion, but true warmth towards each other. I love how they actually talk, but it does not seem staged. There is this other connection between the two.

      I know people are annoyed with future Mirae, but now I actually like her not her personality but the effect of her actions. Her interference seems to be making each of them better people because they are reaching out to each other more and feeling confident about trying to be the people they want to be, which bodes well for a different future than the one she is desperately trying to erase.

      • Yes, I like how her interference is backfiring!!

        Another change that I think is really really important is that Oppa and Shin seem to be getting to know each other differently than the first timeline.

        Whatever horrible thing that happened/will happen to Future Oppa that hurts FMR so profoundly prolly had to do with Mirae having to choose between Shin and Oppa. Since she has reset everything, I am sure that event will roll out differently, too. Either, the choice won’t have to be made (doubtful, since that is one of the titles of the show) or it won’t be as imbued with bitterness.

        Perhaps Oppa willingly sacrifices himself, as opposed ending up adversaries with his sister as a result.

        The Oppa/Sister thing is a lovely theme we are seeing. It is as poignant as the one in Reply 1994. They care but fight.

        When will the rest of the staff figure out they are related, btw. Or do they already know? They DO both have the same last name, and she calls him Oppa.

  17. OMG! I think the fire of the subway train gave toooo much heat for our OTP. That was some steam coming from them. Cannot wait for more. Though I feel bad for SJ cuz looks like he will be the only one to really suffer from FMR meddling. Everyone is on cue for the love interest but not him. But apart from that this show rocks!

  18. really, really amazing and impressive incredible episode, thank you very much for the summary Mrs Koala, this episode has me really heaven sbido this dram is my bias.

  19. LOVE that I am so in synch with your POV – your succinct advice to Evil Hag Ahjumma was right on the money, and like you I am loving what they’re doing with YK. Even though I’m a hardcore YEH fan, Han Chae Ah was a big part of my reason for watching this, because I wanted to see her get a better part than what she was stuck with in All About My Romance. And the writers have answered my prayer – YK is a fascinating, real person, and I like that at the end of the episode I really felt sad for at how dismissively SJ was treating her thanks to his single-minded focus on Mi Rae. Probably the best episode yet I think, really looking forward to reading more of your enthusiastic insights, thank you.

  20. Ockoala, the rating went up from 6.5% to 7.4 %…so it’s not continuously dipping…hopefully it’s well on its way up. Haven’t watched the episode though.

  21. I, too love shin. Love that he is so full of integrity and hard on himself when he thinks thoughts that most would given the same situation. Its very real this internal struggle and very human. ( this show reminds me of broadcast news in that aspect). And i like that so far, being principled and being successful is not mutually exclusive. I dont think se joo was wrong – he thought about the people’s lives and he thought about the news and ratings. He has to. If ratings are bad, people lose jobs and the company may have to close down. And even if you want to tell the news (ie facts and truths), you will have no avenue. Its easier to hold onto principles when one doesnt bear the responisbility of other people’s lives and livelihoods on their shoulders. Ad even shin is starting to realise that and without bending principles, consider others in his decision making process.

    I like both male leads snd this being my first time seeing YJH, i find him a much better actor than i expected, given previous comments about it. I am finding female second lead very well written too and played by han chae ah, i find myself really sympathetic towards her character.

    Its really good to be able to watch a drama where the characters interact and relate in a completely believable manner, uhhh.. Unlike some very hyped up wed-thurs drama. Thanks koala for the recaps and your thoughts.

  22. lol some fans of YH pissed off YEH won’t end with him. They should know, he is the second lead, on kdramaland they don’t get the girl, ever. Not if they are PSH or KSH. So please get over it.

    I’m the one NOT shipping MR and SJ? Why they want MR with SJ so much? When it is clear she doesn’t like him back and only see him more as a good friend? Plus, SJ is better without MR too. Image if he finds out she knew, all his thoughts of ”pure, strong, naive” MR would go down the road and so would his ”love” for her. He loves the image he created about her on his head, not the real MR, plus deep down SJ isn’t that great too, he has his flaws (thank god btw, super perfect second guys are boooring) I wonder if SJ will step up and maybe even fire KS. It is clear their opinions clash and etc… and you can see how SJ thinks he is ”superior” than KS just because of who he is… SJ you won’t trick me! I know deep down you are not this perfect prince you might appear, but I like it btw.

    I’m happy he could see real YK, something makes me believe he fell in love with her like he did for MR: Thinking she is pure and naive and all this image he created about his ideal girl on his head… later he found out YK wasn’t what he thought and maybe he regreted it ? That is why future MR doesn’t seem guilty of breaking them apart? Hmmm… or is because KS is awesome and YK went after him after her marriage not work with SJ, and future MR misunderstood them?

    • Yeah, I’m thinking SJ subconsciously fell for YK as well, because it was mega weird that he just let the secret on YK (not that it was hidden well) and asked her to keep it, but not without mentioning that women tend to approach him because he’s rich and that he wanted to keep MR’s innocence (GAG! Ugh I hate that he thinks of MR like some pet.).

      So what, is YK like chopped liver to SJ? Something must drive him to put faith in her so easily…and since is dramaland, not realizing a girl next to you is indeed a woman, probably means that you like her to some degree at some point in time. And more often than not, you’re usually the OTP. Ergo, SJ/YK should be the ultimate pairing (besides KS/MR).


    • Ah people keep saying that YHs fans are mad, but is funny because if you go to the Yonghwa threads on most sites and even in tumblr/twitter, most fans are supporting his role as the second lead, and a lot are shipping him with Yoo more, so I don’t know why people keep saying that is the YH fans that are mad he won’t end up with Mirae when that is actually more coming from the netizens and not so much the actual fans. Lol just thought I would throw that out there 🙂

      • Now I know some are mad. Viki is pretty bad with the fangirling and crying about how the drama is ruined and how boring Shim and Mirae are compared to their OTP.

      • @melissa to be honest I totally avoid the Viki/DramaFever comments :s not just for this drama but just in general.

    • did you based that only in 1 website? coz i visit numerous dedicated yonghwa fansites and they cheering for yookyung and sejoo. fans already wanted them to be together and not with mirae becoz its obvious she is for shin

  23. Thanks so so much for the recaps!

    When I watched the ep with Eng sub, I couldn’t quite understand the holding hands part – I didn’t get it what was it that was bothering them. My initial impression was that what was bothering them was their hands brushing against each other’s. Unfortunately, I still fail to get it when I read the recap here.

    “Shin is upset at himself for not yelling louder for her to get away.” Get away from where? From the bouncer or from the fire scene?

    Am I missing something? Maybe I’m really dense… haha… Would be grateful if anyone can enlighten me on this scene. Thanks!!!

  24. Last part of ep.5 and this episode gave me goosebumps for the awesomeness. Actually for me, the story unpredictable twists and turns are relieving me from having to think too hard about what will happen in their future. By letting the show surprise me it makes me relaxed and enjoying the ride.

    Thumbs up to MHIYD

  25. finally after months of not watching anything, thanks to your recap, i am now convinced and will watch Mirae’s Choice. 🙂

    your recap keeps wanting me to watch everything you’ve described here. 🙂

    thank you. 🙂

  26. for me, all dramas of eun hye was such averyvery nice drama,she’s flexible and all her leading man has achemistry with her..she is a great actress,hope she have her lovelife too,we love you eun hye…from philippines

  27. I feel that in this present, the couples are getting to know each other better. When they show shin’s dreams or even Mirae in the hospital together, they didn’t really know each other’s flaws, maybe I’m wrong since they didn’t show much yet. But in this new present, Mirae met the bad side of him and is seeing him slowly change to a better person. While in the alternative present, he started being nice to her from the beginning and all she did was see someone who she could depend on financially and not bothering to follow their dream. Future Mirae changed their spirit, made both of them want to fight to get what they want and work hard to succeed in their career and in life. I love this Drama!! I love how the characters and their relationships are developing!! You are right this drama is Crack lol!!

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